Top 5 Most Popular Meditation Retreats in Peru

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Meditation is a mindfulness practice that increases focus, makes you mentally more agile and provides emotional stability and calmness. It also reduces stress and anxiety and addresses many other ailments that are all thanks to the modern unhealthy and demanding lifestyle. With proper meditation, one can have a better hold on their emotions and feelings, concentrate better, and experience a greater sense of inner peace and clarity. These facets of meditation have led to an increasing number of people wanting to start practicing it. However, it is important to do it properly. Consequently, people try to kill two birds with one stone and take to booking meditation retreats. This way they can have a vacation and also learn the tools of this powerful technique.

Peru has long been a destination of choice amongst travelers. This is one place where history, culture, magic and mystery can all be found in equal measure in a very beautiful and vibrant landscape. From the breathtaking beauty of the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu to the towering and imposing presence of the Andean mountains, the land calls out to all those looking for deeper things in life. Hence, Peru has become quite a popular destination for meditation retreats. During any given time there are approximately 20 meditation retreats organized in Peru. But trying to find the best of them is a tedious task which we aim to make easy with our list of Top 5 Most Popular Meditation Retreats in Peru. This honest list is prepared from the reviews of people and is sorted in order of highest to lowest price per day. Hopefully, with this article, your task of sifting through all 20 retreats will be cut short. Now, all you need to do is decide which of these 5 suits your budget and needs the best.

1. Travel and Healing

Location - Calle San Martin, Cusco, Peru

Meditation Retreat Name - 5-Day Spiritual Salkantay Trek Yoga and Meditation Retreat Peru Cusco

Travel and Healing aims to provide transformational awakening travel experiences to seekers. This team is all about helping you identify your purpose in life and following it to the best of your ability. They follow the Andean principle of “Sumac Kausay,” which means leading a harmonious life where your existence is in balance with the community, nature and everything else around. To achieve this purpose, Travel and Healing, organizes retreats, treks, healing activities and Shamanic initiations. They customize trips as per individual and group needs. Hence, you can be sure of a good outcome always. Despite being a successful establishment, Travel and Healing gives back to its community by donating 12% of its earnings to local projects. They have also developed several social programs where you can volunteer. In all truth, Travel and Healing is that one place where you come to learn about yourself by being selfless and helping others.

Angel is the founder and retreat manager of Travel and Healing. Since childhood, the importance of Andean ceremonies and Amazonian medicine was stressed to him by his father. As Angel grew he wanted to share this wisdom with the rest of the world. Thus, was born Travel and Healing. Through this flagship, Angel shares with others traditional knowledge, exposes them to the beauty and bounty of nature, and helps in healing and restoring the lost part of them.

The 5-Day Spiritual Salkantay Trek with Meditation and Yoga in Cusco, Peru, will take you through cloud forests, snow-capped mountains, lagoons and the communities settled in the majestic Andean mountains. This pilgrimage will clear your mind and free your soul. Along the way, you will also learn about the ancient Inca culture and the local communities. The highlights of this retreat package are - 4 nights of accommodation, where days 1 - 3 will be in a camp and day 4 in a 3-star hotel. In the camp, you will be sleeping in a 2-man personal tent where a foam mattress will be provided. All meals are provided that consist of local superfoods. The cuisine is an Andean and Amazonian fusion. Every day, you will hike to a new location. In between transportation costs like bus tickets from Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu and train tickets from Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo are already catered for. The entrance ticket for Machu Picchu is also pre-handled. You will get boiled water for drinking and filling up in water bottles. Hot water is also provided for washing every morning and evening. The entire trip is interspersed with Yoga and meditation classes where you will also learn about the benefits yielded by different types of Yoga.

Price per day USD 293

2. Naturalia Retreat Center

Location - Iquitos, Peru

Meditation Retreat Name - 7 Day Yoga, Shamanic & Meditation Retreat Peru Iquitos

Yoga, meditation, retreats and Ayahuasca all come under one roof at Naturalia Retreat Center. This entire facility is handmade and a work of both love and labor. It is located amidst an Amazon jungle with loads of wildlife all around. Walking from one spot to another on the property you will see monkeys jumping around and sitting atop trees, butterflies and lizards going about their business and snakes slithering away. The living accommodations and all the other facilities at Naturalia Retreat Center are thoughtfully planned and built to make the place look charming. They blend with nature and still provide a touch of luxury, making for a comfortable stay. The staff here is very open-hearted. They are warm and friendly and make you feel welcome. The experienced shamans are devoted to ensuring your well-being and building a caring and safe atmosphere so that you can let down your inhibitions and relax. Overall Naturalia Retreat Center is quite a magical place where you get to lose yourself in nature, increase your familiarity with Yoga practices and meditative techniques and find solace.

Manu (Emmanuel Groult) and Paula Danti are the charismatic owners of Naturalia Retreat Center. Together with great care and passion they have lovingly built the retreat center. The local community, too, helped them immensely. Manu’s first visit to Peru was in 2010. He was hooked to the magic and mysteries of the Amazon and kept returning to nourish his soul. Manu values the local communities and their culture and is supportive of them. He respects the traditional ways of healing and is staunch in following them as they have been through the ages. Paula, too, is a nature enthusiast. She has immense faith in the therapeutic and restorative powers of nature. Paula helps people see the true beauty of the untamed Amazon and along the way shares with them the things that she has learned from the jungle.

If you wish to embrace nature and commit to your holistic well-being the 7-Day Yoga, Meditation & Shamanic Retreat in Iquitos, Peru is an ideal choice. Immersed in nature, here you can switch off, step back and get things back in perspective. The highlights of this popular meditation retreat in Peru are lodging with meals for 6 nights in eco-friendly bungalows. The bungalows are meant for single occupancy but are big enough for 2 in case you decide to bring along a friend or family. The food is always freshly prepared and most of it comes from their garden. Water, coffee and tea are readily available. Every day you will have Yoga classes. There will also be 4 classes of meditation. Activities include energy-cleansing flower baths, nature hikes with a guide and free excursions to some interesting places. Pick and drop from Iquitos City are also a part of the retreat package.

Price Daily USD 208

3. Andean Spirit Lodge

Location - Limatambo, Peru

Meditation Retreat Name - 4 Day Peaceful Yoga Holiday & Meditation Retreat Peru Cusco

Away from the ruckus of the city, in the very heart of the Andes is a great place to relax, do Yoga, meditate, indulge in bird watching and do some hiking. This place is the Andean Spirit Lodge. The lodge commands a secluded location that has some of the best views of the snowy Mount Humantay. It is situated in the Limatambo Valley, around 90 Kms from Cusco and is the perfect home base if you wish to explore the hidden Inka ruins, Mount Salkantay, the thermal baths of Cconoc, and the condor viewpoint of Chonta, just to name a few. There is also an abundant diversity of flora and fauna also to admire. The complete setting of the Andean Spirit Lodge is tranquil. Fruit-laden gardens with hammocks upstairs in the main house and a fireplace downstairs make for a cozy ambiance.

Oda and Armando are the incredible hosts at Andean Spirit Lodge. Oda Seedhouse was born and raised in Germany. She is a trained Yoga instructor from the Sivananda Ashram in Val Morin, Canada (2006). For more than 30 years now she has lived in Peru and works as the local guide to the archeological sites and teaching Yoga. With Yoga holidays and courses in Brazil and Rishikesh (India), Oda has a deep understanding of Yoga and the yogic way of life. Armando is also a trained Yoga instructor. He studied at Sivananda Yoga Teacher at Garopaba, Brazil (2007). Armando is a plastic artist and loves long nature walks and researching spiritual topics.

If you are a history enthusiast and have a love for different cultures, the 4-Day Peaceful Meditation and Yoga Holiday in Cusco, Peru, will make for an excellent vacation. Not only will the historian in you be satisfied but that little part of yourself that you lost in your bid to race with others in the real world, be reclaimed. This delightful package has provisions for 3 nights of boarding and lodging in one of the 4 cozy bungalows on the property. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are also provided. The meals are a gourmet delight. They are vegetarian and prepared with fresh organic produce. Enjoy private and personalized daily sessions of Yoga and meditation. Trips to Mollepata village, Killarumiyoq and Tarawasi, excursion to Choquechurco to see the hidden Inca ruins, sightseeing and nature walks are some outings you will go on. Entrance fee to archeological sites is a part of the package along with pick up from Cusco, private transport and a private guide.

Per day USD 634

4. Moksha Yoga Amazónica

Location - Moyobamba, Peru

Meditation Retreat Name - 7 Day Sacred Solace Yoga Wellness & Meditation Retreat Peru Moyobamba

Moksha Yoga Amazónica is one of the few schools in Peru that has Yoga Alliance accreditation and YACEP approval. From Yoga Teacher Training Courses to retreats, it does a fabulous job of providing everyone with an incredible learning experience. The instructors and staff are true gems. They are a pool of immense knowledge and wisdom and are extremely gracious. It is one of those few places where criticism is taken positively for it gives them a chance to improve and do better. The location of Moksha Yoga Amazonica is exceptional. In the middle of a Peruvian jungle, a wild place, you will find order, beauty and luxury. When it comes to yoga and meditation in nature, you won’t find a better place.

During the 7-Day Sacred Solace Meditation and Yoga Wellness Retreat in Moyobamba, Peru guests will reside in the very beautiful Kantu Garden Lodge in a communal environment. The rooms at this lodge are new and very comfortable. They have private balconies, modern bathrooms and hot solar showers. On-site there are other amenities like a meditation garden, an outdoor swimming pool, a Yogashala that is well-equipped, an open-air restaurant, a lounge and a dining area. The good thing is that you are just a few walking minutes away from shops and local markets.

The setting for the 7-Day Sacred Solace Meditation and Yoga Wellness Retreat in Moyobamba, Peru is quite intimate. The retreat takes place alongside a 200-hour Yoga TTC. The good thing is that the retreat guests are allowed to attend any of the YTTC theoretical lectures that cover several different useful and enlightening topics. Moreover, although the retreat has a schedule and structure, you are free to attend what you want and relax when you so desire. The high points of this meditation retreat are residence for 6 nights on a single occupancy or sharing basis. 3 vegetarian meals each day the exception being that on the first day, only dinner is provided and on the last day, breakfast and lunch are served. Alongside the meals, you will also get tea, coffee and filtered water. Yoga and meditation classes take place twice a day. You get a chance to practice Karma Yoga through a volunteer program where children are taught Yoga. You will also learn about Ayurveda, Mudras, Chakras and ancient Eastern philosophy. There is an outing to the Tingana eco-reserve which consists of a canoe ride and animal watching. Also, you will get to partake in the Cacao and the heart chakra ceremony. As gifts, you will get a Yoga mat, a school tank top and a bead rosary for meditation. The package includes a complimentary pick-up from TPP or Tarapoto Airport.

 Daily Price USD 240

5. Amita Yoga And Healing

Location - Lake Titicaca, Peru

Meditation Retreat Name - 6-Day Magical Healing Yoga & Meditation Retreat Peru Lake Titicaca

Amita Yoga and Healing is a venture led by its host and founder, Angel Amita Leuna. Through this modest and genuine set up she aims to offer correct direction to individuals in pursuit of equilibrium and rejuvenation. Rooted in the connection with the land and its age-old customs Amita wants to help everyone find and accept their uniqueness. Through her guidance, she empowers you to elevate your energies, illuminating your distinct talents or attributes for the betterment of humanity and the world. 

Amita, a Norwegian, was born in 1978. She speaks Norwegian, English, German and Spanish. Since 1996, she has been a vegetarian/vegan. Amita’s qualifications include 4 years of classical homeopathy and 1 year of basic medicine. She has completed 200 hours of YTTC and is trained in kids' Yoga and Pregnancy Yoga. Amita is also an advanced spiritual, land and water healer. She founded the Mother Earth charity in 2014 in Norway and has been leading retreats in Peru since the same year. At the retreat, she teaches Yoga and Meditation and delivers strong experiences to people who come looking for them. Strongly connected to the Earth and nature she continues to work for the goodness of the land and humanity.

The 6-Day Magical Healing Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Lake Titicaca, Peru packs a punch. You will not only get to explore heritage sites but also participate in meaningful ceremonies and meet some wonderful people. This retreat package comprises 5 nights of accommodation of which 3 nights are spent in the Puno Hotel and 2 nights on Amantani Island with a local family. You will be served a vegetarian Yogic diet comprising of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Tea and water are also available. Participate in daily yoga and meditation classes. You will be visiting many interesting places like the fertility temple, Sillustani Ruins, Uros Straw Islands and Arumu Muru portal. Ground and boat transport along with the entrance tickets are all already paid for. During these visits, you will participate in several ancient ceremonies as well. There will be group healing sessions and an introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT as some call it.

Price per day USD 333

Unbiased list of Top 5 Most Popular Meditation Retreats in Peru sorted in descending order of popularity (high to low).

  1. 5-Day Spiritual Salkantay Trek Yoga and Meditation Retreat Peru Cusco by Travel and Healing
  2. 7 Day Yoga, Shamanic & Meditation Retreat Peru Iquitos by Naturalia Retreat Center
  3. 4 Day Peaceful Yoga Holiday & Meditation Retreat Peru Cusco by Andean Spirit Lodge
  4. 7 Day Sacred Solace Yoga Wellness & Meditation Retreat Peru Moyobamba by Moksha Yoga Amazónica
  5. 6-Day Magical Healing Yoga & Meditation Retreat Peru Lake Titicaca by Angel Amita Healing & Retreats

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