Top 10 Yoga Studios In Coimbatore

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Coimbatore, located in southern India, is steeped in tradition and culture. It is a city known for its temples, vibrant festivals, and natural beauty. With its emphasis on holistic living and wellness, Coimbatore is a hub for yoga practitioners, both beginners and experts alike. The yoga studios and centers here offer various styles of yoga to help individuals achieve physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

We recognize that selecting the perfect yoga studio in Coimbatore can be daunting, especially with over 551 yoga studios, centers, and private teachers offering classes. To assist you, we're excited to introduce you to some of the most outstanding yoga studios in Coimbatore, each with its unique features and offerings that make it worth exploring. Our comprehensive review covers critical factors, such as ambiance and instructor quality, to help you find the best yoga studio to deepen your practice or simply unwind and recharge.

Our article features the top 10 yoga studios in Coimbatore, listed in descending order of their online popularity score. This score is calculated by aggregating popularity ratings from multiple review platforms to ensure impartiality and transparency.


1. Integral Yoga Institute

Location of Yoga Studio in Coimbatore - R.S. Puram, Coimbatore

Experienced trainers and a calm environment - are the two fundamental things one needs to practice yoga. Fortunately, the Integral Yoga Institute fulfills both demands. Classes are fantastic and the environment friendly. Integral Yoga combines different methods like Hatha yoga, selfless service, meditation and prayer, to help one find the peace and joy within.

Sri Swami Satchidananda embodied the principles of Integral Yoga with a focus on Self-Realization. He became a monk in 1949, ordained by Sri Swami Sivananda, founder of the Divine Life Society in Rishikesh. Swamiji went on to establish the spiritual community of Satchidananda Ashram-Yogaville in Virginia, USA, as well as designing and constructing the LOTUS, an interfaith shrine dedicated to the Universal Light. He received the Albert Schweitzer Humanitarian Award and was recognized globally for his efforts in promoting peace.

Regular yoga classes at the institute include Hatha yoga for men and women, Pranayama, meditation, children’s yoga, gentle yoga for the elderly, stress management, prenatal yoga and private yoga. Special programs include yoga for special children, teacher training, one-day workshops and summer camps for children.

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2. Synergy Yoga Center 

Location of Yoga Studio in Coimbatore - Vallalar Nagar, Coimbatore

Synergy Yoga Center presents the right setting to relax your body and mind. The place is very neat and hygienic, with lots of positive energy. The classes are challenging enough yet easy to follow, with proper instructions. The center is highly recommended by the students and considered a pressure-free zone for learning the intricacies of yoga.

Gayathri runs the yoga classes at Synergy Yoga Center. She is a YCB-certified yoga wellness instructor under the Ministry of Ayush, Government of India, an out-and-out professional who teaches with a lot of patience and proper instructions. At no time will she let you feel defeated. With her guidance, you are sure to become an expert yourself.

Synergy Yoga Centre has yoga classes for weight loss, stress and anxiety, diabetes, arthritis and general health and mental well-being. In addition, you can also learn prenatal yoga, kids yoga, Pranayama and meditation.

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3. Dehalaya Yoga 

Location of Yoga Studio in Coimbatore - Ondipudur, Coimbatore

Dehalaya Yoga is a place to build strength and gain body awareness while promoting healthy muscles and joints. The studio itself is very calm and loaded with positive vibes. It's a truly divine place for yoga, fitness, physical health, and mental calmness.

Anitha is the yoga instructor at Dehalaya Yoga. She is a certified RYT 700 wellness instructor. According to her pupils, she is disciplined, dedicated, punctual and very knowledgeable. She motivates and encourages her students to do better and take the time to listen to their concerns and answer their queries.

At Dehalaya Yoga, you can enroll in the classical yoga teacher training course. You can also attend regular classes to learn different asanas, Pranayama, Vinyasa yoga, Bandha, meditation and Sadhana.

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4. Lalitha Yoga Maiyyam

Location of Yoga Studio in Coimbatore - Kovilmedu, Coimbatore

Lalitha Yoga Maiyyam is a spotless, traditional and spacious place where you can learn authentic yoga in its most traditional form. Here, your health concerns are taken into consideration before deciding which yoga suits you the best. You also get to learn the science behind yoga and the Yogic way of life. Sessions are always spiritual and mind and body-opening.

Yoga sir Vignesh Chander is the most respected trainer at the studio. He is polite and approachable, takes care of every student and gives them all his undivided attention. He is a yoga professional who is experienced, meticulous and highly knowledgeable.

Lalitha Yoga Maiyyam is the place to visit if you want to learn the basics of yoga, along with stretches and the right posture. You can attend healing yoga sessions and practice breathing and meditation. Props are used extensively to make challenging poses easy to perform and master.

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5. Girinath Yoga Center 

Location of Yoga Studio in Coimbatore - Ganapathy, Coimbatore

Girinath Yoga Center aims to help people live healthy lives through yoga. Here the stress is on individual attention and coaching instead of group classes. The customized approach is known to give good results. Some students find it a little confusing during the initial days, but they adapt to the regular individual practice of asanas on their own. It makes for consistent practice even at home.

The Managing Director of the 'GIRINATH' group of companies in Coimbatore, A.R. Balakrishnan, sought to address his obesity and endocrine imbalances in 1950 by becoming a disciple of Yogacharya Sundaram. With the guidance and blessings of his mentor, Balakrishnan established the GIRINATH ABR Charitable Trust in 1977. Later, on May 25, 1987, he inaugurated the GIRINATH Yoga Center to provide yogic therapy to individuals.

Nowadays, people come to this Girinath Yoga Center not only to learn about yoga exercises like Yogasanas, Pranayama and Bandhas Kriyas but also as a reliable place to find relief from long-lasting illnesses that other treatments can't help with. You, too, can find an appropriate solution here.

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6. Saikarma Yoga Center 

Location of Yoga Studio in Coimbatore - Illango Nagar, Coimbatore

Saikarma Yoga Center is a place for healing and rejuvenation through yoga. At the center, special efforts are made to connect with the students and help them achieve physical and mental fitness by overcoming the challenges of their minds and body. The center has a traditional feel, is kept clean and open, and has a calm and peaceful atmosphere that can soothe the senses.

Malathi Babu, who owns and teaches at the Saikarma Yoga Center, has practiced yoga for over 12 years. She is certified to teach yoga internationally and has studied Naturopathy and Yogic Science at Bharat Sevak Samaj, supported by the Government of India. Additionally, she has earned certifications in Hatha yoga and Kundalini Yoga and was awarded first place in the state-level Yogasana championship, recognized by the International Youth Yoga Federation.

Traditional Hatha and Kundalini yoga are taught at this center. You can also learn yoga asanas and breathing exercises that help relieve stress. The aim of every class is to make your body fit and your mind calm.

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7. Amrutha Health Care Yoga Center 

Location of Yoga Studio in Coimbatore - Saibaba Colony, Coimbatore

The importance of yoga is undeniable. Amrutha Health Care Yoga Center propagates this universal truth by teaching yoga to those interested as per their unique requirements. They also insist on the importance of a natural diet which gives strength and makes the body healthy. This center has received the “GOLD IS GOLD” award for being the best yoga center and providing outstanding service to the masses through Yoga.

Guruji Dr. T. Balasubramaniam is the founder of Amrutha Health Care Yoga Center. He has learned yoga under the tutelage of his guru Asana Andiappan and has been actively practicing it for more than 30 years. In fact, his entire family (wife, son and daughter) are trained yogis living full and happy lives.

At this institution, you can learn numerous asanas like Uthana Pada, Nava, Chakrasana, Machasana, Dhanurasana, Vajrasana, Shirsasana and more. Similarly, therapeutic yoga is available for those who seek to resolve their ailments.

Price not available

8. Pranava Yoga  

Location of Yoga Studio in Coimbatore - Golden Nagar, Coimbatore

Pranava Yoga has a unique approach. It requires all students to undergo a general health assessment by their yoga therapist before joining regular yoga classes. This allows for a personalized yoga plan tailored to each individual's specific needs.

All the classes are taught under the watchful guidance of Chandrasekar and Thenmozhi Chandrasekar. They are both experienced and qualified yoga masters. They give wonderful ideas and practices to maintain fitness and get relief from mental stress.

Pranava Yoga provides doorstep as well as online yoga classes. The repository of courses consists of basic to advanced yoga, yoga therapy, consultation and accredited yoga teacher training courses. Then there are group yoga classes, one-on-one Hatha yoga private classes and corporate yoga workshops.

Price INR 1,250 per month

9. Breathe Yoga 

Location of Yoga Studio in Coimbatore - Peelamedu, Coimbatore

Breathe Yoga makes you feel lively and outright happy with its bright and airy interiors. The strategic use of mirrors and beautiful lighting simply add to its overall appeal. The best part is that the teachers are always punctual and use innovative props to make mundane classes exciting.

The studio has two excellent trainers. They are thorough professionals dedicated to helping you conquer every step of your chosen yoga path. The trainers are polite and helpful. They give attention to everyone and motivate them to do better. Every class is unique and will never let youtube bored.

Breathe Yoga is the place to learn about different asanas. Here you can learn a combination of breathing exercises, yoga and cardio-type exercises. Weight loss, relieving stress, improving flexibility and becoming fit are some goals you will meet when you start learning and practicing yoga at the center.

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