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Tony Balasubramanian

Flow Classes with Dale Miles; A feast for the Body, the Mind and the Spirit. Namaste Dale

Vince Fowler

I re-started my yoga practice back in late August of this year. One of the best decisions I've made all you. Breathe Hot Yoga is a fantastic studio with terrific instructors. I have to commend the ownership for doing such a great job finding such good people. If you're looking for a yoga studio - you have to consider Breathe. Why - speaking as a out of shape new guy... respect. They respect everyone in their class. Young or old, beginner or advanced... they treat you with respect and gratitude. Thank you Breathe team! See you soon. Vince ~ namaste

Dominique Pelletier

Is there any way to show class schedule for both mk and avenida locations on the knew app?

Brittany Kolba

I've been to four different yoga studios in Calgary and this is by FAR the best. It is such a positive and uplifing experience. The instructors are absolutely amazing and the studio is beautiful, peaceful and clean. There is no judgement and so much positive energy in this place, you can't leave without a smile on your face.

Chad Tait

The most intense class I've ever been too! Thanks Dr. Jenn!! Any chance of a early Saturday morning extra intense class? I would love the chance to push myself a little farther!

Fawn Darby

Visited the studio for my first time doing hot yoga. Doing the 90 min class was a bit ambitious on my part. But it was an amazing experience. Will definitely be back to Breathe again.

Sarah Davidson

I did my first Hot Yoga class tonight called Foundations. It was a 75 minute class with an amazing instructor called Tenille. Love this class!!! I have already signed up for my second class tomorrow because I had such a great experience! Also the two girls at the front desk were very helpful and informative. This is a great studio but very busy so get there about 20 minute before your class starts.

Melanie Gilmour

As a first-timer I was a little unsure if what to expect. The staff are friendly and helpful, the atmosphere is calm and relaxing and Tenile is an amazing Yogi - so helpful and motivating!

Kelly Lynn Chappell

Had my very first yoga experience last night with Shaima and I absolutey loved it! Cannot wait to go back on fri! I think I found a new love in my yay hot yoga!!!

Rakesh Kapur


Sarah Reid

Amazing calm atmosphere and instructors are always willing to stay after class and help you in postures! I leave every class at breathe with a smile and a huge heart. Thank you.

Blake Gerard

This place is my second home. I love the studio and the people. The instructors are passionate and they support you as you progress on your journey. The studio is very clean and aesthetic, and it always has a pleasant fragrance of fresh lemongrass. Whether you are a beginner, or a seasoned yogi, Breathe is the place for you, and you will be welcomed in just as you are!

Tonia McArthur

I really like the studio and teachers. The only reason I didn't rate Breathe 5 stars was because the music is sometimes pretty distracting and a bit too loud. I had trouble hearing the teacher today near the end of our class. Worked me really hard today and everyday though and I love that! Thank you for helping with all of the progress now and onwards in my practice!

Sean Steeden

Went to my first yoga class in 3 years at the McKenzie Town studio. Very impressed with the studio and the atmosphere there!! Thank you for welcoming me to your community!!

Sarah Christina

Breathe is my happy place. The staff and breathe community are amazing. There's never a yoga class that I leave without a smile on my face.

Nicole Kimball

I feel that each teacher delivers a unique environment, allowing us into a little piece of their lives with their music choices. The environment throughout the whole place is amazing, so comfortable and relaxing. I truly feel at peace there. I also appreciate that their is never any pressure to do the extreme you are only expected to try!

Christina Bolianatz

$5 foundations class tonight was great! Especially the cold cloth with spearmint at the end.

Sarah Brophy

It is great to be able to try so many variations of yoga. I am loving this studio.

Natalie Bouchard

I've always said that the only thing missing in Airdrie was a good Yoga studio. We finally have one!!

Lisa Gerrand-Martin

Loved the family yoga. Jaz was incredible with my son, fun for all.

Brandon Schneider

Posted previous comment regarding Breath Hot Yoga and they had deleted it. It's sad when a corporation regulates their page to only include positive comments. Not impressed with this business ethic or the staff I have come into contact with. Terrible customer service.

Dominika Wells

What a great restorative yoga class with Irm! I'm so happy I decided to start going there. Staff is kind and knowledgable and the facility is lovely.

Suzanne Isleifson

I just completed my first foundations class with Rebecca and really enjoyed myself! Can't wait to try some of the other heated classes!

Ashley Dubs

I'm AM SOOOO EXCITED, that Breathe is now in AIRDRIE!!! Just went to my first Yoga-Barre class and absolutely LOVED IT!!!!! The front staff is amazing, the studio is gorgeous and Tiffany, the instructor today was fabulous!!! Can't say enough good things. Thanks Breathe!!!!

Sonja Pfob-Hildebrand

Best hot yoga in the city!!! Best way to recharge, fabulous teachers, very Zen atmosphere.. I must go every day. ☺️

Kenady Gennin

Love it! The instructors are awesome and the variety of classes and times works perfectly with my ever-changing schedule.

Andrea Marsh

Went to my first class yesterday. It felt so incredible! AMAZING!!!! Already signed up for my next two classes and will likely sign myself up for the year unlimited!!!

Francesca F

No words to explain how good breathe hot yoga is, what a great experience! Simply excellent, no questions asked on why they won the Top Choice Award!

Cane Pazzo

Today was my first time trying out yoga I was super intimidated to try it for the longest time. But the Airdrie front desk girl and instructor where super welcoming and I had a great first time experience I'm definitely going back for more Thanks !!!

Jillian Waterhouse

I went to the flow class with Abbie in Airdrie today. It was unbelievable. It challenged me and I left feeling full of energy! I love this studio. Definitely the best yoga in Airdrie.

Dominique Frampton

I've heard quite a few different things about breathe hot yoga. Good yoga instructors, however rude staff and especially a rude manager who clearly doesn't know how to handle problems the way a manager should. Hopefully the head of breathe yoga gets a hold on their staff sometime soon or they may not have a business left in Airdrie. Airdrie is a small town and when you have bad customer service and rude stuff word spreads very quickly .

Michal P

I just died twice today at your McKenzie Town location! Great place.

Brittany Dusseldorp

Amazing studio. I've been to a few different studios, but i have never felt more comfortable anywhere else. Everyone who works at Breathe is extremely inviting and helpful. Wouldn't go anywhere else!

Shyerene Fisher

I love Breath Hot Yoga studio! thanks for classes today Jazz!!!

Michelle Belle

We were turned away today because YOUR system couldn't process the credit card! Although, I understand your concerns I'm a business owner and wouldn't turn away a regular customer. The chance that the card isn't good isn't worth losing a customer! Now she is on her way back to fix the issue at 10pm at night. Not great for business!

Kyla Currie

Best yoga studio around! So happy it's here in Airdrie! Amazing staff and manager there along with kick ass instructors! Couldn't find a better yoga studio around

Stephanie Quesnel

I've been to all 3 locations and have always had an amazing experience! I live in the NW now and was thrilled when the Airdrie location opened. I'm still a newbie and learning and have enjoyed the variety of classes offered. Fabulous helpful teachers!

Heather Hall Ponte

I have just started going to the new Nolin Hill location and thus far everyone has been super awesome! Come join me and Angelique on Thursday at 12pm..

Jordan Abrahamson

I just started yoga, but it is inspiring and makes me motivated to better myself after all on my injuries. My flexibility and ability to move like I once could in important to me! I believe that doing yoga will be a great way for me to be able to continue doing the things that I love while bettering my body and mind at the same time. As for the Airdrie studio, like I said I am new to this, BUT it is very welcoming, relaxing and extremely well kept. Thank you and I look forward to a life long journey with you guys!

Maya Steiningerova

We were very disappointed of Valentine's Partner didin't say it is for intermediate so we went there as beginners but instructors showed hard poses with no beginner variations and there was no warm up before these hard poses, which is very dangerous. And lastly the instructor guiding the meditation was too loud so we couldn't get relaxed.

Denise Torris

Lovely studio with a great variety of classes to pick from. Friendly faces always greet you at the front desk and the instructors are fantastic! Really enjoy my time on the mat at Breathe

Dawn Bayers

I always look forward to my time at Breathe, the practitioners, front desk staff and the space make it a wonderful place to teach & practice.

Shasta Wick

Having going In with very little experience and a doubtful mind, I felt very comfortable after my first class and have continued on with the practice. Fantastic instruction!

Elise Poitras

Ive only been practicing for 3 months at your Airdrie location, and I plan to be a life time Yogi. For this I'd like to thank Breathe. You're warm and inviting environment has made it that much easier for me to step out of my comfort zone. Not to mention some of your instructors whom are so inspiring. I attended my first beginners class with Gillian Bell. Her soothing voice and instruction was incredibly helpful. I try to attend every class she teaches. I love how at the end of some classes she reads an inspiring/thought provoking passage which sometimes i find myself holding back tears as i reflect on my thoughts. Another instructor who has struck a cord with me is Kristen Mason, not only because her last name is my sounds first name ;) But, because she has such a positive vibrant attitude. Ive only been able to attend 3 of her classes as she usually teaches during the days, but the classes that i have been to are AMAZING! I especially love her core at the end of each class.. so much fun! I truly do enjoy all the instructors I've had, friendly receptionists, inviting environment and most of all the Yoga!

Rodneia Roque

One word: Addicting! I found my new love and it's name is hot yoga. I love the Airdrie Breath location, clean, wonderful staff and instructors. My first class was a foundations hot yoga, and I felt like a whole new person walking out of there. A feeling that I take away with me with each and every class.

Carie Anne Parks

I am absolutely in love with Makenzie Towne Studio...I have not only experienced 1st class customer service, but 1st class instructor's. I have also had massage, and acupuncture. I am soooo happy with my results :) Breathe Hot Yoga is truly and amazing place❤❤❤❤

Donna Dudek

After a bit of a summer break I have been back to Breathe attending some of my favorite classes. Breathe has a wonderful energy, fabulous instructors, and every staff member I have encountered have been professional and knowledgeable. Nothing short of 5 star experience!

Krystal Dacey

I was a little skeptical the first time I tried this out, as a) I'm not super flexible b) I have poor balance and c) not a super huge fan of the heat. But it turns out after my first class I was in love with it. I felt so good afterwards I just wanted to come back again the next day. And trying out different instructors has been helpful too. Anton in Airdrie has a super calming voice and energy I felt so relaxed and at ease. I'm definitely happy that I tried it out! And I definitely will continue to attend!

Jodi Hawley

As a first timer, I began my first session tonight. I was unsure of what my expectations were but decided to just go with the flow of the experience. I found it to be very relaxing, stress free, and felt totally rejuvenated at the end of my practice. I plan on returning and continueing my yoga journey. Great and friendly staff, very helpful and insightful.

Heather Hall

I have been going to Breathe for the last two months and absolutely love it! The studio is beautiful and the instructors are very knowledgable. Look forward to continuing my journey with Breathe!

Stacey Oviatt

I just finished my first intro month at breathe. New to yoga and the studio was intimidating at first, but I feel in love quickly. I went 5+ times every week and only have great things to say. The instructors in the south are amazing, with a couple that are exceptional. Excited to keep practicing yoga here :)

Mandy Dearing

After completing the introductory month, and having tried as many different classes as I could, I feel I can give a fair review of my first impressions and to beginners looking to join. First the instructors are superb!! I left each class feeling motivated to come back and keep working hard because of their encouraging words. As well the ladies at the reception desk are always so helpful and welcoming. Secondly l appreciate the variety in the classes they offer, giving endless possibilities to take your yoga practice. Third the studio resembles that of a spa and is not only decorated to be inviting and calm but importantly is kept flawlessly clean. The smells of essential oils are not too much just well balanced. As a total beginner I felt insecure of my inexperience and lack of knowledge of yoga but the atmosphere created by not only the staff but the fellow students is safe and encouraging. I'm so glad I decided to listen to my sister and give not only yoga a try but the breath hot yoga studio a try- well worth the time commitment and money spent. I know the physical benefits will come overtime but it's surprising how quickly I've seen a difference in my emotional/mental well being. The cherry on top is that rewarding cool lemon grass scented cloth at the end of your class!! Thank you to all the wonderful people at breathe :)

Caitlyn McLeod

Went to my first class not knowing what to expect. Walked into the studio a giant bundle of nerves and left with a new peace of mind.... Thank you to all the staff at breathe for an amazing experience each and every night. Namaste!

Susan Rudakoff

Thanks Ed @BreatheHotYoga Airdrie for a tough but fair flow class this morning. Feeling energized ����‍♀️! #namaste

Dyvine Silvestre

Breathe Hot Yoga has such a peaceful aroma, great staff and yoga exercises. They are great at what they do which lead them to win the Top Choice Award! Hard work and dedication pays off. Great job guys, and congratulations on the win:)

Greyson Short

One of the worst massages I've ever had. If your therapist don't know how to give deep tissue massage, don't advertise that they do know how. Therapist also showed up 5 minutes late for the appointment, and left me in the room for a good ten minutes before returning to start the massage and ended the session on scheduled time. Won't be going back.

Pam Staples

Love the Breath Airdrie. I have been a long term hot student at other studios so I was leery about a new studio. I couldn't be happier! Love the staff, love the atmosphere, LOVE the classes :)

Emma Carey

Absolutely thrilled with this place. Just started yoga with my 17year old daughter about a three weeks ago. Everyone at the airdrie studio is fabulous. The staff are so polite and informative. I truly can't say enough amazing things about the instructors. They do so much more than just teach yoga. (Especially Jaz and Abbie)They have seriously changed my life. It's the best part of my day and I'm so glad I tried it. Keep up the great work you're doing.

Melissa Hochstein Redden

When we evacuated from Fort McMurray, Breathe generously offered free classes. It was a marvelous place where I could go to start healing from the messiness around me and start to "breathe" again. Thank you!

Alyssa Stewart

I was in Calgary for 7 weeks and this is by far the best yoga studio I have ever been to! The instructors are great and the diversity in classes was wonderful! I hope that breathe comes to Edmonton in the near future!

Guitana Lippai r

ABSOLUTELY the BEST yoga i ever had must see "Shelly Bishop" for her Baptiste class. She is an amazing instructor who shares her beautiful insight and voice into yoga! She offers challenging sequences yet allows you to be creative in your own practice. I loved how it was my first time to her class and she was right away there to help me and my friend w adjustments and allowed us to relax and go deeper into the stretches. Fantastic! Thank you Shelly and ill be a regular of yours for life! Also great work on the new location.. Love it...

- Tom "no-sweat-ski" S.

As I sit here and ponder on what's transpired in my life over the past six months since joining Breathe, I've come to the realization that my body feels and looks better health wise, my stress levels have lowered and to top it all off I've met some wonderful people. Around February of this year, my wife suggested that I try hot yoga. Not knowing anything about yoga (a dairy product?), I looked into it further decided I would check out the Breathe Studio to see what it was all about. That's when I met Suzie for the first time... She's the heart and soul of it all! I felt so comfortable opening up and talking to her about my health and life. After an amazing introduction and an instant nickname, "no-sweat-ski," I knew I had to give it a try. The studio was beautiful and the instruction was amazing, but the cold towels were the cherry on top - I was hooked! Since that first cold winter evening, I've yet to look back. I guess that's why I purchased a yearly membership! I would recommend Breathe to anyone. The staff are all genuine and professional; and with their "no ego policy" no one feels inadequate..... For that I say "Namaste".

Namaste! - Erin

"I am just wanting to take a minute to tell you guys how amazing you are. I have been going to the studio since about March of this year, and am unfortunately moving to Canmore in a couple of weeks. The most stressful part has been worrying that I wont find a yoga studio like this one. I really want to make sure you know just how much I appreciate the experiences that I have had with you and the growth I have had within myself as a result. As I have my last few practices at this studio, and think about all that I am grateful for, I will be certainly acknowledging how thankful I am for having had this studio be part of my life for the last 6 months."

- Chandra

"If you would have told me a couple of months ago that I would willingly go to yoga, especially hot yoga, and enjoy being there, I would have laughed at you. If you would have told me that I would benefit from it, I would have disagreed vehemently! To this day, I am not sure how my friend convinced me to try Breathe but am I ever glad that she did. Boy! My pre-conceived ideas were very wrong. Not only has hot yoga helped me with my sore neck and hip-flexor problems (which have pretty much disappeared) but I have also started to lose weight again (I had hit a plateau for about 6 months). I even overheard my husband telling someone 'since she's been going to yoga, she seems so much less stressed'. Now, I can't wait to go to yoga and am disappointed when I have to miss out. The instructors are knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. The studio and amenities are classy, clean and upscale. The variety of classes offers something for everyone. If you are a doubter like I was, let me assure you that Breathe is worth a try - you will feel better just stepping through the door!"

- Susan

"I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 13 years ago and since then have been trying to find a form of exercise that would provide health benefits but not deplete my energy reserves as much as exercising at the gym would. Yoga was my last resort, but it should have been my first choice. Since I started practicing at Breathe in April, my metabolism has improved, my energy levels have increased and my weight has gone down more than 20 pounds! Emotionally, I am healthier, happier and no longer have to rest for three hours after I exercise. In short, practicing at Breathe has helped improve my quality of life. The instructors always give modifications to poses that are difficult for me and they are always providing adjustments which ensure I don't aggravate my Fibromyalgia. Any person who is living with a chronic illness should as least try Breathe Hot Yoga - the health benefits are too numerous to mention. Any emotional or physical needs you are looking to satisfy can be accomplished through hot yoga. This form of activity will never let you down! You can work at your own experience level and the knowledgeable class leaders will guide and support you every step of the way. I cannot say enough about Breathe Hot Yoga! You have to try it to believe it!"

- Melanie

"Ironically my greatest realization came to me after my challenge was over and I decided to take a week off. My children and husband made sacrifices for me to get all my classes in, so I felt it fair to give back to them by being home. Missing my practice now for 10 days has made me realize the benefits that I received when I was practicing every day even more. Since I have been away from my practice I find my body feels more stressed with aches and pains, I have less energy and I have to work harder to maintain my positive spirit. I definitely felt better physically and emotionally during my challenge. The strength that I have found is not only physical (I see my biceps now when I brush my hair!) but also emotional and spiritual. I am new to yoga and after doing my first challenge and practicing for the past three months I look forward to a lifelong practice and on and off my mat!"

- Lyndsay

"I love hot yoga at Breathe! I first pushed myself out of my comfort zone in early April when, never trying yoga before, I walked into Breathe for the first time. I haven't looked back. I have committed myself (with some exceptions) to daily practice and everyday my focus, flexibility, balance and strength improve. With the 30 Day Challenge I was able to push past my limits and it gave me the opportunity to see what my body and mind can acheive. I've learned patience, self-acceptance, determination and that you are all you need. Your body can be your total gym. I can't wait for the next challenge!"

- Bonnie

"As a daily yoga practice, I found an increase in energy, alertness and strength. I have toned my body and in 4 months I have lost 4% body fat and 20 lbs. I feel great and my addiction continues as I promote the love of being in the moment in life."

- Jennifer M.

"Thank you for allowing me to be a client. I started to come to hot yoga in mid June and know that it helped me become a bit more calm during the storm in my life. I am 34 years old, mother of 2 young boys, and on July 18 was diagnosed with breast cancer. Coming to the sessions empowered me, relaxed me, and most of all helped me learn to breathe in a way that I never had. A few days before my bi lateral mastectomy surgery, after the last class of the night I bought one of your BREATHE necklaces. I saw it and knew what it was to be used for... On August 11, 2011, I gave my husband of 10 years an envelope of instructions for when I woke up out of my surgery. A few of them were: give me a hug, tell me you love me, post on Facebook that I had just told my breast cancer to go f itself, and to place the BREATHE necklace around my neck and remind me to breathe. I haven't taken it off. Tonight is my first class back at hot yoga after on August 19 my surgeon told me that the cancer had not spread to my lymph nodes and gave me a clean bill of health. I thank you for your service and for my necklace. Thank you again - thank you for breathe hot yoga. Thank you for your instructions and their guidance thru class. "try to find comfort in your discomfort" has helped me the past bit."


"This is a note of appreciation for arranging to offer the Yoga Thrive program for cancer survivors at the McKenzie Towne Breathe location. Anyone who had cancer knows all too well the many trips we need to make up to the far North West for everything. I used to look at the Wellspring offerings as well and they were just not convenient considering the class times and travel time. So when I received the newsletter for Breathe and saw the Yoga Thrive being offered I signed up immediately. Thank you so much for bringing a much needed program to the Deep South! As well I understand fund raising efforts were conducted so this could be offered at no charge .... That is greatly appreciated. The thoughtfulness in arranging this is heart warming."

- Kim

"Hello there. I have never taken yoga, nor have I been to your studio. I have pondered taking yoga for a few years now, but as a single mom of 5 and running my own business, I just never made it a priority. BUT, I just spent about an hour on your site, reading and listening to your genuine love and passion. I am compelled to figure out what has made you all love this yoga thing so very much. Just felt the urge to share with you what an amazing gift you're offering. Thank you for that."

- Julia C.

"Yoga Thrive has been a very important part of my cancer recovery. Through Kathie's gentle teaching I have begun to feel an inner peace & calm that I haven't felt in a very long time. The easy, gentle movements & mediation have helped me relax & release the tension in my shoulders & neck. Kathie's enthusiasm & experience with the practice of yoga made it very easy to feel connected. I would recommend Breathe's Yoga Thrive for anyone currently in treatment or recovery from cancer."

- RR

"Wow! What a great group of people that work at Breathe. I'm so impressed. I nearly collapsed in class today and they sprang into action. I was getting over the flu/dehydrated and too stubborn to miss a class. Kelly, who I'm sure is an angel, totally took care of me and the lovely receptionist (who's name I forget but remember it was a pretty name *Carolina*) totally took charge. Even though I was utterly embarrassed, I knew I was in good hands and really REALLY appreciated these ladies helping me to recover. Kelly even gave me her apple - now that's sacrifice!! Anyway, I'm hydrated, recovering from being ill prepared and embarrassed, but still feeling very warm feelings for the folks at Breathe. They are amazing."

- Amber K.

"I just wanted to say that I bought your month intro pass and I am very pleased with Breathe. I was worried because it's a bit of a drive for me, but it's worth it! I finished my teacher training in September and I lost a little of my excitement about yoga. I have gone to other studios for convenience, but I find that I am excited about yoga again and I just wanted to say thank you for that! I love that I can choose from 3 classes/3 teachers at almost any time slot and I love the freedom that your teachers have to show/teach from there hearts. My first class was with Lyndsay and she was awesome, we chatted after class a bit and I scan the schedule to try and make her classes. I also make sure that I make Aaron's class as well. The Restorative Chakra work we did yesterday was powerful and today we focused on twists and navel chakra and that was amazing. I look forward to Chris's classes because he really challenges me. I truly love your studio and I appreciate the level of instruction that I have received."

- Sophie B.

"I just finished my 1 month trial and I want to share my experience at your studio. I have a back/joint problem and decided to go back to yoga. I have done yoga in the past but never tried it in a hot environment. Well, I fell in love with this practice. Not only did I feel the benefits physically right from the start, I also feel stronger spiritually. :) I enjoy everything about your studio, the peaceful décor, the lemongrass smell, the lighting, the music choices during classes, the sweet touch of the cool compress at the end of a class but most importantly, the teachers and staff! I very much appreciate the diversity of classes offered by each teacher. They were never the same and I went every 2nd day! I will definitely be back. Thank you. :)"

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