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Siddhant School Of Yoga

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List of Services

Siddhant School Of Yoga offers are the following services:-

1) Yoga Teacher Training Course

2) Yoga & Meditation Retreat

3) Yoga for Beginners Course

4) Pranayama Yoga Retreat

5) Vipassana Meditation Retreat

6) Detox Retreat

7) Kundalini Yoga Retreat

Siddhant School Of Yoga

13 Reviews
Anna Tsvetanova
I had amazing time at the Siddhant School of yoga. The teachers were of the highest level, the way the program is built is very professional, the location the course was just amazing. Every small detail was thought of with love. I cannot describe how much I have learned during the training and how the whole experience has shifted me toward a better, more knowing, focused and grateful self. It is not just a Yoga teacher's training, it is School of life, and how to create a better future - for yourself and the society. I am really grateful to Siddhant and the whole team and I recommend the Siddhant School of Yoga, in my opinion this is the most valuable training one could experience.
Cinta Soul
I completed my 200hr YT at Siddhant school of yoga in December 2018. It was truly one of the best experiences I've had. Everyone at the school is so beautiful inside out, makes you feel safe and they empower you. Going in my first day I was nervous about about how 30 days would go by. The delicious food helped but more so the knowledge, self-awareness, and healing was my highlight. I learned the importance of staying in a place of gratitude, eliminating complaining and focusing on my passion. All that I've learned I will carry forever and share with the world :) Thank you Siddhant School Of Yoga, I hope to come back soon !


Accommodation is a great factor in residential yoga teacher training course. Accommodation means a place where you can take rest and contemplate and analyse in right way whatever you have gone through the yoga classes throughout the day time to time.

So the room should be quite clean more over the energy of the room should be very positive Siddhant School of Yoga is very aware about this basic phenomenon of the residence. looking all the. We are providing right accommodation to our student before providing the accommodation we always guide our student who follow some rules in the room to maintain the purity of the room as this room is going to corporate you throughout the yoga course or any other yoga retreat. such as do not smoke in the room.

Do not do sexual activities in the room adivare couple staying together maintain celibacy Aaj you both are practicing intense yoga during yoga program. Keep your room arrange not organised room creates negativity disturb you passively respect your things as well as things provided by the Yoga Centre like respect towards towel some persons are using a towel as foot mat you may use towel as foot mat but you know you are doing wrong this this will create negativity and you are creating so be aware of this things.

Use some incense sticks to make a healthy environment confederate flag fragment environment chant some mantras daily in your room as mantras are the best way to purify your place where you live. Do daily meditation in your room as it is the best way to maintain a healthy residental area.

If you follow all this things by environment of the room support you for your practice if you are a sincere practitioner you can do more then what we suggested to do throughout the course. Here in our school you will get the towel and bed sheets in right time accordingly throughout the course. Yes you will get a person to clean your room time to time whenever you ask for that, please do not give your key to any other one or that person to clean your room please stay and watch yourself if possible please guide the person to clean your room properly.

We are not allowed to take any utensil in your room a less very serious and illness issue make sure you turned off your sweet and tabs in your room yes you are given a good ventilated room with proper Windows a proper with a good and healthy blankets and shades will provide you according to weather.

Western style of sheet with propagate and tab you will provided in your washroom you can get cold and hot shower in your bathroom. Sometimes the hot and cold tabs are complicated so please don't hesitate to clear yourself for your proper use.

You have clear almost everything about the right accommodation and its proper use and benefits if any questions please ask us we are always ready to help you for your practical needs looking to your right yoga practice in order to your growth



Food is very essential for our body and body is the outer part of our mind. our mind is effected by our body, directly or indirectly. That's why a parable is here:

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body and for a healthy body we need some healthy food understanding all the principles Siddhant School of Yoga providing healthy food to our Yoga student for right growth of the physical body looking for a balance mind because our ultimate target is balanced mind. We are providing:

  • Morning herbal tea
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Evening Tea
  • Soup before dinner
  • Dinner

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