Top 20 Luxury Retreats in Bali

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Bali and luxury are an enmeshed with one another as the combination of seashells and beach. They in fact, complete each other. Nothing can beat the magnetic pull of Bali when it comes to wellness and, specifically, a getaway based on wellness. Over the years, many luxury retreats have sprung up in various corners of Bali, each offering a distinct selling proposition. Thus making the task of choosing a luxury retreat for the Bali getaway even more complex for a discerning traveller. The information regarding these luxury retreats mainly lies on the two spectrums. Either the information is too scant to include the retreat into the consideration set or it is so vast that one is left with the feeling of information overload. The optimal information exists few and far between. That is where we step in with more than a decade of luxury travel experience.

All the twenty luxury retreats in Bali that have made their way into the list have been included only after going through the pages and pages of information so that you, our dear reader, are spared of that torture. Time, after all, is one of the greatest luxuries one can afford. Coming back to our luxury list, this will surely make your planning a tad easier – and save your time considerably. We are ready to bet anything on that!

The Top 20 Luxury Retreats in Bali list offer luxury in various formats – and follow different time-length. The length of retreat can be one of the ways you use this list, if the time is luxury for you! And since, we are the topic of luxury; no conversation is complete without the mention of accommodation facilities, and signature spa treatments you can avail at either of these luxurious retreats. Then there is intent and initiatives these retreats are associated with or have started, if you are leaning towards the luxury experiences that are downright meaningful. Ready to explore luxury in different shades?

The list of top 20 Luxury Retreats in Bali is sorted in descending order of price per day this is done so as to maintain transparency of ranking.

1. The Place Retreats Seminyak, Bali

Per day USD 1,512.3+

The Place Retreats Seminyak, Bali offers 8 Days Luxury Wellness Retreat for Couples – a one of a kind luxury rejuvenation retreat for the couples. Built in a traditional Balinese Bale style, the lux retreat is a veritable oasis to help you escape the chaos of the world around you. The property has eight king size bedrooms that are done in a contemporary style with a mix of Asian and European influences. Each room comes with an en-suite bathroom. The communal areas of retreat follow the similar pattern in décor, which is brought to life via oriental antiques, family heirlooms and captivating works of art.

The lunch at The Place Retreats is a blend of flavors from the Orient and the Mediterranean. It is light, but wholesome. The guests can also mention their dietary requirements and specific requests to the kitchen staff should they be having any. The Place Luxury Retreat Bali was founded by psychotherapist Jean Claude Chalmet, who has more than twenty years of rich experience under his belt. Jean’s therapeutic approach includes Kundalini Yoga, meditation, traditional Chinese medicine, Japanese acupuncture, Watsu, Chi Qong, Clinical hypnosis, equine assisted therapy and nutritional healing to help one heal from the inside out. These approaches are further customized as per the specific needs of an individual, thus making it more targeted.

The Luxury Retreat Bali offers relationship therapy for the couple, that takes into cognizance of the finer points of partnerships and goes on to identify the patterns that, in general, are toxic. Once these patterns are identified, they are replaced with the healthy habits with an objective to make the bonds strong between couples. The retreat believes that this therapy is one of the best ways to invest in the future and to promote harmonious and healthy learning for current and future generations. The program’s success is evident from the demographic of its guests who flock to the retreat from places as far as Greece with a hope to be a better version of them. 

The 8 Days Luxury Wellness Retreat Bali for Couples by The Place Retreats Seminyak, Bali includes

  • Daily yoga & pranayama classes
  • Daily meditation classes
  • 3 daily delicious and nutritious meals
  • Pre and post-retreat support
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off
  • 7 nights accommodation

COST: USD 10,589

2. Fivelements Bali Badung, Bali

Per day USD 740.7+

Fivelements in Badung, Bali offers a 4 Days Healing Luxury Retreat named Rejuvenate, Replenish & Align to help you rejuvenate, replenish and align your being from the very core. Fivelements, which is nestled on the banks of the Ayung River, is an award-winning eco sensitive Luxury wellness retreat that is inherently inspired from the age old traditions of Bali. This wellness zen uses a mix of Balinese healing, plant based cuisine, and sacred arts to help you achieve your optimal health. Its dining property, Sakti Dining Room is an award winning entity and is known to serve some amazing plant based breakfast.

Speaking of accommodation, the spacious one bedroom suites in the property are inspired from the beauty of their surroundings, and are made using bamboo and wood. These suites open up to the mesmerizing views of Ayung River. The Hillside Pool Suite of the property features a large plunge pool, a relaxing day bed, a seating area with lush views of Balinese garden whereas The Watergarden Pool Suite is a private garden pond suite that features a plunge pool, a relaxing day bed and a seating area with the views of the water garden.

The accommodation options do not end here. The Luxury Retreat Bali also offers a host of other suites such as the River View Pool Suite which features infinity plunge pool that open up to the views of bamboo trees and Ayung River, and its Signature Pool Suite and Meditation Pavilion that opens up to the views of Balinese garden and calming views of Ayung River. The latter is also commonly known as the Honeymoon Suite. The food at the retreat celebrates aliveness and is made with the goal to let colors, taste, texture and flavors shine as they are found naturally. The retreat also supports local farmers and sustainable agriculture as a part of their commitment towards the planet earth.

The 4 Days Healing Rejuvenate, Replenish & Align Luxury Retreat Bali by Fivelements Bali Badung, Bali includes 

  • Healing consultation
  • Balinese blessing ceremonies
  • 1 healing massage
  • 1 healing energy session
  • 1 water healing session
  • 1 yoga and meditation session
  • 1 beauty ritual
  • Airport transfers
  • 3 nights accommodation in one of our exclusive riverside suites

COST: USD 2,222

3. Revivo Wellness Resorts Nusa Dua, Bali

Per day USD 654.8+

Revivo Wellness Resorts Nusa Dua offers 5 Days Rejuvenating De-stress Relax Luxury Retreat For Women. This luxury wellness resort was an erstwhile holiday home of Indonesian hotelier Adrian Zecha, before it was converted to a luxury wellness resort by globally well renowned architect Kerry Hill in a minimalist style. The luxury wellness retreat in Bali borrows its name from the Latin word Revivo which essentially means ‘I will live again.” The meaning forms its outlook towards wellness, which it intends to create by offering a set of transformational health and wellness experiences to those who choose to stay here.

They construct this experience with their exclusive in-house developed Revivo Method alongside the combination of yoga, pilates, meditation, spa treatments, a bespoke food menu to help one feel refreshed and revitalized. This, of course, is done in one of the serene and luxurious settings you will find in Bali. The resort has made their mission to provide a beautiful, safe and supportive environment to encourage and to help their guests enrich their lives by guiding them on a journey to self-discovery, healing and ultimately towards mind-body harmony and happiness.

They envision becoming a wellness brand known for facilitating personalized and transformative retreat experiences whilst supporting local communities. And, they are getting there. They have ensured that their luxury resorts are free from plastics in every way. They also believe in sourcing locally thereby uplifting the local communities. Revivo wellness is also involved in growing hydroponic vegetables. For those who do not know, hydroponic gardening is a technique of growing plants without soil. In a hydroponic garden, the necessary nutrients required for the plant growth are added directly to the water source so that the plant’s roots are able to absorb it in a better way. The accommodation options at this property consist of well ventilated suites replete with sunken baths, walk-in showers, thatched ceilings while the villas have outdoor showers and private pools, in some instances. 

The 5 Days Rejuvenating De-stress Relax Luxury Retreat in Bali For Women by Revivo Wellness Resorts Nusa Dua, Bali includes

  • Spa Treatment
  • Daily Yoga Classes
  • Massage
  • Meditation Class
  • Health Consultation
  • 4 nights accommodation in one of our exclusive riverside suites

COST: USD 2,619

4. Helios Retreats  Canggu, Bali

Per day USD 639.5+

Helios Retreats offers a 7 Days Wellness Adventure Luxury Retreat in Canggu, Bali. The luxury retreat is hosted in Helios Mandala House in Canggu. Canggu, in Bali, is a wonderland where one can experience surfing, culture, yoga and nature at arm’s length. The retreat has the advantage of a strategic location and believes in imparting coaching from the best to its guests. The luxury retreat became operational in March 2015, and was founded by the Brazilian Italian entrepreneur cum personal trainer Hugo Martini Mensch.

Mensch has a clientele from across the world be it London and beyond. He has also served as the strength and conditioning coach to several mixed martial artists and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu athletes. Mensch, himself, holds a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and has won numerous medals at different tournaments across Europe including a silver one at the IBJJF Europeans held in Portugal in 2018.

Today, Helios is present in over six countries that host more than sixteen retreats on an annual basis. And, the numbers are expected to go up in the coming years. Their Canngu retreat promises to offer a boutique travel experience and is hence suitable for those who are travelling solo as it factors in their needs and issues. In 2021, Helios Luxury Retreats introduced Helios Bespoke, a one of a kind service to give their guests the freedom to choose as per their needs and wants. Helios has introduced this service for a group size ranging anywhere from four to ten across any of their eight properties across the world.

The 7 Days Wellness Adventure Luxury Retreat Bali by Helios Retreats Canggu, Bali includes

  • Daily fitness & yoga classes
  • Private & Intimate experience
  • One welcome massage
  • Visit temples, find waterfalls and hike to an active volcano. Private guide & tour guide included
  • 6 nights of luxury accommodation at Mandala House, Canggu

COST: USD 3,837

5. Bliss Body Retreat Ubud, Bali

Per day USD 600+

The dictionary defines bliss as the supreme state of happiness – and that is what you’ll be achieving during your time at the 4 Days Yoga, Meditation & Healing Immersion Luxury Retreat at Bliss Body Retreat, Ubud Bali. Just to be clear, by happiness, we don’t essentially mean the external happiness, which by and large, is fleeting in nature. Instead, you’ll be starting to experience a spiritual happiness gradually taking over your being and filling each and every pore of yours with its aura of positivity.  

Bliss Body Retreat believes that the sacred soul is a lifelong process. They see wellness as a way to honor life. At Bliss Body Retreat, the idea of wellness is extended to the seemingly regular act of eating, which is turned to an intense experience through their well thought out gourmet planet based menu. The silent retreat intends to restore the pranic energy, and purify the energy field of your body. Think of it as saging your mind, body and spirit.

You’ll find yourself at the altar of spiritual wellness and being more open to creative downloads. An enclave meditative seclusion will yield inner silence to birth a blissful state of presence and fulfilment. Bliss Body Luxury Retreat Bali is run by a charming husband–wife duo Vlada de Sousa and Pedro Rui Sousa who have been teaching yoga, meditation and spirituality for the past eight years.

The 4 Days Yoga, Meditation & Healing Immersion Luxury Retreat Bali by Bliss Body Retreat Ubud, Bali includes

  • Daily meditation sessions
  • 3 yoga practices and spiritual talks
  • Energy balancing and breathwork practices
  • Personalized guidance via one-to-one sessions
  • Pilgrimage to an ancient temple
  • Nourishing vegan cuisine daily
  • 3 nights accommodation

COST: USD 1,800