7 Most Popular Detox Retreats in Bali

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Did you know how hard and how much your stomach and intestines work to digest 3 meals a day plus the junk food and sugar we put in? Now imagine they go on a strike and demand better working conditions and a holiday once in a while. Our digestive system is the one that takes the highest toll for our city lifestyle unbalanced food, coffee, late nights and all that processed junk we glup to satisfy our cravings.

So if you are looking to give a break to your stomach and detox the entire digestive system then what better place to do that than Bali, Indonesia. Here is a list tailor made for you to give you not just the best options for detox but to do it in luxury, comfort and care afterall you deserve it. The list below represents the most popular detox retreats in Bali and has been sorted in descending order of price.


1- Fivelements Detox Retreat Mambal, Bali

Set in a secluded jungle clearing next to a Ayung river in Mambal, Fiveelements detox retreat is an award-winning eco-conscious wellness retreat deeply rooted in the ancient traditions of Bali. Fivelements has won multiple awards with over 30 international recognitions spanning across wellness, spa, design, cuisine and hotel/resort categories. The resort also won numerous awards for the Sakti Dining Room which is dedicated to high-energy healing cuisine. Fivelements offers highly personalised retreat programs inspired by ancient Balinese wisdom, healthy menu, unforgettable cultural and fitness-focused activities. Fivelements Detox Retreat has designed their own Plant-based Cuisine for detoxification, nutrition & vitality.

8 Days Luxurious Yoga and Detox Retreat offered by Fivelements Detox Retreat is the most popular detox retreat and it includes the following

  • 3 yoga and meditation classes
  • Innovative living foods class training
  • Personal treatments and healing ceremonies
  • Special wellness consultation, massages and beauty rituals
  • Airport pick-up and transfers
  • Daily low-glycemic meals
  • 7 nights accommodation

This detox retreat includes Balinese healing therapies aimed to detoxify and purify the physical body and the non-physical mind and soul. Depending on your unique needs and retreat goals, the organizers collaborate with you to balance and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

Location: Mambal, Bali

Cost of 8 Days Luxurious Yoga and Detox Retreat starts at: US$ 7119 


2- Bali Vitality Detox Retreat Ubud, Bali

The Bali Vitality Detox Retreat is located in the traditional village of Nyuh Kuning, Ubud bordering the sacred monkey forest in Bali. They have been providing detox and weight loss retreats since 2009 and the team of health professionals and nutrition experts have more than 30 years of experience. 

The most popular retreat is a 11 Day Whittle Away Weight Reduction Detox Retreat the main focus of which is healthy weight loss. The retreat is organized in Sonia Villa Hotel so you will get both the luxury of a 4-star Balinese hotel and the benefits of a great detox.

11 Days Whittle Away Weight Detox Retreat which includes

  • 10 Nights Accommodation
  • Transfers to and from Airport
  • Daily Care by your own Personal Wellness Assistant
  • Healing Elixirs, Alkalizing Broth & Herbal powders
  • Hypnotherapy for Eating and Weight Loss
  • Daily Yoga Sessions
  • Daily Far InfraRed Saunas
  • 3 Colonic Hydrotherapy Sessions
  • 3 Ionic Detoxification Sessions
  • 4 Balinese Full Body Massages
  • 2 Hot Stone Luxurious Massages
  • Nurturing Organic Facial
  • Organic Body Wrap Coffee or Clay
  • Royal Boreh Body Treatment
  • Foot & Leg Pampering Massage
  • Holy Water Cleansing at Tirta Empul Temple
  • Excursion to Hot Volcanic Healing Pools at Toyabungkah
  • Morning walk with Bali Herbal Walks
  • Raw Food Platter to Reintroduce Foods
  • Post Retreat Information Pack including Recipes

Location: Ubud, Bali

Cost of 11 Day Whittle Away Weight Reduction Detox Retreat starts at: US$ 3380


3- Udara Detox Retreat Seseh, Bali

Nestled between the Indian ocean, rice fields and surrounded with ancient temples, Udara healing yoga resort offers wellness and detox packages to alleviate the stress of modern living. The construction of Udara has been done in traditional Javanese style by using certified indonesian plantation wood. Udara Detox Retreat Bali features a beautiful spa and 4 unique yoga shalas (3 with ocean view and 1 overlooking the ancient temples) as well as a meditation cave. The surrounding and roofs are completely eco-friendly made of bamboo straws, the detox retreat has solar heater for the hot water system to reduce its carbon footprint. In order to contribute to the community Udara frequently organizes beach cleanups where their team helps remove waste from any surrounding areas or beaches. Udara also offers all yoga classes free for the Hotel guests! 

The 14 Days Unique Four Elements Detox and Yoga Retreat offered by Udara Detox Retreat is the most popular detox retreat and it includes the following

  • 14 days of yoga practice
  • 1 or 2 yoga classes per day
  • Sunset four elements meditation
  • Pilates, colonic hydrotherapy, water healing sessions
  • Balinese full body, hot stone, and Ayurvedic Shirodhara massages
  • Daily breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks
  • 13 nights accommodation
  • Airport transfer

During this program you will cleanse your body with healthy juices, elixirs and alkalizing supplements and those stubborn kilos will fall away as well! 

Location: Seseh, Bali

Cost of 14 Days Unique Four Elements Yoga and Detox Retreat starts at: US$ 3800


4- The Golden Rock Detox Retreat Bunutan, Bali