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Located in the beautiful surrounds of Bali, Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat & Spa is a wellness retreat that takes an Ayurvedic approach to health and wellness. Understanding the importance of good health and a healthy mental and emotional balance, we aim to increase wellness and make your relationships, career and wealth prosper. Offering treatments such as meditation and Yoga, we can provide relief from stress, anxiety and other resultant health problems.

Our Ayurvedic wellness centre uses natural healing techniques to bring your life back on track and restore health and wellness. With natural Ayurvedic healing exercises and other practices, a stay at our Ayurvedic retreat can assist with chronic health problems such as stress, resulting in enhanced wellbeing.

Sukhavati is synonymous with the new-world luxury; silence, peace & contentment.  These things are an increasingly rare experience in our world of technology and busy-ness.

Sukhavati is a journey that began over 35 years ago with my own experience of learning to meditate and becoming a meditation teacher which sparked a personal quest and love for the ancient science and source of knowledge, Ayurveda, began and has never stopped.

Ayurveda is a 5,000-year evolution of knowledge on every aspect of how to prevent disease and manage the mind to prevent all aspects of disease; physical and mental. This ancient knowledge was then revived and brought to light by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Once you begin to understand and experience the authentic depth of Ayurveda and its potential to heal, repair and rejuvenate, you become aware of the potential life-style you could be living. Ayurveda provides you the opportunity to successfully maintain your inner calmness, peace, energy and clarity of mind.  This ancient source of knowledge holds the secrets to unfolding our human potential, our full 200% potential.

Bali is a beautiful island that also has origins in India. The Balinese people, the rituals and the culture draw on India and this ancient knowledge. After traveling to India for so many years to experience this knowledge I wanted to establish an Ayurvedic retreat, closer to my home in Australia, so more people could easily enjoy its benefits, so Bali became Sukhavati’s home.

Nestled away from the growing busy-ness of Bali, in a tiny village of Bebengan, surrounded by lush, tropical jungle, you can walk in the morning rice paddies and see the mountains, volcanoes and yet you’re only a 20-minute bike ride to Canggu beach.

With 40 incredible staff catering to your every need, Sukhavati is a place of healing on every level; physical, mental and emotional. Sukhavati is special and different to other retreats, we deliver traditional Ayurvedic programs, knowledge and treatments with all of our staff trained by Ayurveda experts from India, originated from the Raju family.

We encourage you to come and experience Sukhavati and our programs for yourself. Immerse yourself in the beauty, serenity and peace of Sukhavati and return home a new and better version of YOU.

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The Sukhavati Estate offers accommodation as follows

While taking part in one of our Panchakarma Programs at Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat & Spa, you will have the choice of staying in one of our eight beautiful villas. Take in the modern Balinese surroundings while enjoying features such as marble floors, thatched roofs and elegant bathrooms, providing you with a luxurious stay that rivals even the best resorts in Bali. Our available villas range from spacious villas for friends through to villas with a private pool, ensuring your every need is met.

Beautifully furnished, each villa hosts a king size bed and a private breakfast balcony offering tranquil views of the surrounding estate. For added luxury, you can choose from one of our four private pool villas for an authentic Bali spa experience.


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