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4.5(75 reviews)
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4.5(75 reviews)

- Sophie B.

"I just finished my 1 month trial and I want to share my experience at your studio. I have a back/joint problem and decided to go back to yoga. I have done yoga in the past but never tried it in a hot environment. Well, I fell in love with this practice. Not only did I feel the benefits physically right from the start, I also feel stronger spiritually. :) I enjoy everything about your studio, the peaceful d├ęcor, the lemongrass smell, the lighting, the music choices during classes, the sweet touch of the cool compress at the end of a class but most importantly, the teachers and staff! I very much appreciate the diversity of classes offered by each teacher. They were never the same and I went every 2nd day! I will definitely be back. Thank you. :)"

- Amber K.

"I just wanted to say that I bought your month intro pass and I am very pleased with Breathe. I was worried because it's a bit of a drive for me, but it's worth it! I finished my teacher training in September and I lost a little of my excitement about yoga. I have gone to other studios for convenience, but I find that I am excited about yoga again and I just wanted to say thank you for that! I love that I can choose from 3 classes/3 teachers at almost any time slot and I love the freedom that your teachers have to show/teach from there hearts. My first class was with Lyndsay and she was awesome, we chatted after class a bit and I scan the schedule to try and make her classes. I also make sure that I make Aaron's class as well. The Restorative Chakra work we did yesterday was powerful and today we focused on twists and navel chakra and that was amazing. I look forward to Chris's classes because he really challenges me. I truly love your studio and I appreciate the level of instruction that I have received."

- RR

"Wow! What a great group of people that work at Breathe. I'm so impressed. I nearly collapsed in class today and they sprang into action. I was getting over the flu/dehydrated and too stubborn to miss a class. Kelly, who I'm sure is an angel, totally took care of me and the lovely receptionist (who's name I forget but remember it was a pretty name *Carolina*) totally took charge. Even though I was utterly embarrassed, I knew I was in good hands and really REALLY appreciated these ladies helping me to recover. Kelly even gave me her apple - now that's sacrifice!! Anyway, I'm hydrated, recovering from being ill prepared and embarrassed, but still feeling very warm feelings for the folks at Breathe. They are amazing."

- Julia C.

"Yoga Thrive has been a very important part of my cancer recovery. Through Kathie's gentle teaching I have begun to feel an inner peace & calm that I haven't felt in a very long time. The easy, gentle movements & mediation have helped me relax & release the tension in my shoulders & neck. Kathie's enthusiasm & experience with the practice of yoga made it very easy to feel connected. I would recommend Breathe's Yoga Thrive for anyone currently in treatment or recovery from cancer."

- Kim

"Hello there. I have never taken yoga, nor have I been to your studio. I have pondered taking yoga for a few years now, but as a single mom of 5 and running my own business, I just never made it a priority. BUT, I just spent about an hour on your site, reading and listening to your genuine love and passion. I am compelled to figure out what has made you all love this yoga thing so very much. Just felt the urge to share with you what an amazing gift you're offering. Thank you for that."

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