Top 10 Yoga Studios In Surat

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Yoga has been a significant aspect of physical and mental well-being for centuries. This ancient practice offers a harmonious balance between the mind and body, promoting self-discipline, fulfillment, and a connection with the natural world. In today's fast-paced world, the demand for yoga centers has increased significantly, and Surat is no exception. The city offers numerous yoga studios, each with its unique approach to the practice. 

In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 yoga centers in Surat, taking into consideration popularity, average ratings, and feedback from multiple review sites. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner, this comprehensive guide will help you find the perfect yoga studio for you. The list below has been sorted in descending order of online popularity inorder to maintain utmost transparency and zero bias.

1. Yogi Yoga Center

Location of Yoga Studio in Surat - Katargam, Surat

Described as a nice yoga center with a comfortable environment Yogi Yoga Center is an ideal place to lose weight and enhance fitness. The classes are focused on physical fitness with particular attention to every individual. The staff is very good. They are friendly and helpful and go out of their way to guide you appropriately at every step.

Dilip bhai is the chief instructor and owns the Yogi Yoga Center. Simply teaching a pose and moving to the next one is not his agenda. He is a dedicated yogi who explains every pose in detail and tells you how it benefits your body. He is an exceptional yoga guru under whose guidance you are bound to become an excellent practitioner yourself.

The yoga specialties of the center are power yoga, stick yoga, aerial yoga, kids yoga, Pranayama, Surya Namaskar, Chandra Namaskar, meditation and more. If you suffer from specific health issues, you can opt for therapeutic yoga, which aims to relieve symptoms and provide a lasting cure.

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2. Om Yog Pith Surat

Location of Yoga Studio in Surat - Kathodara, Surat

The Om Yog Charitable Trust runs the Om Yog Pith Surat. Although sometimes referred to as a hospital, it is actually a center for yoga. The techniques taught here have been known to bring miraculous results for those seeking relief from various conditions, including weight loss and various illnesses. The trust has given hope and cures to many people who previously believed their ailments were incurable.

Manubhai Dhola, the founder of Om Yog Pith Surat, is a well-educated individual who holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics and an LLB degree from the Veer Narmad South Gujarat University. Despite his impressive credentials, he is known for his simplicity and firm belief that yoga is the key to physical and mental wellness.

Yoga is taught at Om Yog Pith with music in the background. So, kids, adults and seniors enjoy learning this traditional art form enthusiastically. Yoga therapy is developed in a purely scientific form and simplified to suit every individual. Here you will always get a good workout and leave feeling refreshed.

Price not available

3. Suayu Clinic - Dr. Nirav Joshi

Location of Yoga Studio in Surat - Bharthana, Surat

‘Su’ means ‘Good’ and ‘Ayu’ means ‘Life.’ So literally, Suayu stands for a good life. It is a specialty clinic where ayurveda, yoga and Panchkarma are used together to help people recover good health. This clinic is both a treatment center and an allied services wing, so you can get therapy and learn yoga as well. Suayu's vision was to merge the traditional remedies, techniques, and rich knowledge of Indian culture with the finest international practices to create a harmonious blend.

Mr. Dhirajlal Vallabhbhai Kotadia, the founder of Suayu clinic and Sahajanand Life Sciences, is an industrialist who introduced cutting-edge technology to the diamond industry. He holds a diploma in electronics and sound engineering and is the founder-chairman of Sahajanand Technologies. His goal in setting up Suayu was to share ancient Indian medicine wisdom with the world.

The clinic offers many specialized services. Some prominent ones are Ayurveda, Panchkarma, medical counseling, yoga and meditation. Suayu offers daily yoga classes, which you can join to learn asana, Pranayama, yoga kriyas, mudra, bandh and meditation. Yoga covers Ashtanga, aerial, kids, pregnancy, tantra, Kundalini, etc.

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4. Jaymit Mehta's Yoga Professional Academy

Location of Yoga Studio in Surat - Katargam, Surat

The Jaymit Mehta's Yoga Professional Academy is indeed a professional setup that teaches yoga in its most simple form. Even the most complicated poses are taught with a simple technique. The academy is very likable, with a great atmosphere and location. The ambiance of the class is described as awesome by those who attend it. 

Mr. Kush Patel, the founder of the Yoga Professional Academy, established in 2015, is also one of the leading instructors. His yog sadhana has made him an outstanding teacher who is loved and appreciated by all. Under his mentorship, you can learn yoga asanas which help in building strength, flexibility, and confidence. 

The Jaymit Mehta's Yoga Academy endeavors to promote a fit body through yoga. To achieve this ultimate goal, they have classes for weight loss, improving body balance, increasing flexibility and enhancing brain function. Pranayama and meditation are also taught here.

Price per day INR 120 | Price per month INR 1,500

5. Shree Sai Reiki and Yoga Center

Location of Yoga Studio in Surat - Adajan, Surat

For the past 15 years, the Shree Sai Reiki and Yoga Center has been serving the community of Surat. The tranquil atmosphere of the center provides an ideal setting for yoga instruction, offering a peaceful and serene experience. With its uplifting spiritual energy and soothing sandalwood fragrance, the center creates a magical environment for its visitors. The goal of the center is to enhance physical health, strengthen immunity, balance emotions and physical well-being, offer guidance and support, and guide individuals on a transformative journey.

The directors of the Shree Sai Reiki and Yoga Center, Chirag Nareshbhai Gajjar and Binal Chiragbhai Gajjar are well-regarded for their helpful and supportive nature. They create a welcoming atmosphere where you can freely express your issues and receive positive guidance. You can trust that their assistance will leave you feeling satisfied and happy.

Shree Sai Reiki and Yoga Center is primarily a Reiki healing center. However, you can also enrich yourself by learning yoga, Vastu Shastra and Garbh Sanskar. These art forms and holistic healing techniques are taught in their traditional form.

Price not available

6. Yoga The Real Path of Life

Location of Yoga Studio in Surat - Varachha, Surat

At Yoga The Real Path of Life (TRPOL), you can unlock your true potential through the practice of yoga. The center boasts a warm, positive, and inviting environment that leaves a lasting impression. TRPOL offers a unique and authentic learning experience that encompasses both the physical and spiritual elements of traditional yoga. You will learn the core yoga exercises and how they can soothe the mind and improve your mental and emotional well-being.

Yogacharya Shree Mahesha, after long years of yogic sadhana and meditation, founded TRPOL. For the last 25 years, he has dedicated his life to helping people find their true purpose in life. He is like a beacon guiding the lost souls to safety and new divine beginnings.

TRPOL has several special yog and Ayurved treatment-oriented courses. The more popular ones are yoga for mental relaxation & weight reduction, yoga to reduce joint & muscular pain, and yoga for physical & mental purification, balance & concentration.

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7. Yoga Arogya Center

Location of Yoga Studio in Surat - Bharthana, Surat

The Yoga Arogya Center provides a comprehensive approach to holistic wellness through yoga, making it an ideal place for self-discovery and personal growth. It is a sanctuary for anyone interested in the practice of yoga. The center offers a range of techniques for completely transforming the mind, body, and spirit. One can attain a renewed sense of life and well-being by embracing these practices.

The Yoga Arogya Center, Surat, was founded in 2017 by Neeraj Singh Rajpurohit. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in yogic science & holistic health from  Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya (DSVV), Haridwar. Neeraj is a senior yoga teacher and therapist with over 8 years of experience. He is a YTTC expert and knows almost 26 yoga forms.

Yoga Arogya is affiliated with the “World Yoga Alliance.” They run different types of yoga teacher training courses - 200 hours, 300 hours and 500 hours. Furthermore, you can also learn different yoga forms like Ashtanga, Hatha, Pragya, kids, aerial, prenatal and blindfold. Corporate yoga sessions, too, can be booked.

Price not available

8. Dawn Yoga

Location of Yoga Studio in Surat - City Light Town, Surat

Dawn Yoga is one of the oldest institutions teaching yoga in Surat today. It was established in 1987 to spread good health, wellness and peace among all. It is fun and, at the same time, challenging to learn yoga but at no time will the thought that you cannot do it ever enter the mind. The gentle persistence of the mentors provides the necessary impetus to push yourself.

The Late Dr. Bishnipada Dawn, a prime minister awardee, founded Dawn Yoga. Its current directors are Gopal Dawn, Divya Dawn and Umang Dawn. They are all master yoga trainers with years of hands-on experience practicing and teaching yoga. The Indian Hatha Yog Federation recognizes the center itself. It is also affiliated with the Nepal Yog & Nature Cure Association (recognized by the Ministry of Health) and the Turkey Yoga Federation (recognized by the Ministry of Education).

At this yoga studio, you can learn basic to advanced yoga asanas, Pranayama, pregnancy yoga, Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga and the list goes on. Those desirous of becoming yoga teachers can enroll in the Teacher Training Course (TTC).

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9. Power Yoga Studio

Location of Yoga Studio in Surat - Athwalines, Surat

Power Yoga Studio is where a perfect fusion of authentic and power yoga is presented to the learners. Here, you will get some workouts, stretch your muscles, sweat, and learn yoga in the same process. The classes are energetic and fun and leave you feeling centered by the end. The lovely environment of the place only adds to its charm.

All the instructors at Power Yoga Studio are trained professionals. They are well-versed in understanding the limits and capabilities of the students. They are focused on your well-being and will only push you within boundaries. With their support and guidance, you will be able to perform all yoga asanas with ease and elan.

The power yoga options available at this chic and unique yoga studio are Ashtanga yoga, Pranayama, pilates, musical yoga, HIIT workout, Zumba, stick workout, pound workout and relaxation. No matter which forms you decide to undertake, it will deliver manifold benefits.

Price not available

10. Dhyan Yog Kendra

Location of Yoga Studio in Surat - Aamba Talavadi, Surat

Dhyan Yog Kendra is all about achieving the divine lifestyle in which mind, body and soul are completely balanced. The daily combination of practical and theoretical yoga practice along with meditation helps achieve this harmony.

Yogi Shree Atulyaji's personalized yoga routine incorporates a wonderful blend of power, fluidity, conscious breathing, and serenity. Even those with previous experience with other yoga studios claim they have found here that was missing everywhere else. Such rave reviews guarantee a good experience.

Dhyan Yog Kendra offers not only yoga instruction but also opportunities to meditate and enhance your spiritual vitality. The focus is on creating a transformative experience through therapeutic yoga, asanas, children's yoga, and more. A firsthand visit is recommended to explore the various yoga styles and determine where to begin.

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It is essential to acknowledge that each individual's yoga experience is distinct, and therefore, finding a suitable instructor is a pivotal component of this pursuit. The following enumeration of the top 10 most renowned yoga studios in Surat aims to aid you in your yogic journey. As one's practice evolves, it is not uncommon to find that soliciting guidance from multiple mentors may be necessary to attain one's objectives.

Here is a quick recap of the top 10 most popular yoga studios in Surat.

  1. Yogi Yoga Centre, Katagram, Surat
  2. Om Yog Pith Surat, Mota Varachha, Surat
  3. Suayu Clinic - Dr. Nirav Joshi, Bharthana, Surat
  4. Jaymit Mehta's Yoga, Tulsidham, Bharuch, Surat
  5. Shree Sai Reiki and Yoga Centre, Adajan, Surat
  6. Yoga The Real Path of LIfe, Varachha, Surat
  7. Yoga Arogya Center, Bharthana, Surat
  8. Dawn Yoga Surat, City Light Town, Surat
  9. Power Yoga Studio, Athwa, Surat
  10. Dhyan Yog Kendra, Aamba Talavadi, Surat

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