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Bliss Sanctuary For Women Retreat Yoga Center

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AUD 3550.00 Avg. Price / day

At Bliss it is our goal to be more than a yoga retreat, a yoga spa retreat, or the usual Bali yoga retreat with a specific program. We tailor our yoga programs to your personal needs which make’s the Bliss experience so much more than the average Bali retreat… we create an amazing, beautiful tranquil space and we partner with some of Bali’s premier yoga instructors to offer you UNLIMITED yoga AND personal yoga sessions with amazing instructors from all over the world.

So whether you are a beginner at yoga and want the privacy and space to learn, or whether you just want to focus on yoga body balance and push yourself to your next level, or whether you were after a Bali yoga retreat with an extremely personal approach, we will give you a gorgeous environment, nurturing, amazing teachers, an amazing schedule and the bliss experience all rolled into one. As far as we know there are no yoga retreats in Bali that give you 3 x one hour personal yoga sessions PLUS a schedule of unlimited yoga. Because we’re more than a Bali Yoga retreat or Yoga spa retreat, we are an amazing experience where you choose when, where and who you do yoga with … and then we give you unlimited massage everyday to help give back to your body mind and soul in the most beautiful nurturing way. Come and stay with us in beautiful Bali where you will be nurtured to your heart’s content. No kids, no couples and only a handful of women at any one time. This is pure holiday Bliss.

We are a sanctuary for women who want the ultimate relaxation, hassle free Bali retreat experience. Read our Bali Women’s retreat reviews or Trip Advisor The Bliss Experience is designed to ensure a memorable Bali holiday in a beautiful sanctuary for women, recognizing the need to get away and take time out from the pressures of everyday life.

It is a sanctuary of self love where you can experience, peace, tranquillity, rest, relaxation, as well as a sense of companionship and the knowledge that you are ‘not alone’. We have helped thousands of women follow their bliss over the last 5+ years and in that time we’ve learnt that so many women are craving freedom to reconnect to themselves. We play so many roles in life as wife, mother, auntie, daughter, manager, organiser, friend, employee, coach… now it’s time to put you first!

All of our Bali retreat packages allow you to…

  • Embrace your freedom
  • Take a deep, healing breath and enjoy our Bali women’s retreat
  • Put yourself first and find that inner space of self love
  • Refill your cup, take some time out just for you!


Return home refreshed and stronger Experience the best of a health, fitness, spa and yoga retreat in Bali with the freedom and safety of a peaceful Sanctuary environment, with no pressure, no guilt, just beauty, kindness and love. We want you to leave as the best version of yourself simply by creating space in your life to follow your bliss your way. The perfect place to become a Bali goddess and find yourself surrounded by beauty, peace, tranquility, kindness, love and caring.

We are the only spa, yoga, fitness and relaxation retreat giving you personal drivers and unlimited sight-seeing experiences. Bliss: Perfect happiness; extreme joy. Heaven, paradise. Peace, serenity, euphoria Sanctuary: Refuge, place to hide, be safe Bliss Sanctuary for women, welcomes women traveling on their own without being alone. Come and stay with us in beautiful Bali Villa Accommodation where you will be nurtured to your hearts content. No kids, no couples, and only a handful of women at any one time. This is pure holiday Bali retreat bliss, we are a sanctuary for women traveling who want the ultimate relaxation hassle free travel experience in Bali.

Bliss Sanctuary For Women Retreat Yoga Center Reviews (18)

DesertKiwi5 Nelson, New Zealand
I STILL THINK OF MY STAY AT BLISS EVERYDAY! It was the most gorgeous experience. I went there with no concept of who I had become in my life, just a knowing that something had to change. I loved everything about it. I came back a different woman. A woman wrapped in a sarong of serenity, who had regained her power. For that I am forever grateful.
Rosie M Glasgow, United Kingdom
In my opinion this place is just perfect for females travelling on their own. You feel totally 100% safe and secure, you have a driver, a local mobile phone for your use through out your stay. My holiday and stay at Bliss was perfect……

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AUD 3550.00 Avg. Price / day