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Patanjali International Yoga Foundation {PIYF} Rishikesh is situated at bank of the holy Ganga River, in the town of Rishikesh in the lap of great Himalaya Mountains. Rishikesh is well known as the capital of Yoga. It is a very safe and secure place, where national and international tourists can walk alone or in groups without any fear. Rishikesh is a ‘dry’ area, where it is not allowed to serve alcohol or any kind of meat-fish or animal form. However, Rishikesh has all modern facilities such as transportation, Wi-Fi, etc.

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Shailendra bhasker

Interest for yoga so best yoga institution share

2016-07-02 04:04:35


Thank you so much for your teaching! I have learned a lot of things about body, mind and spirit. Now I much understand about yoga than before. I feel that I have improved the body capacity, how much you gave us (me) the whole progress of small details, timing, limitations, patients, meditation etc. I really appreciate you that your teaching of yoga is really inspired for my BUTEH DANCE skills and it is absolutely endless to study and obeserve it forever. I would like to come back again here to continue study with you in the future. Thank you again!!!

2015-11-18 12:33:03

Sean Stoeten -Canada

I’m very please with my stay at PIYF! The accommodation is clean, the food is fresh, good, and the staffs here are very friendly. I came for the Yoga Teacher Training to learn more about traditional yoga. I have been teaching in Canada for 7 year prior to coming to piyf and I must say that I felt like a new student! The course is intensive though. The more you study, the materials of PIYF suggest before arrival, the better prepared you will be. The Dr das is here to teach you. You will be through to use all your senses and truly experience the training come to study, learn. I chose PIYF to continue my yoga studies. I offer to Dr Das, PIYF many thanks, respect and Namaste

2015-11-18 12:32:14

Zvika Megido -Israel

The teacher is very professional. He is very accurate in the asana and emphasizing what is the proper way and alignment. The facility is clean and tidy and by staying, eating and practicing at the same place it gives the students a focused and calm experience. A students should join the course while he/she is prepared for good serious and demanding experience and by that getting tremendous benefits.

2015-11-18 12:31:41

Mylene -Holand

From the start until the end. It has been inspiring, amazing, joyfull, meaning full, and a journey. The structure of the lessons daily is perfect adjustment to try personal level, back ground and capacity. All the theory lessons are valuable, as well as, the other lessons. Personal development in asanas proper set during the 4 weeks. The style of Patanjali Foundation is inspiring and motivating. From the very beginnig I thought” this will work out good”. No worries about test, exams or other things. Just from day to day practice and follow schedule announcement, so no worries /stress for next day. It got me in the moment. The food, rooms, service, hospitality, are the best and makes me feel at home in PIYF, Rishikesh, India.

2015-11-18 12:31:06

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