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Anahata Healing Arts Center

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Anahata Healing Arts Centre is a donation-based holistic yoga retreat in India offering a space for all people to reconnect with themselves and nature through a simplistic lifestyle. Anahata is the heart chakra and we choose this way of being to encourage everyone within our community to live compassionately.

The Anahata Experience

Anahata Healing Arts Centre was born from the belief that every human deserves to be healthy – mentally, physically and spiritually. Therefore, we offer Ayurvedic treatment in India on a donation basis only. We believe that everyone is unique and therefore the retreat activities and schedules are flexible and custom-tailored. Each individual can benefit during their stay by choosing what is necessary for them personally. We also ensure that on or before your arrival, we have a clear understanding of what you’re looking for while at Anahata so that we can work together to achieve that state of health and wellness.

At Anahata Healing Arts Centre we try to take our guests back to their roots and practice living as our ancestors did through Ayurvedic treatment in India, where it all began, with our Ayurvedic recipes and natural healing therapies. Through this simplistic way of life, each individual is able to reconnect with nature and appreciate that we are all of one mind, one earth – one humanity.

As Anahata Healing Arts Centre grows, so does our vision of building a community around the globe. Thanks to previous guests, volunteers and supporters, we are able to share the message of our Ayurvedic treatment in India and create awareness that we are all connected. We are all from the same source of light, energy and spirit regardless of religion, race or nationality. And we hope that by sharing this message we will one day be able to achieve global humanism.

A day at Anahata

We prefer not to set schedules at Anahata Healing Arts Centre are as we believe that everyone is unique and will find their own rhythm while here and take full advantage of our Ayurvedic treatment in India while connecting with nature. You’re welcome to choose one or more of the programs and activities we offer at Anahata.

How is Anahata Different?

We aim to create a self-sustainable ecosystem and prepare food sourced mainly from our own organic farm. We work with natural materials and traditional methods.

Anahata Healing Arts Centre was founded to help people who need healing. All donations received are put towards creating a healthier way of life for those who visit and for the community. There is no set price for our Ayurvedic treatments in India, however each donation enables us to continue to give back to those in need.

Respect and honesty with people is the first priority at Anahata Healing Arts Centre. All of our expenses and incomes are transparent. In addition to our programs, Anahata manages several initiatives to help special-needs children and the senior members of the village.


List of Services

Anahata Healing Arts Center offers the following services:-

1) Yoga Retreat

2) Ayurvedic Massage & Treatments

3) Detox Retreat

4) Aqua Yoga Classes

5) Karma Yoga

6) Organic Gardening Programs

7) Meditation Programs


Gurus and Experts
Anahata Healing Arts Center Mysore
Kiran has been exploring natural healing philosophy for wellness retreats for over a decade, and practices it as a way of life. His life’s path...
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Anahata Healing Arts Center Reviews (16)

Pragya Singh
This is a wonderful place for all those who are the happiest when in nature. Away from the hustle and bustle of our routine lives, this is a place where you can just BE. The people are warm and loving, the food is light, organic and delicious and the surroundings are peaceful. There is ample space for those who want to practise yoga and meditation or one can just sit and observe the many birds that can be seen in and around the property. You can have great conversations with Kiran, fellow travellers and some of the elders in the community.There is a small school right next to the aashram where one can volunteer to teach English or arts and crafts etc. The kids are adorable. All in all this is great place and an amazing experience.
Alexa Skordi
Anahata Healing Arts Centre is just a piece of heaven on earth. I feel totally honoured to have been able to spend time here with Kieran and his team. The village is situated in the lush farmlands of the rural south. Not long after my arrival did I learn that Kieran is a beloved member of the community and is on a mission to allow healthcare and healing to be accessible to anyone! How amazing! The centre holds a space of absolute serenity and peace where you are able to simple be and connect (or reconnect) with nature, furthermore yourself. The food is purely delicious and nutritious and I was spoilt with evening teas and fresh morning coffee. What can I say, I left feeling renewed, light and free- full circle of healing. Kieran was kind enough to take me on a day trip to visit a highly regarded monk a short drive out from the village. The monk lives among the coffee fields and coconut trees and I feel totally blessed to have been able to spend time with him and his team and experience these once in a life time opportunities! This centre deserves all the love it receives and the people are a humble representation of this and the culture. Highly recommend supporting this incredible team and their vision.


Anahata Healing Arts Center offers accommodation as follows

Anahata offers simple yet comfortable accommodation for every guest. Each room at the Anahata yoga retreat centre accommodates 2 adults. If you are travelling with a child, they are welcome to share the room and your bed, or alternately, we can arrange a mat or mattress for them in your room.

We have 3 garden facing rooms. Each room has 2 single beds. 2 of the rooms share a detached bathroom, and one room has a bathroom en-suite. Both bathrooms are equipped “Western” toilets, showers, buckets, and of course, hot water.

We also have 2 farm facing rooms, each of which have their own bathrooms en-suite with “Traditional” toilets.

If you have a room and bathroom preference, please provide us details and we’ll try to accommodate you accordingly.



Anahata sources most of the fruit and vegetables from our own garden which means true organic food every day. Meals are included with your stay and are freshly prepared each day.

If you’re arriving past sundown, it may be best to have a bite to eat before you head over or even en-route. With some advance notice, we can provide you with some fruit or a meal on your arrival.

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Anahata Healing Arts Center 571108 Ravandur, Mysore, Karnataka, India
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