14 Best Only Women's Retreats in Bali to pamper your soul

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Have you ever found yourself dearth of time for self-care? All dear women worldwide, why not take some time out for self-pampering and destress yourself from the mundane by going for an explorative and re-energizing expedition at a womens retreat in Bali. A feminine retreat to revitalize your energy and awaken the feminine in you, clear your burnout from daily juggling, and bloom as a new woman.

Holidaying amid the tropical forests of Bali at luxurious sanctuaries provides a week-long of self-love, adventure, and spa treatment. Enjoy Yoga, exercises in open yoga shalas surrounded by rice fields, sky mirroring beaches surrounded by white sand, and immense greens and mountains. Then, indulge in some mind-refreshing spa treatments, Yoga for body, mind, and soul and retreat into nature, and wake up to the aroma of fresh flowers.

We bring you some retreat escapes to set out with your girls or on a solo trip, a chance to bloom as a new woman to heal and glow like a lotus.

Here is a thoroughly researched list of 14 womens retreats in Bali sorted in descending order of price per day in order to be fair and transparent.

1. Revivo Wellness Resorts Badula, Bali

Per day USD 654.8

The 5 Days Rejuvenating De-Stress Relax womens retreat at Revivo Wellness Resorts is a bespoke Yoga and spa experience tailor-made for women only. Women visit the centre to connect with their inner soul and relax the senses and muscles. Unfortunately, our daily lifestyle tends to accumulate stress that affects our whole bodily system. The rejuvenation program is a fusion of spa, Yoga, and massage treatments. It's a signature retreat that touches all four aspects of sustainable living through our signature program. It includes relaxing your senses with in-room rituals for better sleep, relaxation, nutritious food, and movement through Yoga to meet each need and lend you a well-earned break from the hectic juggle.

Live in stylish rooms surrounded by large pools to dip into the serene water. The retreat facility is nestled in the enticing tropical gardens of Bali. Besides exotic in-house amenities, the external surrounding is equally exotic. So, calm your senses by visiting sky mirroring beaches and indulge in some mind-calming swimming into the waters surrounded by white sand.

The blissful Yoga sessions include fusion of Hatha, Dynamic, Restorative, Vinyasa, Yin, and Power Yoga by coaches. Revivo Resort Retreat purposes of resting, relaxing, and bouncing back with fresh zeal and energy and rebirth into a new woman.

The 5 Days Rejuvenating De-stress Relax Womens Retreat by Revivo Wellness Resorts Badula, Bali includes

  • Daily yoga practice
  • Spa Treatment
  • Fitness Centre and Health Consultation
  • Daily organic Meals
  • 4 nights accommodation


2. Soul Sanctuaries Wanchai, Hong Kong @ Escape Haven

Per day USD 574

An ideal destination to rejoice with your little group of girlfriends, Soul Sanctuaries is a gorgeous villa that offers a women's retreat in Bali for Yoga, Meditation, and detox. It is run by Escape Haven, another popular women's retreat in Canggu, Bali. Soul Sanctuaries is set in a private villa. The 7 days package is open all around the year. The sanctuary welcomes only fourteen women for every package to offer personalized women's retreat and soul, mind, body cleansing.

Whether you are a solo female traveller or want to go on an expedition with your best friend, the women's retreat is an absolute treat that allows you to meet a like-minded soul and meditate together.

The retreat spans 7 days with a luxury stay at Pool Villa rooms. Enjoy unlimited Yoga in open-air yoga shalas in the tropical gardens letting the breeze hit your cheeks and make them glow.

The sessions include 12 classes a day across two yoga shalas that offer chakra rebalancing, yin yoga, aerial yoga, dance, partner yoga, and much more. The resort serves healthy and mouth-watering delicacies. Soul Sanctuaries allow all women to let their hair down and tick the boxes in the bucket list by experiencing the diverse culture of Bali.

You get to experience the distinct experience of Bali's culture, such as making Jamu Herbal Tonic and learning basic Indonesian. It is a healthy getaway to the womb of nature at Bali to explore the wide recess of Yoga, surfing adventure, indulge in some pampering session of Ayurvedic Spa, and take flight towards a healthy life.

The 7 Days Luxury Womens Retreat in Bali by Soul Sanctuaries includes

  • Unlimited yoga classes in an open-air yoga shala and tropical gardens
  • Unlimited yoga and meditation sessions at two well-loved yoga shalas with over 12 classes a day (Aerial yoga, dance, meditation, yin, partner yoga, chakra rebalancing
  • 6 yoga and meditation sessions
  • Delicious spa cuisine prepared by wellness chefs
  • Unlimited daily spa treatments
  • Cultural session on retreat
  • Complimentary bikes for cycling around the paddy fringed lanes of Canggu
  • 1 x Additional Beauty Treatment
  • 6 nights luxury accommodation in a Pool Villa Retreat


3. Bliss Sanctuary For Women Retreat Yoga Center Badung, Bali

Per day USD 509.2

Women come down to vacation with their girlfriends or set out on individual retreats to this enticing sanctuary tailored for women only. The Bliss Sanctuary offers more than bliss in the form of holistic healing of senses and chakras. It's a fusion retreat program spanning a week-long expedition into the quiet world of Bali's luscious tropical gardens. The women's retreat in Bali itinerary is not merely an explorative holiday but bliss for healing, de-stress and detox from the accumulated stress and complete relaxation.

It is the perfect time to connect with like-minded women who often visit the retreat paradise to immerse into the essence of Bali and expand their horizons. Bliss Sanctuary offers a holiday escape women's retreat to help women take time out of their daily lifestyle and meet themselves through the program.

It's about self-love, experiencing tranquillity, relaxation, peace, and transforming into the best version of yourself. Everything about Bliss Sanctuary is unlimited. From gorgeous spa treatments spanning from 90 minutes to 3 hours, small intimate group of yoga sessions, sightseeing, and exotic meals, it aims to heal and re-energize women's spirit from the core to bring external glow and calmness.

Stylish and well-equipped accommodation with private air conditioners, ensuite bathrooms helps in finding your true bliss. Not only a much-required holiday, but Bliss Sanctuary is also home to experience and indulge in activities that are two extremes of the spectrum yet balanced, including spa, Yoga, relaxation, massage, and detox to have a spiritual life uplifting experience.

The 7 Days Eat Pray Love Women's Retreat in Bali by Bliss Sanctuary For Women Retreat Yoga Center Badung, Bali includes

  • Unlimited massage and spa treatments choose from Balinese massage, Thai massage, hot stone massage, cream bath, herbal ball massage, reflexology, body scrub, facial, manicure & pedicure, aromatherapy
  • Luxurious flower bath or wellness bath
  • Unlimited yoga is included for all levels & various styles
  • Eco Bike Tour around beautiful Ubud as seen in Eat Pray Love the movie
  • Unlimited sightseeing experiences - Tanah Lot Temple, Ubud day tours including silver factory & art galleries & monkey forest
  • Unlimited gorgeous food - fresh gourmet tantalizing local healthy cuisine – Breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks.
  • 6-night beautiful Sanctuary accommodation, your own private room in one of our dedicated retreat sanctuaries with your own private en-suite indoor / outdoor bathroom including a bathtub for relaxing soaks in every room


4. Rachel Simone Wilkins Ubud, Bali

Per day USD 482.5

Every woman is a form of a goddess. She has the immense energy to traverse the world and her life. The 7-Day Ritual and Renewal Goddess Yoga Retreat in Ubud, Bali with Rachel Simone Wilkins, is an abode for re-awakening and healing midst the natural heaven of greens. Participants get to spend a week indulging in Yoga, Ceremony, Soul cleansing, and healing chakra with Yoga and rejuvenation.

Each morning begins with a ceremonial morning practice that embodies one manifestation of goddess every day. The afternoons are also ritualistic wherein, you get to spend some time exploring the local life of Ubud Bali by visiting temples, ceremonies and taking part in special workshops.

The ceremonial morning practice combines yoga asanas and pranayama to revive the chakra's ecstatic dance to open the intuitive flow of energy amidst the jungle shala. The yoga retreat is a well-designed and perfect combination of restorative, yoga Nidra, mudras, mantras, understanding the sacred geometry, and vibrational healing with Reiki to ignite each form of goddess hidden in women.

The highlight of the retreat is womb healing techniques that make women meet their inner dimension of sensuality and creativity. Bath in the infinity pool, pray together, create connections, indulge in water cleansing, and relax your muscles with healing massage. Let the Shakti work inside you and make you meet the goddess with holistic yoga practice.

The 7 Days Ritual and Renewal Goddess women's Retreat in Ubud, Bali by Rachel Simone Wilkins includes

  • Daily ritual morning yoga practice
  • Restorative yoga, meditation, and yoga Nidra
  • Temple trips, ceremonies, private blessings, and local exploration
  • Tantric meditation practices, including chanting (mantra) and sacred geometry (yantra) meditations
  • Learn about the Hindu mythology and rituals practices in the local temples, from the Gods to the Goddesses
  • Reiki vibrational healing session and ecstatic embodied dance
  • Daily organic brunch and dinner
  • 6 nights accommodation


5. Escape Haven Badung, Bali

Per day USD 432.5

Wellness plays a prime role in everyone's life, especially for women stuck in the labyrinth of balancing work life, kids, social life, and maintaining the house. The 7-day luxury fitness and Yoga women's retreat in Bali makes the perfect present to now balance your body, soul and spirit with exquisite yoga exercises, Meditation, and pampering.

Along with the luxurious surrounding of nature, Escape Haven Bali welcomes ladies to revitalize their energy to the fullest and glow with exuberance with a compact wellness package that covers Surfing, Yoga, Fitness, Pilates, Ayurveda, and Detox programs.

Incepted in 2008, the women's retreat in Bali has received phenomenal recognition with over 40 international awards for its holistic healing program. It makes a sanctuary for women managed by 70 staff and renews your fitness into a well-sorted detox program.

The 7-day women's retreat is designed to transform and blossom women into a radiant version that includes unlimited Yoga retreat offsite and onsite. The classes are carried out in a custom-built yoga shala with classes twice a day. Outside of the retreat is covered with lush jungle and rice fields in addition to a diverse spa indulgence for unlimited pampering.

The 7 Days Luxury Women's Fitness and Yoga Holiday in Canggu, Bali by Escape Haven Badung, Bali includes

  • Daily yoga classes
  • 7 fun fitness sessions on the beach and in the tropical gardens
  • Unlimited fitness sessions at a nearby air-conditioned new gym
  • An exhilarating sunrise hike to the top of Mt Batur!
  • Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • 6 nights luxury accommodation
  • Unlimited Spa pampering