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Carleen Inderieden Smil has been teaching Pilates and movement in the USA, Italy, Switzerland and France since 2005, and has worked with singers, musicians, elite athletes, professional dancers, and general Pilates enthusiasts. Comprehensively educated in the USA by Polestar Pilates, Carleen additionally completed an extensive apprenticeship focusing on the use of Pilates (and Pilates-based movement) as a tool for rehabilitation and neuromuscular re-education at Pinnacle Performance: Manual Physical Therapy & Intelligent Movement in Salt Lake City, UT. She was further trained during her four year tenure at Swissbody Pilates in Geneva, Switzerland under the direction of Susan Pepper Arena, Second Generation Teacher and long-time student of Lolita San Miguel. One of the few teachers in Denmark to have both a classical and contemporary Pilates education. And with nearly 10,000 hours of teaching experience, Carleen believes her strength is her ability to incorporate the integrity of the original work with mindfulness, sound biomechanics, and most importantly, clarity and humor. Carleen is a founding member of the Pilates Teacher Association. Private & Semi-Private Lessons at Home Joseph Pilates taught private sessions only, and small groups by invitation. He taught the body in front of him with individual regard to health and movement history. With this in mind, private and semi-private lessons are an ideal way to address breathing, core stability (that band of muscles between your lowest ribs and pelvis that support three-dimensional movement of the spine,) healthy organization of your joints, proprioception, balance, and most importantly, a connected sense of body and mind. Pilates is about empowering YOU to care for your own body, and our goal is to show you the possibilities inherent in your own body regardless of age, sex, body type or physical history.


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Open Body PIlates c/o Copenhagen Osteopati Svanholmsvej 12, 2000 Frederiksberg
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