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Pilates develops core/inner strength in a different way to most exercise, including yoga or gym routines. It works from very precisely controlled movement of the body, that radiates outwards, balancing the mind. With practise this creates a body/mind awareness never experienced before. Join us to bring health to your core, body and mind.

Living well in modern life requires strength, and an understanding of your body and how to look after it. Achieve this at Aalaya Pilates and you’ll be empowered to live the life the way you want.

Aalaya Pilates is a boutique pilates studio located at Plaza Senayan Arcadia that offers a wide range of international standard pilates classes. Modern life is made easy when you can power through it with a certain kind of strength - a core, inner, strength. This is a way of life we work to experience with you.

Pilates (pronounced pi-lah-tees) was created by Joseph Pilates (1880 - 1967). He was born in Mönchengladbach, Germany, a small town near Dusseldorf. His father was born in Greece, a prize-winning gymnast and his mother was born in German, a naturopath.

What can Pilates do for you?

Pilates works from the centre of our body outwards, instead of from the mind inwards, and it forces us to increase body awareness in a way many people haven’t experienced before.

  • It’s designed to rehabilitate as well as work on health and fitness.
  • It teaches balance and control of the body without going for the burn and injury.
  • It uses small, concentrated movements that come from the brain – you’ll discover, use and feel parts of your body that you didn’t know you could before.
  • It engages and moves practically the whole body over the time from the brain outwards.
  • It doesn’t just go through the motions of exercise as with gyms etc., or aim to get into meditative state as with yoga. Yoga releases the mind, pilates fills the mind up.
  • It shows concentrated movement is just as relaxing as meditation– it works with our bodies and minds in a completely different wa

Aalaya Pilates Studio Reviews (3)

David Webb
"I have been coming to pilates sessions @ Aalaya Pilates. The main reason I came here was to release my upper back tension form working on my computer. I decided to try pilates because one of my friends referred me. I always thought pilates were for women but it was not easy as I thought. I was using smaller muscles that I hadn’t used before. I would say my experience here was excellent!! The staff were warm and welcoming. My pilates instructor was very detailed in my body alignment and my issues. She was very professional and knowledgeable so I felt I was secure with the training I was getting. The studio is also has great shower, interior and a relaxed vibe."
Jacqueline Hassan
"Best pilates studio in town! I have been coming to Aalaya Pilates for 2,5 years now. I first came bcos of my lower back pain and stiff shoulders. From the training, i gain more strength and fitness. It helps me to strengthen my lower back and train my small muscles. Now, i hardly have any back pain and i feel more fit! Moreover, The teachers are very professional and the equipments very well advance too! Overall, very recommended for you pilates training :)"

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Aalaya Pilates, Plaza Senayan Arcadia, Jl. New Delhi no.9, RT.1/RW.3, Gelora, Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, 10270, Indonesia
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