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Since our first Pilates Studio in 2005 (Pilates Body Motion and Pilates Body Mind Gym), we have evolved and grew rapidly, becoming the BEST, the BIGGEST and the MOST FULLY EQUIPPED Pilates-Yoga studio in Indonesia. Combined with Intelligent Postural Therapy and Sanctuary Spa, Svarga e-Motion Sanctuary is a leading health and fitness centre in human movement area.

As the only host of Body Arts and Science International (BASI) Pilates in South East Asia, we offer you a highly educated team who are continuously learning and being updated with the latest scientifically based human anatomy and physiology researches, providing you the best source of insight to your own body: whether you need to get your body to relax or train hard. Our team, with various sets of background offers you a complete understanding of your body, which in turn helps you to optimize each session for a maximal result.

Perfect choices for body, mind, and soul. Sanctuary Day SPA combines ZEN ancient Asian philosophy of harmony and tranquility with contemporary comfort and modern technology. We offer you holistic rejuvenation and relaxation.Choose from our wide range of body treatments, equipped with a quality product made from natural ingredient, elegant treatment facilities room, and trained therapists SPA services.

One of Svarga’s signature exercise, which combine Pilates and Yoga in a hot environment and Spine corrector. Our room heater is the Far Infra Red (FIRe), which is a special heater normally used by physiotherapist to warm the deep tissue of your muscles. This will help increase your flexibility and release muscle tensions.

Pilates TRX

One of the best classes we offer to increase your muscular tone and endurance. Being one of the leading suspension fitness exercises, Pilates TRX allows you to build upper body strength, whereas our Cardio TRX class will help you to maintain your healthy heart and increase your fat burn rate.


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Svarga Yoga & Pilates Studio - Paris Van Java Jl. Sukajadi 131 – 139 (Lt. P 12) Sukajadi, Bandung
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