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Alpesh Yoga Goa

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Alpesh Yoga Goa

3 Reviews
Sarah Murray
“hi! My name is Sarah Murray and I have been practicing yoga for the last 6 years. I he tried very many different styles and with many different teachers. I would say by far that Alpesh was my favorite teacher and the yoga he teaches was for me, perfect! I had never practiced yoga in that way that made my body so incredibly inlined, lean and strong. After one month I was doing things I never thought i could! Ha! Alpesh is a super dedicated teacher who truly loves what he does. I am even planning on going back to India as soon as I am able toto take a teacher training course with him. I would say this to anyone going to Goa weather they are yogis or not, to try classes with Alpesh, if not you'll be missing out!”
Emma Hawkins
Alpesh is the best instructor I've had in India. He focusses on individual corrections and you can ask heaps of questions. I've seen massive improvements in my flexibility and strength in such a short time!

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