The best online yoga courses from India

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Daily chores all done, can’t go out, missing your yoga mat, maybe it's time to check what yoga training centres from India have to offer online to further your yogic wisdom and yoga practice. 

The list below is of the best online yoga courses and classes offered by Yoga Training Centres from India, we have created this to inspire you, to provide accessibility and most of all out of our shared passion for yoga. We hope this list inspires the yogi in you and you too go on to create great content that helps others around the world.


1- Akhanda Yoga @ Rishikesh

Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram located in Rishikesh was founded by Himalayan Master Yogrishi Vishvketu (PhD) who also created the Akhanda Yoga which is an amalgamation of his 40 years of Yoga experience, ancient yogic wisdom and modern age methodology. The centre is Yoga Alliance USA certified and famous for its Yoga Teacher Training course from 100hrs all the way to 1000 hrs.

Akhanda Yoga has one of the largest Online Yoga Training collections with over 500 videos and courses ranging from 20 to 120 mins you can choose any of the following 

  • Akhanda Yoga Online Monthly Membership (USD 15)
  • Akhanda Yoga Online Yearly Membership (USD 150) 

They also offer a 15 day trial and are currently running a 40 day Online yoga Challenge to know more about their courses and prices visit Akhanda Yoga Online


2- AYM Yoga @ Rishikesh

Association for Yoga and Meditation (AYM) is an award winning non profit yoga school in Rishikesh. It is one of the biggest yoga alliance and international yoga federation certified Yoga Teacher training centres in Rishikesh. The primary focus of AYM is to train qualified yoga teachers that can spread the benefits of yoga to society.

AYM offers a live 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training Programme Online in accordance to the stipulations set by Yoga Alliance USA. The students will have a virtual classroom experience where they are free to ask questions to the teacher live and the teacher can view all the students in the class. The corrections and adjustments are made verbally. Existing yoga teachers can subscribe to a pre recorded training course which is valid for 30 days. Some more information about the course is mentioned below

200 Hour YTTC

Live online yoga course -  USD 2000 - for anyone 30 Days

Recorded online course - USD 599 - for existing teachers only 30 Days

The program covers following areas:

  • Philosophy of Yoga
  • Introduction to yogic Anatomy
  • Teaching methodology
  • The pranayama and meditation
  • Adjusting and Assisting tips 

For more information please visit AYM Yoga


3- Himalaya Yoga Valley @ Goa

Located in a beautiful part of North Goa is Himalaya Yoga Valley, the centre has more than 12 years of experience training yoga teachers and has taught more than 2500 yoga teachers.

They currently offer 3 pre-recorded online courses taught by some of the best teachers in their domain. They are as follows

  • Meditation, Chanting and Pranayama - 40 lessons - 39 Euros 
  • Yoga Anatomy A journey through the body - 52 lessons - 99 Euros
  • Philosophy Re-writing our own story - 45 lessons - 99 Euros 

All of these courses you can purchase and follow them from the comfort of your home and at your speed. The last 2 courses are also available in a 4 part easy payment plan of 25 Euros each.

To check out and follow these courses please visit Himalaya Yoga Valley


4- Vishuddhi Isha Yoga @ Goa

Vishuddhi Isha Yoga is vedic Yoga and Ayurveda institution teaching and promoting holistic healing and vedic sciences in the South of Goa. They teach a wide range of courses Hatha, Yin Yoga, Therapy and Kundalini Yoga Teachers Training. They conduct retreats in India, Sweden and Denmark and offer the following online courses.