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EUR 15.00 Avg. Price / day

Everyone should use the Yoga because it is similar to the fruit of the tree that grants wishes. The Yogi destroys diseases postures, karma by breath control, mental disorders by the withdrawal of the senses off from the outside world. A yogi in the highest state of Samadhi is not affected by time or by any other phenomenon.

Khristophe Lanier

Officer Course at room Horizons graduate of the French Federation of Yoga schools, he practiced yoga since 1979. It is formed in 1995 with Christian Tikhomiroff disciple of Icchanat, the transmission is in the traditional setting the Shaiva tradition of Natha. Teaching taditionnel hatha yoga (or Natha Yoga) of Kristophe Lanier is in this relationship. He followed specific training in Pranayama, Yoga Nidra and Natha Yoga.

Moreover it follows since 1981 the teachings of Lama Denys Rinpoche, spiritual heir of Kalu Rinpoche in Karma and Shangpa Kagyu Tibetan Buddhist lineages.He has published numerous articles on yoga, Buddhism and eclipses and a book (see description by clicking on the link) on the symbolism of eclipses.

Hatha Yoga: The union of the sun and moon

Yoga is considered one of six darshan - or respect - traditionaln metaphysics, he is closely associated with Shamkhya (enumeration) with a coherent explanation of the event. Hatha Yoga is among the five major types of Yogan tradition. the others are Bakthi-yoga (devotional yoga), Jnana yoga (yoga of knowledge), Karma yoga (yoga of action) and Raja yoga (contemplative). Hatha Yoga has evolved over the centuries in many common but all agree on the mythical origin of the transmission that goes back Matsyendra (Lord of the Fishes), who received the teaching of Shiva himself, before passing to Goraksha (the Guardian of the Herd). These two great masters are also recognized by Buddhists who make them among the eighty-four Mahasiddha (the first under the name of Minapa or Chaurangi, the second as the Goraksha, these two masters are often associated with Avalokiteshvara, the Buddha of compassion).


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