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Santea Pilates And Yoga Studio

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Enjoy body shaping

  • Our vision is to make your life easier, more beautiful and more complete.
  • Our goal is to teach you that exercising does not have to be a hard-working pleasure.
  • We want to teach you how to go through everyday life, get rid of cargo and pain, and with ease doing everyday activities knowing how to start your body with as much energy as possible and with fewer loads.
  • Yoga

    Training the extraordinary combination of spirit and body and movement and breath. Adapted to each The body, its current state and its capabilities. Reach the state of peace and relaxation and learn to guide your body through the movement. We will adjust every movement to an individual, so that each position is right for you. Increase your guts, relax your muscles and bring your body to balance. Enjoy every movement and indulge in gentle asanas.

    Pilates BASIC

    By training lighter intensity with simpler exercises, relax and tighten your body regardless of age or knowledge. If you have problems with your spine, knees or you are not sure if you have enough experience from before, do not worry because none of the above should really prevent you from coming to the exercise. In accordance with your physical condition and capabilities, we tailor specific parts of the clock to you. Trainings include work with the equipment to strengthen muscle and back and improve posture. With easy access to health and life without pain.


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    Santea, Petrova ul. 60, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
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