Top 10 Yoga Studios In Mumbai

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Mumbai is the city of charm, life and hope. However, the fast-paced lifestyle, claustrophobic environment and other factors are placing this megalopolis on top in the list of most stressed cities. Reportedly, over 31% of professionals in Mumbai suffer from stress related issues. 

Stress brings with it an ocean of side effects. Irrespective of age and gender, it is now everyone’s prime duty to take care of their holistic wellness. One solution to pamper both mind and body is to practice Yoga. Its low-impact yet effective practices have been displaying amazing results over the centuries. 

“Yoga is for everyone. No one is too old, too stiff, too fat or thin or tired.” – B.K.S Iyengar

Yoga improves focus, imparts discipline, brings control over thoughts, cultivates self-love, strengthens confidence, teaches gratitude and provides everything needed to live a blissful life. 

“Yoga must not be practiced to control the body: it is the opposite, it must bring freedom to the body, all the freedom it needs.”  - Vanda Scaravelli

The current generation thankfully realized the importance of holistic wellness. The number that’s hitting the fitness centers, the growing demand for organic and healthy foods reflect the same. To all those who are trying to pick one out of more than 5000 Yoga studios in Mumbai, we thought of making it easier for you. Our experts in the health and wellness team filtered and listed out the Top 10 Yoga studios in Mumbai to join for a yoga class.

The list below has been sorted in descending order of online popularity a factor taken from multiple online review platforms this has been done in order to maintain complete transparency and remove bias.


1. The Yoga Institute 

Location of Yoga Studio: Santacruz East, Mumbai

The oldest and perhaps the world’s first Yoga institute that shaped lakhs of Yoga teachers is in Mumbai’s Santacruz East. Established in 1918 by the father of Modern Yoga Renaissance, Shri Yogendra Ji, The Yoga Institute has been helping people across the world attain balance and peace in their lives. 

This yoga studio in Mumbai is considered as a dictionary of Yoga for the immense knowledge it showers on beginners, experts, professionals and everyone irrespective of age, gender and race. 

The 7-day health camp, 21 days Better Living Course, 200 Hour 1 Month BTTC Course, 900 Hour 3 Month ATTC Course, Pregnancy camp are just a few of their amazing life-changing programs. 

The Yoga Institute offers a host of facilities like hostels, library, conference room, gazebo, nature trail, rooftop space - to name a few. The sattvik food at their facility is a must try! The reviews shared by thousands of participants from across the world speak volumes about The Yoga Institute. The yoga classes in Mumbai are praised as “wise, effective, inspiring and life-changing”, thus naming the institute as an obvious choice in one’s wellness journey. 

Yoga class per month INR 1000 | 4 online classes in a week

2. Iyengar Yogashraya

Location of Yoga Studio: Lower Parel, Mumbai

Established in 2002 by Yogacharya Shri B.K.S Iyengar, Iyengar Yogashraya is “the best place to experience the magic of Iyengar Yoga”. Guruji B.K.S Iyengar developed a unique style of teaching called “Iyengar Yoga” which is being practised by certified gurus across the globe. 

At Iyengar Yogashraya Mumbai, emphasis is laid on precision and alignment. At this Yoga studio in Mumbai, it’s not just about Yoga but about a complete transformation in lifestyle. Famous personalities like J. Krishnamurthy, Aldous Huxley, musician Menuhin, sportspeople like Sachin Tendulkar, Kumble, Srinath, Dravid, Sehwag, Amarnath, Vengsarkar, film personalities like Antara Mali, Naseeruddin Shah, politicians like Murli Manohar Joshi, Yerrana Naidu, the Queen Mother of Belgium, and several industrialists are the disciples of Guruji B.K.S. Iyengar. 

Iyengar Yogashraya employs certified, experienced and verified teachers. One can verify the authenticity of teachers on their website. They conduct classes for adults, people with medical issues, mentally retarded adults, executives and Mumbai police as well as for children. 

At Yogashraya, one can find dedicated staff, friendly and humble trainers, a peaceful ambience, disciplined class structure and a meticulous training system - all at affordable prices.

Yoga class per month INR 3000

3. The Yoga House 

Location of Yoga Studio: Bandra West, Mumbai

Mansi Bajaj founded The Yoga House in 2014 with an intention to provide solace to the stressed souls of Mumbai. The serene ambience of their Yoga Shala relaxes and uplifts the visitor’s mind, body and soul. Equipped with ropes, blocks, belts and bolsters, the yoga sessions are conducted by experienced yoga professionals. Their sessions are hailed as absolutely wonderful and practitioners found themselves feeling strong and grounded after attending them.  

Their picturesque cafe is something that every participant talks about. The vegetarian, gluten-free menu of the cafe serves tasty international delicacies. On the whole, the participants find the overall experience to be enriching. 

Yoga class per month INR 7800 | 24 Classes in a month

4. Tatva yoga

Location of Yoga Studio: Andheri Eest, Mumbai

Tatva Yoga is one of the most recommended Yoga studios located in Mumbai’s Andheri East. It offers a variety of programs like Prenatal Yoga, Power Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga etc.

Yoga guru Vanita the found of this Tatva Yoga studio in Mumbai is hailed as the most dedicated, friendly and humble teacher who motivates her students to reach their achievable limits.

Yoga class per month INR 2000 | 26 Classes in a Month

5. Namaste Yoga Classes

Location of Yoga Studio: Khar West, Mumbai

Founded in 2013 by Amisha A.Shah, Namaste Yoga Classes has been offering over 30 courses to more than 700 students. Guru Amisha trained thousands of Yoginis and has been inspiring many to take up Yoga through social media platforms.

The Classes held at Namaste Yoga studio in Mumbai are exclusively for women while men are given online Yoga services. For those with hectic schedules, video courses are also offered. Personal attention is laid upon every student to help them achieve their fitness goals. 

If you wish to get Yoga certified, their certificate courses are worth considering. Exercising with various props, one day yoga workshops, quick consultations, celebrations and fun activities like Yoga Picnic make Namaste Yoga Classes lively and unique. 

Participants find the classes interesting for the reason that variations are introduced using props like resistance bands, hula hoops, medicine balls, dumbbells, pillows, etc. which not only provide fun but also tone different body parts. So, to those who love to have fun while working out, Namaste Yoga classes can be a choice! 

Yoga class per month INR 3000 | 8 Classes in a month

6. Yoga 101 

Location of Yoga Studio: Andheri East, Mumbai

Mumbai’s Andheri West has an amazing Yoga studio that drags people to some nice stretches and yoga on their lazy mornings. Managed by Rinku Suri, a certified Yoga trainer for over a decade.

Yoga101 is a peaceful bungalow with flowers blooming amidst the greenery of its outdoors. The yoga space on the upstairs with its wooden floor and minimalist interiors elevates one’s mood and energy. 

Diverse yoga techniques taken from different styles of yoga are taught here. The best part is their kitchen. No one can stop drooling at the food that ranges from French crepes to aloo parathas. They follow a simple funda that health comes with 80% good diet and 20% exercise. This yoga studio in Mumbai is also rented out to artists who want to practice their crafts. Participants love the ambience, the kitchen, the yoga sessions and above all, the cute, friendly doggies that wag their tails in the lounge. 

Yoga class per month INR 5800 | A single session will cost INR 500

7. Anshuka Yoga 

Location of Yoga Studio: Santacruz West, Mumbai

Anshuka Parwani, the celebrity Yoga and Holistic Wellness Expert is a celebrity herself. Managed by Anushuka and her team, is one of the best Yoga studio in Bandra, the Anshuka Yoga. 

It offers a plethora of services including prenatal and postnatal balance yoga. Anshuka Yoga introduces to its clients, what is called as Energizing Yoga. Her celebrity clients are the most satisfied souls as the programs designed focus on just what the client needs.

Anshuka Yoga has got several happy celebs who strongly recommend their Yoga sessions for a stronger and balanced life.  

Yoga class INR 56,640 | 24 Custom Private Classes with Anshuka Yoga Team - Piyush Vyas