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Common Ground

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Common Ground

5 Reviews
Masha Morozova
The best Spa experience I’ve ever had! Luz is such a fantastic healer. You won’t be the same person after you leave the Spa. Every member of the stuff is so professional. The ginger tea � is unforgettable!!! The sound healing once per months gives you the feeling of rebirth, uplifting and inner cleanup that lasts for a couple of weeks. Great job, Jothi Vita!!! Thanks a lot for everything you do! I am your returning customer for ages
Bonnie Brown Pertgen
Great experience. Was welcomed by name when I walked in although it was my first time. While I was filling out a new customer form I was given this wonderful spicy ginger tea with honey. Luz was my masseuse and she was perfect. Let me know ahead of time what to expect. I had never tried an abhyanga massage but now I can’t imagine getting anything else.

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Common Ground Healing Arts, 233 4th Street Northwest #219, Charlottesville, VA 22903, United States
USD 20.00 Avg. Price / day

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