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3.5 (3 reviews) 861 Views Yoga Retreat Gianyar, Bali

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Bali Vitality Retreat Center

3 Reviews
Sumi de Vries
I went for a two weeks Zest For Life Retreat. All went well, the staff was very friendly, sweet and accurate. I had a big clean, comfy and luxurious cottage for myself. So lot's of private space and privacy. Which was very convenient for the private yoga lessons and selfreflecting meditation moments, and for the massage treatments. I learnt a lot, it was hard for me to maintain all the lessons, but I was there with reasons. I wanted to start my life again with a clean slate, detox was the answer for me. It was hard, but the staff where helping me with everything and they encouraged me well. Even they offering me a ride by driving me to the colonic treatment on the other side of the Monkeyforest, because I'm a bit scared of monkeys. I enjoyed every second of my stay at Bali Vitality. Although some treatments were not always pleasant, my stay sure was. Fascinating was the Balinese healer, what a wise man! And swimming and floating around at the Batur natural hotspring was super nice. Overall, I've learned a lot! Thank you for having me.
Frank van der Vleuten
Stayed here in october.. It all looks very nice and luxurious on the website. But don't let it fool you: the pictures aren't from the villa but it are stock images.The villa is not more then a 3 star place with a lot of things wrong: very low waterpressure, takes 5(!) minutes for the water to get warm. Dirt and dust everywhere. Airco doesn't work and is wrapped in cloth (don't know why). Curtains hanging loose. Although the staff is very friendly, the cleaning is very poor. Massage in the room or outside on very old and wobbly massagetable. On day 2 I wanted to talk to the owner, but that wasn't possible and nothing was done with my complaint.This all would be okay if the price was right but I paid 2300 euro, (2700usd) for 8 days. Thats just way out of proportion. after I complained by mail they said they would work on it an change the pictures on the website. But thats a bit late don't you think?On arrival they let you sign a paper that if you decide to go to another hotel that there won't be a refund. What a weird document. but now I realised that in the past people did leave this place and went to another because it was so bad. There are also a lot of complaints the staff told me. All and all think twice before booking this rertreat Minder weergeven

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NI MADE SRIATI Di belakang LPD kantor BR, Jl. Raya Nyuh Kuning, MAS, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80552, Indonesia
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