Top 6 Drop in Yoga Classes In Varkala

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Varkala is a beautiful coastal town in the southern Indian state of Kerala, known for its pristine beaches and serene atmosphere. If you're visiting Varkala and looking for a way to unwind and destress, drop-in yoga classes are the perfect option for you.

Drop-in yoga classes are ideal for people who may not have the flexibility to commit to a regular yoga class schedule, or for those who are visiting a new location and want to try out a yoga class without any obligation. They are also a great option for beginners who want to explore yoga without committing to a long-term program. With drop-in yoga classes, students can experience a variety of yoga styles, instructors, and locations, and can customize their practice to fit their busy schedules.

Our list of the top 6 drop-in yoga classes in Varkala is bound to be handy if you are here or planning a visit and want to squeeze in a few yoga sessions.

1. Soul & Surf-Varkala

Location of Yoga Class in Varkala - Janardhanapuram, Varkala

Soul & Surf is about balancing all things soulful. The organization was established with the goal of making a positive impact, no matter how small. In addition to providing guests with a healthy and inspiring experience, they are dedicated to giving back in three distinct ways. The first involves supporting a surf club for village children in the immediate area. The second involves partnering with the charity SISP in Kerala to provide aid to the local community. Lastly, the organization is committed to promoting sustainability on a global scale. People come here to practice yoga, meditate, recharge, take in the sun and surf the warm waters.

Ed and Sofie a feel-good couple are the brains behind Soul & Surf. Fond of partying, fast-paced city life and indulgent eating they wanted some balance in life. They were, however, tired of the “Pile them high and sell them cheap,” surf club. So, Ed and Sofie decided to take matters into their hands. Today, these accidental businessmen are truly successful and already expanding to different soulful countries.

A typical yoga class at Soul & Surf is often laughter, bad jokes, and socializing. They understand there are times when more than doing yoga or meditation you’d rather want to kick back and relax with some beer. However, the studio emphasizes that yoga is more than just a social gathering, and offers a variety of classes including pranayama, meditation, creative flows, yin yoga, workshops, and one-on-one sessions led by experienced teachers with diverse backgrounds. These teachers incorporate a range of techniques and styles such as Shiatsu, Qi Gong, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Ashtanga, Somatics, Yoga Therapy, Restorative, Vinyasa, Yin, and even surfing.

Price INR 600 per day | INR 3,000 per month

2. Pranam Yoga Joseph

Location of Yoga Class in Varkala - Papanasham Beach road, Varkala

Pranam Yoga, renowned for its Ayurvedic therapies, sunny weather, and coastal areas is also a yoga learning and teacher training center. With a track record of conducting more than 2000 yoga sessions, the school has maintained the traditional aspects of Yoga. Their objective is to educate students on the age-old and authentic principles of Yoga, emphasizing anatomy, correct posture, and alignment.

Joseph Konnoth, a Yoga master and lead instructor & founder of Pranam Yoga Joseph, was born in Cochin, Kerala. He completed his graduation in the traditional Hatha style from the Cochin Institute of Yoga Asana in 1984. Subsequently, in 1988, he established his own yoga center, a branch of Cochin Yoga Institute, where he started working as a yoga teacher. Joseph's teachings are based on the ancient Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, forming the foundation of his practice. For the past several years now he resides in Varkala, successfully running Pranam Yoga Joseph. In 2012, he was accepted as a member of the Yoga Alliance®, a prominent international organization. 

In addition to providing yoga teacher training courses, Pranam Yoga offers daily drop-in hatha yoga classes in Varkala. The drop-in classes are held in the morning from 8:00 am to 10:00 am and in the evening from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. The session starts with an invocation prayer to higher energies, followed by a set of breathing exercises known as Pranayama. After warming up, students perform the sequence of Surya Namaskar, a series of postures that prepare the body and mind for the practice ahead. Joseph, the instructor, guides the students through different postures with variations suitable for all levels of practitioners. The class concludes with savasana, a posture of complete relaxation. Interested individuals can message the school for the exact location of the yoga shalas.

Price not available

3. Samasthiti School of Yoga

Location of Yoga Class in Varkala - North Cliff Rd, Varkala

If you are looking for an immersive yoga experience with a disciplined approach, you need not look further than the Samasthiti School of Yoga. ‘Samasthiti’ is a Sanskrit word that means ‘to stand in balanced stillness.’ This school is for serious learning but the classes are fun-filled with tons of laughter and lots of stretching. They are well-rounded classes focussing on not only Asanas but also, Pranayama, Meditation and Relaxation. You are taken through a long and gentle warm-up, which makes it possible to learn and practice advanced Asanas in a safe way.

Suneesh is a kind and gentle yoga master who holds RTY 500 certification from the Yoga Alliance. He is a very passionate, punctual and enthusiastic instructor. You will always see him come to a class with a big smile. Suneesh is great at adapting classes to varying abilities and always wants the best for his students. The manner in which he conducts, instructs, guides and imparts knowledge about yoga to learners is commendable. Suneesh understands your strengths and weaknesses very well. He supports, encourages and pushes you to go beyond your capabilities and improve your practice.

Samasthiti School of Yoga provides both in-person and online yoga classes. Both are equally effective in giving you the best possible workout. In these sessions, you can learn Hath Yoga (basic & intermediate), Pranayama, asanas, meditation and breathing exercises. Here the focus is on breathing for calming and stretches for strength and flexibility.

Price not available

4. Adishakti Yogashala

Location of Yoga Class in Varkala - Kurakkanni Temple Road, Varkala

Nestled in a palm tree jungle and bordered by one of the world's most stunning cliff beaches, Adishakti Yogashala is dedicated to supporting personal journeys through daily yoga classes, Ayurveda therapies, and spiritual ceremonies aimed at promoting happiness. With a focus on traditional yoga practices, Adishakti offers an authentic blend of Ayurveda and Yoga courses designed for both beginners and advanced practitioners.

Adishakti Yogashala is a love and friendship story between three yoga soul mates from different regions of India. They met through their shared passions and spiritual paths. Manoranjan began his career as an ayurvedic chef and massage therapist in Rishikesh, where he discovered yoga and became a teacher. Anil, who was doing karma yoga in the same kitchen, became close friends with Manoranjan and later joined him in South India to learn more about Ayurveda. The trio completed on meeting Binoy, an authentic yoga practitioner, and digital marketer. Together, they founded Adishakti Yogashala after the success of their traditional yoga classes and encouragement from students.

Adshakti Yogashala provides the most diverse selection of yogic practices. Hath Yoga, Pranayama, meditation, Kriyas, Bandhas, Yoga Nidra, Ashtanga Yoga, adjustment & alignment, yogic anatomy and chair yoga are just some of the things you can learn should you decide to attend any of its drop-in classes.

Price not available

5. Navadurga School of Yoga

Location of Yoga Class in Varkala - Om Villa West of Jenardhana Swamy Temple, Varkala

The Navadurga School of Yoga was founded with the purpose of sharing yoga teacher training expertise, but its drop-in classes have gained popularity for their quality as well. The school incorporates ancient Hatha Yoga knowledge and Ashtanga Yoga teachings, catering to students from all over the world. Their resources and approaches are designed to be accessible to beginners as well. The yoga shala is located on the rooftop, surrounded by lush greenery, offering a serene and peaceful environment with an amazing view, singing birds, huge bats, and eagles.

Yogi Shibin was born and brought up in Kerala. For years he has served in the world-renowned Sivananda Yoga Ashram helping out with teaching and daily running of the ashram. Later he was appointed the Director of the International Sivananda Center. In 2017 he set up the Navadurga School of Yoga to teach and guide people in the correct way of practicing yoga. Today, the school is run with the help of highly experienced teachers all of whom are certified yoga experts. They lend their own personal style and experience to teaching and yet maintain its traditional authenticity.

The drop-in yoga classes occur twice a day. The morning session is from 0800 hours to 1000 hours and the evening session is from 1600 hours to 1800 hours. Each session begins with breathing exercises to help center yourselves. This is followed by Surya namaskar, then the instructor demonstrates different asanas or postures with appropriate variations to suit beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners. The class ends with Savasana for complete relaxation.

Price not available

6. Progressive Yoga Varkala

Location of Yoga Class in Varkala - Papasanom, Varkala

Progressive Yoga Varkala is located on the famous North cliff that faces the Arabian Sea, surrounded by local cafes and near Papanasam Beach. The studio is clean and spacious and offers regular drop-in yoga and meditation classes. The classes cater to all abilities, and private, individual, or group lessons are also available. Students can learn the fundamentals of meditation and yoga through a holistic perspective. Additionally, each class is infused with valuable life lessons.

Born in Varkala, Yogacharya Ullas D Kumar is a respected traditional Ayurveda practitioner who has been practicing yoga since childhood, having been taught by his father. He speaks English and is an advanced teacher of classical Hatha and Ashtanga yoga and meditation, and has been teaching since 1995 when he founded Progressive Yoga Varkala. Despite his advanced knowledge and experience, Ullas is incredibly humble.

The daily group yoga sessions happen from 0830 hours to 1000 hours and then again from 1630 hours to 1800 hours every day. These Yoga classes contain guided asana (posture) practice, pranayama (breathing techniques) and short yoga meditation at the end of lessons.

Price INR 450 per day

We sincerely hope that our selection of the Top 6 Drop-in Yoga Classes in Varkala has been a valuable resource for your yoga journey. We understand that everyone's path is different, and finding the right yoga teacher can be a challenge as you strive for personal growth and inner focus.

We empathize with the overwhelming feeling of searching for the perfect mentor or guide. That's why we want you to know that we're here for you every step of the way. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need any help or advice. We believe that with the right guidance, you can find the yoga experience that matches your needs and preferences. Remember, your yoga journey is unique, and we're here to support you in making it your own.

To summarize, we've compiled a list of the Top 6 Drop-in Yoga Classes in Varkala, along with their locations, to help you make informed decisions and discover the ideal yoga studio for you.

  1. Soul & Surf-Varkala Janardhanapuram, Varkala
  2. Pranam Yoga Joseph Papanasham Beach road, Varkala
  3. Samasthiti School of yoga North Cliff Road, Varkala
  4. Adishakti Yogashala Varkala Kurakkanni Temple road, Varkala
  5. Navadurga School of Yoga West of Jenardhana Swamy Temple, Varkala
  6. Progressive Yoga Varkala North Cliff, Papasanom, Varkala

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