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PILATES COURSES IN LYON Opened in 2003, the Atelier Pilates was the first to teach the Pilates method in Lyon . Here Pilates courses are given with rigor and precision, respecting the principles of the method created by Joseph Pilates . Our requirement for placement and postural alignment, attention and corrections that we bring you, will enable you to take full advantage of the benefits of this method. THE PILATES METHOD The goal of the Pilates method is to work on the deep muscles, to improve posture, to find a harmonious musculature and to relax each part of the body. This in-depth work has a real impact on the body and is increasingly recommended by the medical profession. The method is effective because it is global. We do not work a single muscle in a repetitive and mechanical way but each exercise mobilizes the whole body. This requires concentration and attention and the results are there. The Pilates can be practiced on the floor, on mats or on specific devices invented by Joseph Pilates. The repertoire of exercises is very varied and allows to adapt to each individual according to his needs. Learn more about the method . ADVANTAGES Recover the pleasure of a body that moves with ease and harmony Reconciling with your body, fighting stress Getting rid of back pain Redraw her silhouette Working with your posture


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Atelier Pilates, 27 Rue Sainte-Hélène, 69002 Lyon, France
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