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The studio offers group lessons from: Barre au Sol, work at the Barre Classique, pilates on the ground and private or semi-private lessons on devices adapted to the Pilates method. All group lessons will be held in a small group of 7/8 people maximum to give preference to a personalized and precise work, in order to be able to set up classes adapted to each group. This is essential so that everyone can progress as the course progresses. Regularity of one to two courses per week is desirable to achieve satisfactory results. All courses are available by appointment by phone or directly on site. It is a method that, through adapted exercises, strengthens the muscles without strain and stretches those that are strained, with a work particularly concentrated on the powerhouse: the abdominals and buttocks. The Pilates method was above all reserved for an elite of high level athletes, dancers or actors; Today anyone can practice this effective method that strengthens and softens the body.


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Dance Studio Pilates, 2 Place des Terreaux, 69001 Lyon, France
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