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Oak Fitness Club is a unique Private Training and Pilates Center located in the heart of the famous Beverly Hills California. We offer a unique high end service based facility in which our clientele are provided with world class instruction at special member only privilege rates in Pilates and Private Training. Oak Fitness Club is an exclusive Pilates and Fitness center located in the heart of Beverly Hills California. Founded in the fall of 2012 by the husband and wife team Aaron King and Nikki Cox, Oak Fitness Club provides an elite environment for its members to pursue their fitness goals.

Nikki and Aaron promote integration of a work-out & work-in fitness program, this comprehensive approach combines Cardio and bodybuilding (working-out) in conjunction with Yoga, Pilates, and Meditation (working-in), an approach such as this covers the full spectrum of fitness, in addition to a healthy living lifestyle members are destined to achieve exactly the results desired.

A holistic approach is necessary to address all the needs of body and mind.Nikki’s broad fitness background includes a repertoire of dance disciplines, Pilates, Yoga and Body sculpting. Aaron specializes in Exercise Science, Bio-mechancial Restoration and is a Pilates Sports Center Master Trainer.

The facility makes available to members an instruction based approach to fitness with experienced trainers prepared to address individual fitness needs and provide realistic solutions with superlative results.

Aaron and Nikki are fitness professionals who’s passion to help others achieve optimal fitness and overall health has inspired them to open this unique Training and Pilates center. The Oak Fitness Club experience is for the individual seeking harmony longevity and inner peace while getting in the best shape of their life.

At Oak Fitness Club, we love to help people get in shape and we know first hand the challenges people face in achieving the life they desire. Exercise trends come and go. The media tells us how we should look and feel, as well as pointing out everything that is wrong with our health. On top all that, our body’s needs and fitness values continue to evolve as time goes on. Many people feel as though they’re trying to hit a moving target in the dark. It can be confusing and dis-heartening. We can help.

Oak Fitness Club will provide all of the necessary resources and tools for you to make the desired changes to your body and health. We provide our clients with instructors who share in the passion of fitness. Whether you choose to take our Burn Classes or work one-on-one with a fitness professional, the results you will experience will be astounding. We offer a number of options that will provide you with the program you are looking for.

Beginning in a local park and a home Pilates Studio in Beverly Hills, this organization and has become one of the most audacious attempts to help people change their lives.

Oak Fitness Club is redefining the ordinary by revolutionizing the Wellness Movement. Oak Fitness Club is not a typical gym, personal training center or Pilates studio. It is a culture, a community and a way of life. In addition to providing the ability to work with amazing fitness professionals, we create an innovative culture that guides you to more. We’ve designed concept programs and educational events such as Oak Knowledge Seminars, as well as obstacle and road race training programs such as Oak Strength Club. We also have product promotions and trunk shows that offer top of the line gear. These programs and products supply the means to get into incredible shape. We all know that it takes much more than a treadmill and some crunches to transform. We will help!

By staying true to our roots and passions, yet continuously striving to gain the knowledge necessary to improve, Oak Fitness Club is the environment for you to realize the fitness lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed of. Our team is committed to helping you get into to best shape of your life, and stay there.

Oak Fitness Club Reviews (9)

Tamar Abramowitz
Nikki Cox is the best Pilates teacher on the planet, not to mention hilarious and lovely. Aaron king did some amazing work and getting rid of my neck pain. This place is the best! Great energy, professional, and great people.- Brian Glick
Kat Von Roos
One of the top gyms in LA and the best gym in Beverly Hills!! Top of the line trainers and the best Pilates instructor I have ever taken classes with (Lori)! Highly recommend!!!

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Oak Fitness Club, 9346 Civic Center Dr #145, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, USA
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