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Yoga retreat with balanced mix of yoga, meditation, adventure tours, art therapy and yummy vegetarian delights. Leave your stress behind and jump into yoga adventure. Make this all-inclusive yoga holiday your well-being time. Time for rejuvenation, nurturing and reconnecting with your true self. Time for laughing and having fun with life. You will learn more about yourself. You will make some amazing (yoga) friends.

You will listen to some great (yoga) music. You will have fun yoga practice. You will explore your creativity. You will experience the breathtaking natural beauty of Island Vis and Croatia. You will immerse into life of islanders, something completely different than you are used to. You will celebrate the beauty of life with open arms, an open mind, an open heart, and a glass of delicious local wine. If somebody told us 8 years ago about the idea of owning an island retreat where guests could come to relax and enjoy their time away we would have called him insane. Coming from a business and recreation management background with a “privilege” of living in a city, shopping in big supermarkets and marking off the days on the calendar until next vacation, we were absolutely swept away when the window of opportunity opened for a big life change offering a work-on-island-paradise-lifestyle.

For eternal dreamers born for adventure of any kind as we are, this crazy ride towards unfamiliar island was complete liberation and a challenge. We found a balance of all things that make us happy. Living on a magical place bursting with unique energy, tranquility and beautiful inspiring nature came as a real inspiration. It makes us think that every moment is miracle. We started to realize that Island Vis is not just a place on the map, it is a lifestyle.

A vibrant healthy lifestyle. We have learnt to appreciate small things in life and the beauty of living so close to nature and are grateful for the great opportunity to open up, grow and evolve as individuals. After years of hard work and dedication (just like the practice of yoga itself) we are thrilled to put our experience into practice by bringing together all the elements we believe are important for a yoga retreat: a warm welcome, beautiful location, healthy food, outdoor activities, and of course, excellent yoga.

We offer small classes with the teachers picked out by hand and always go the extra mile for our guests. We like to think that the beauty of the surroundings and the care given by our staff make them feel not only welcomed, but loved. We truly love what we do and do what we love. We’d like to share our passion with the world around us and hope to create a happier, healthier world with those willing to join. Our mission statement We aim to create a supportive and nurturing environment that will inspire and empower as many people as possible to achieve and enjoy happier, healthier and balanced lives and to explore their full potential through practices of yoga and meditation. We believe that breathing, strength, being present, compassion and gratitude learned on mat if brought into ones surroundings will make a difference in the world, in relationships between people and towards the nature.

Our responsible travel policy In Yoga Retreat Croatia on Island Vis we focus our efforts to creating a healthy sustainable business that will bring a positive benefit to our community and environment. Our aim is to minimize our negative impacts on our environment and make positive change wherever possible, through both direct impact and information exchange with participants who come to stay with us. We think it is important to treat nature, people and animals respectfully. Therefore we integrated this point consciously into our yoga retreat program by providing information and guidelines to participants in order to stimulate their greater awareness of the resources that are being used in daily life and practicing its conservation.


Yoga Retreat Center offers accommodation as follows

Yoga villa with pool immersed in nature offers seclusion, privacy and peace. Its idyllic countryside surroundings create the perfect backdrop for yoga retreat.



Every day three vegetarian meals inspired by the Mediterranean diet will be provided with tips & tricks how to make your own delicious and healthy food art. At yoga retreat dining you will experience the natural tastes of the Mediterranean tradition. We use fresh seasonal localy grown fruits and vegetables as much as possible, our homemade olive oil and herbs and spices from our garden. Meals will be served at outdoor table nestled under pine trees or in case of bad weather in our house dining area with fireplace. Variety of teas will be available at all times. Please inform us of any food allergies or special dietary requirements you may have when booking. For the full benefits of yoga retreat participants are encouraged not to smoke and drink alcohol excesively.

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