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Atri Yoga Center

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Atri Yoga Center

3 Reviews
Tina Notaro
Yogi Harishchandra is one of those spiritual masters and is an expansive authority on all aspects of both Hatha and Asthanga asanas, meditation, pranayama, mudras, advanced kriyas, vedic/yogic philosophy, and physiology and teaching methodology. I completed a 200 hour intensive teacher training with him, a course that is far more in depth than many hat I have researched. He has been instrumental in guiding my self-knowledge and practice, over all, to a deep and integrated level.Yogi Harishchandra is a fully committed master who devotes his life to his practices and to guiding others in the discovery of the Guru within themselves.
Courtney Venaglia
Harish was conducting a yoga teacher training in Goa (a once off I think) when I arrived in town. I asked him if I could join in (only for a few weeks) and he was happy to let me. I have being practicing yoga for a few years, however I have only practiced in Australia before this, and I was very happy with Harish’s teaching. It was a great learning experience.

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ATRI YOGA CENTER, Laxman Squire,Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh-249201, Uttarakhand
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