Top 12 Most Popular Surf & Yoga Retreats in Morocco

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Nestled along the picturesque North African coastline, Morocco is a mecca for surf and yoga enthusiasts looking for the thrill of riding the waves with the serenity of mindfulness. With no less than 85 short-term yoga and surf retreats operating at any given moment, Morocco has etched its place on the global map as an upscale destination for those craving the perfect balance of adventure and tranquility. This compilation unveils a curated selection of the top 12 surf and yoga retreats in Morocco, sorted in ascending order of their daily price ranges. 

Beyond the waves and yoga mats, Morocco's vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes create an inviting backdrop for surf and yoga retreats. From beginners stepping into the world of surfing to seasoned yogis seeking to deepen their practice, these retreats hold the promise of a transformative experience that transcends the ordinary. This compilation speaks to the traveler's heart, inviting all to explore Morocco's coastal charm, immerse in its rich traditions, explore its lores and find serenity amidst its captivating beauty. With each retreat, a new chapter of personal growth and holistic well-being unfolds, fostering connections with oneself, the ocean, and the mystical landscapes that make Morocco an extraordinary destination for both adventure and mindfulness.

1. Surf & Travel Camp Morocco

Location - Taghazout, Morocco

Surf & Yoga Retreat Name - 8-Day All Levels Surf and Yoga Retreat In Morocco Taghazout

For an unforgettable surf vacation in Taghazout, Surf & Travel Camp is the ultimate destination. The beach is just one minute's walk from the camp and you can check out the waves from the terrace. The famous Anchor Point is also close by - just a stone's throw away. Comprising of ISA-certified surf coaches, the camp caters to surfers of all levels - beginners, intermediates, and advanced riders, ensuring continuous skill enhancement. The dedicated team goes the extra mile to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere throughout your stay. Indulge in the delight of homemade Moroccan cuisine, crafted with care and served fresh. Surf & Travel Camp Morocco extends surf, travel, and yoga holidays for all proficiency levels, accompanied by essential equipment including surfboards and wetsuits. Although provided, bringing your own gear is recommended for a truly personalized experience. 

The driving force behind Surf & Travel Camp Morocco is Todo, a Taghazout local who not only founded the camp but also serves as a dedicated surf instructor. Todo's journey with surfing commenced in his childhood, evolving into an unwavering passion for both riding waves and exploring new horizons. His global adventures in pursuit of the perfect wave culminated in his decision to establish the Surf & Travel Camp, enabling him to share his passion with others. As an empathetic and enthusiastic instructor, Todo nurtures your surfing aspirations under his guidance, fostering an environment where your skills flourish and your love for the sport deepens.

The facilities available for guests at Surf & Travel Camp Morocco all go a long way in making a wonderful holiday. These include - 

  • Dining area, lounge and terrace.
  • Barbeque facilities and board rental
  • Medical assistance.

8-Day All Levels Surf and Yoga Retreat In Morocco blends theory and practice, tailored to diverse surf levels including beginners, intermediates, and advanced riders, all accompanied by a skillful yoga curriculum. Under the guidance of experienced surf instructors, your lessons will be meticulously crafted to align with your expertise level, ensuring personalized growth in the realm of both surfing and yoga. The package includes - 

  • 7 nights in a 5-bed dorm or private accommodation.
  • 7 breakfast buffet and 6 dinners. Lunches are packed as at that time you will mostly be on surf lessons at different locations.
  • 5 surf lessons of 2 hours each where transport and equipment are all provided.
  • 1 special surf trip to Imssouane, the longest wave in Morocco. You will also get a chance to do sandboarding in the dunes.
  • 6 Hatha Yoga lessons.
  • Transfers to and from Agadir bus station and airport. For Marrakech airport transfers, extra charges apply.

Price per day USD 61

2. Atlanticzin Watersports

Location - Essaouira, Morocco

Surf & Yoga Retreat Name - 6-Day Beginner Or Intermediate Surf and Yoga Retreat In Morocco

Based in Essaouira, Atlanticzin Watersports stands as a vibrant kitesurfing and surf school, offering a captivating blend of sun, surf, and yoga for those seeking an exceptional Moroccan experience. Whether you're a beginner or an enthusiast, the school's expert team ensures surf lessons are both secure and enjoyable. Rest assured, their experienced instructors will guide you through every step, unveiling the joy of riding waves even if you're new to the sport. Moreover, Atlanticzin Watersports goes beyond conventional offerings by providing the chance to explore the thrilling realm of kitesurfing, an opportunity rarely found elsewhere. With their guidance, you can discover the exhilaration of riding the wind and waves. Every surf lesson is a holistic experience, encompassing not just techniques and skills, but also imparting vital knowledge about waves and beach safety, allowing you to enhance your surf prowess, boost your confidence, and embrace the beauty of the ocean.

Atlanticzin Watersports is a top-notch establishment that takes the safety of its guests seriously.

  • They have qualified and professional instructors.
  • The group sizes are kept small with a maximum of 4 participants only so that individual attention is given to all.
  • The organizers speak English, Arabic, French and Spanish so you don’t have to worry about communication gaps.

The 6-Day Beginner Or Intermediate Surf and Yoga Retreat In Morocco from Atlanticzin Watersports gives you an opportunity to try surfing under proper guidance and no pressure. This is a holiday where learning yoga and surfing are just an added bonanza. This package consists of - 

  • A total of 10 hours of surf lessons from an experienced surf instructor.
  • An hour-long yoga session for 4 days.
  • During the program, you will have unlimited surf rental.
  • Dinner is had with the complete team and all the guests.
  • Breakfast on all days.
  • Comfortable accommodation for 5 nights in a Riad located close to Medina.

Price per day USD 73

3. Pro Surf Morocco

Location - Tamraght, Morocco

Surf & Yoga Retreat Name - 8-Day Pro Surf and Yoga Retreat In Morocco

Embark on an unforgettable surfing journey with Pro Surf Morocco, where abundant waves, delectable cuisine, and awe-inspiring beaches await. Offering serene coastal lodgings, this surf camp presents an ideal setting to start your surfing journey from scratch or refine existing skills using premium surf gear. With instructors who are native to the region and possess an intimate understanding of Moroccan surf spots, your lessons will be guided by seasoned experts whose passion for the sport is undeniable. Beyond the waves, the warm and welcoming team ensures a hands-on experience with Moroccan culture and the vibrant surfer lifestyle, providing an authentic glimpse into the heart and spirit of Morocco.

Meet Brahim, the heart and soul of Pro Surf Morocco. As the founder and surf instructor, his surfing journey began in his teenage years and swiftly propelled him to prominence. Within the Moroccan surf scene, he clinched the second spot in the Championship Morocco du Sud and went on to secure the coveted number 1 ranking in the Moroccan Championship. His prowess extended to the international arena when he secured an impressive second place in the RipCurl West Africa Tour held in Dakar and Senegal in 2014. His skills validated on the global stage, Brahim is undoubtedly one of North Africa's finest surfers. As a certified surf instructor, endorsed by the Moroccan Surfing Federation, he imparts his expertise to beginners and intermediates while guiding advanced surfers to the nation's most exceptional waves, allowing every surfer to flourish under his guidance.

The facilities at Pro Surf Morocco include - 

  • Barbeque facilities, dining area, bar, cafe, kitchen and fireplace.
  • Board rental, car rental and free parking.
  • Medical assistance.

The 8-Day Pro Surf and Yoga Retreat In Morocco is sure to present you with some thrilling moments. In this package, you will get an inclusive deal with - 

  • 6 days of surf coaching with a 2-hour lesson every morning and lunch served on the beach, followed by free surf in the afternoon.
  • Good quality surf equipment (surfboard, leash & wetsuit) for all 6 days.
  • Travel to the best surf spots on all 6 days.
  • 6 yoga classes of 1 hour each at sunset.
  • 7 nights accommodation at the surf camp.
  • Daily breakfast with tea/coffee.
  • 5 dinners which are traditional Moroccan fare.
  • Pickup from and drop off at Agadir Airport or bus station.

Price per day USD 78

4. Solid Surf And Yoga House Morocco

Location - Taghazout Bay, Morocco

Surf & Yoga Retreat Name - 8-Day Surf And Yoga Retreat in Morocco Heart Of Taghazout Bay

Solid Surf And Yoga House Morocco is perched on a hill in the tranquil and picturesque area of Tamraght within Taghazout Bay. The surf house boasts impressive views of the ocean from multiple levels. This allows you to savor the natural beauty of the surroundings. Perfectly situated in the heart of it all, with Agadir, Ouirir, Taghazout, and a plethora of hotel clubs and beach restaurants just a stone’s throw away, you are never far from the vibrant nightlife or mouthwatering culinary experiences. Solid Surf And Yoga House Morocco provides worry-free surf camp holidays with unparalleled all-inclusive packages.

The Solid Surf & Yoga House journey began in the coastal town of Zandvoort, Netherlands. Here, Jordy Robers launched a surf shop and school called Dfrost in the summer of 2006. In 2014, he, alongside his Moroccan partner Ayoub, introduced Solid Surf And Yoga House Morocco to the world. Ayoub, a fervent fitness enthusiast and dedicated surfer, seamlessly embodies the role of an affable and welcoming co-owner, crafting a Moroccan haven with an unmistakable charm. With a wealth of Surf Camp expertise and local insights, Ayoub's passion for hospitality shines through. A certified ISA surf instructor and a certified personal trainer, he is a diligent and compassionate presence. Ayoub relentlessly seeks the best for the guests, making him a perfect fit for the role he plays.

The different amenities provided by the Solid Surf And Yoga House Morocco, which will uplift your entire holiday experience include - 

  • Fresh food is served every day and prepared by in-house chefs. The food options available are vegetarian, gluten & lactose-free.
  • The camp is held all year round and is for people of different experience levels.
  • There’s a large swimming pool, spacious lounge, rooftop yoga space and outdoor cinema. 

The exhilarating holiday you get with Solid Surf And Yoga House through the 8-Day Surf And Yoga Retreat in Morocco Heart Of Taghazout Bay is an all-inclusive package consisting of - 

  • Breakfast and lunch daily.
  • 5 dinners.
  • 1 yoga class daily.
  • Daily surf lessons and guided surfing. Board rental and beach transport are included.
  • 7 nights accommodation at Solid Surf house providing luxury and privacy. There are no shared bathroom accommodations.
  • Free use of skateboards.
  • 2 nights a week video analysis and theory.
  • Airport pickup.

Price per day USD 81

5. Easy Surf Maroc

Location - Tamraght, Morocco

Surf & Yoga Retreat Name - 6 Days Outstanding Surf And Yoga Holiday in Morocco

Nestled in Tamraght, Morocco, Easy Surf Maroc is an alluring surf and yoga camp, boasting a team of dedicated professionals who bring professionalism and warmth to every interaction. The camp exudes an incredible ambiance, seamlessly weaving together camaraderie, relaxation, surfing, yoga, and delectable cuisine. With certified instructors proficient in lifeguard training and equipped with first-aid expertise, safety and enjoyment are at the forefront of their offerings. Their villa features a yoga shala on the upper floor, serving as an idyllic space for yoga sessions and fitness workouts, blessed with a mesmerizing view. From the terrace, one can bask in breathtaking vistas of awe-inspiring sunsets by the ocean and invigorating sunrises over the mountains. While situated slightly uphill, Easy Surf Maroc is a mere 15-minute stroll away from the beach, offering both proximity to the waves and a tranquil retreat atmosphere.

Hailing from Kenitra, North Morocco, Hicham is the Founder, Co-Host, and Head Surf Instructor of the Easy Surf Maroc. His affinity for watersports ignited at the tender age of 12, gradually evolving into an all-consuming passion. Approached by the Moroccan Surf Federation, Hicham embarked on a journey over 15 years ago to become a fully qualified and certified instructor. With a natural instinct for the ebb and flow of the ocean, he thrives on imparting his profound understanding of waves to others. Driven by a tenacious dedication, Hicham's mission is to unite kindred spirits through the shared love for the ocean and surfing, nurturing an unbreakable bond between individuals and the ever-captivating waves.

The various facilities available for guests are - 

  • Tour assistance, parking space and free bicycles.
  • Car and surfboard rental.
  • Extra activities to indulge in include hiking, Hammam, massage, skating, cooking class and horse riding.

Easy Surf Maroc has a pretty nice 6 Days Outstanding Surf And Yoga Holiday in Morocco. This gives you enough time to indulge and reset your mindset. This package is all-inclusive consisting of - 

  • 5 nights accommodation in the room category of your choice.
  • All meals for the duration of your stay. These are prepared by the in-house chef. On the beach days, the lunch will be packed.
  • Wetsuit and soft board rental along with transport to the surf points.
  • Surf lessons on 4 days with 1 surfing under the guidance of your instructor.
  • Daily class of yoga.
  • A visit to the beautiful city of Imsouane.
  • Agadir airport or bus station transfers.

Price per day USD 87

6. Sunset Surfhouse

Location - Tamraght, Morocco

Surf & Yoga Retreat Name - 8-Day All levels Surf and Yoga Retreat in Morocco

Sunset Surfhouse caters to beginners, seasoned surfers, and even those seeking just a bed and breakfast-escape. Here, a strong sense of community prevails, enriched by the presence of skilled and certified surf and yoga instructors. The team's unparalleled hospitality and genuine kindness infuse the space with a welcoming aura. With daily cleaning, the hostel maintains a spotless ambiance, while authentic and freshly prepared Moroccan cuisine delights the senses. Energetic surf lessons, guided by vigilant instructors, invigorate each experience. Situated within a leisurely stroll from the beach, Sunset Surfhouse boasts a convenient location. The hostel offers both cleanliness and comfort, complemented by a rooftop haven perfect for relaxation.

The facilities at Sunset Surfhouse are all oriented toward providing guests with a great holiday experience. Making their stay happy and leisurely are facilities like - 

  • Yoga deck and terrace.
  • Laundry and room cleaning service.
  • Kitchen and dining area.
  • Common room to watch movies, play cards or just catch up with other guests.

The8-Day All levels Surf and Yoga Retreat in Morocco Aourir Souss-Massa will be a hard-to-forget holiday. Imagine a week full of sun, sand, mindfulness and amazing waves, far from worry and away from the maddening crowds. This surf and yoga holiday will give - 

  • Airport or bus station transfers.
  • 7 nights accommodation in the hostel with all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
  • Surf coaching from experienced instructors and surf equipment rental.
  • Surf guiding once the lesson is complete.
  • 1 yoga class every evening.
  • Excursions (Sand Surfing/ Paradise Valley tour/ Souk visit).

Price per day USD 89

7. Surf Star Morocco

Location - Agadir, Morocco

Surf & Yoga Retreat Name - 6-Day Yoga And Surf Holiday In Morocco Tamraght

At Surf Star Morocco, a remarkable team stands united to create an extraordinary experience. From the drivers to the receptionists, surf instructors, and housekeeping staff, each individual radiates warmth, making guests feel embraced and valued. With full dedication, every member strives to ensure your enjoyment. The culinary artists at Surf Star Surf Camp are true masters, crafting a delightful and diverse menu that covers both local and international flavors. Surf lessons become captivating learning journeys, uniquely tailored to individual experiences. The attentive surf instructors provide invaluable guidance for enhancing surfing skills. Accommodations and common areas equally shine, including exceptional rooms and inviting hangout spots. The rooftop terrace, in particular, offers a haven for relaxation, sunset admiration, and forging connections with fellow guests, fostering a sense of camaraderie that truly sets Surf Star Morocco apart. Surf Star Morocco holds the top position on TripAdvisor and proudly boasts a Certificate of Excellence, a testament to its consistent track record of garnering outstanding reviews from surfers and yoga enthusiasts worldwide.

Momo, a true multifaceted talent, serves as the dynamic surf camp manager, dedicated surf coach, and proud owner of Surf Star Morocco. With a deep-rooted passion for surfing and a genuine desire to spread happiness, Momo built the company from the ground up, infusing it with his unflagging devotion to both the sport and the well-being of his guests. Leveraging his extensive experience and knowledge as a surf instructor hailing from the nearby Paradise Valley, Momo's journey embodies his dedication to crafting remarkable experiences for every individual who becomes part of the Surf Star Morocco community.

The prime facilities at Surf Star Morocco are - 

  • 3 terraces with views to Taghazout Bay (crocs), Hash Point, KM17, Panoramas, Killer Point and Anchor Point.
  • Surfboard and wetsuit hire.
  • Guest kitchens and a TV lounge to chill out.
  • Spacious rooms with private rooms for couples.
  • Tour assistance.

Laidback surfer lifestyle and wellness through Yoga are the highlights of the 6-Day Yoga And Surf Holiday In Morocco Tamraght. In this deal, you get - 

  • Morning and evening Yoga classes on the terrace every day.
  • Transport to the surf locations.
  • Surf lessons and guiding according to your experience level every day.
  • Heavy breakfast, filling lunch and authentic Moroccan buffet dinners.
  • 5 nights lodging with room cleaning service.
  • Transfer from Agadir airport or bus station on arrival.

Price per day USD 96

8. Original Surf Morocco

Location - Agadir, Morocco

Surf & Yoga Retreat Name - 8-Day Wonderful Yoga And Surf Retreat in Morocco

Your ideal surf and yoga retreat holiday awaits at Original Surf Morocco. Embrace a fusion of invigorating surf experiences and serene yoga sessions, all beneath the nurturing Moroccan sun. Offering diverse packages, Original Surf Morocco lets you embark on a journey that seamlessly melds thrilling surfing escapades with moments of pure relaxation. These thoughtfully designed packages extend beyond the waves, inviting you to explore the enchanting Agadir province, savor local Moroccan cuisine, and engage in immersive cultural activities. The expert team, comprising certified instructors, takes your experience to new heights. Recognizing the uniqueness of each guest, lessons are tailored to individual learning styles and needs. Whether you're taking your first steps on the board or refining advanced skills, the instructors offer unwavering support. From the moment you step into the surf camp, the warm and welcoming staff envelops you in a familial embrace, ensuring you depart not just as a guest, but as a cherished member of the extended Original Surf Morocco family.

The comforts at Original Surf Morocco include - 

  • 3 areas to lounge and relax.
  • Air-conditioned rooms that are cleaned daily.
  • There’s a small library and a mini ping-pong table to chill out and do time pass.
  • Assistance is available 24/7.

The highlights of the 8-Day Wonderful Yoga And Surf Retreat in Morocco are - 

  • Surf lessons for 4 to 6 hours every day.
  • Daily transportation to surf locales.
  • 6 Yoga sessions to relax the mind and stretch the muscles.
  • 1 evening will be spent outside the surf camp.
  • Good quality surf equipment with easy rental.
  • 7 breakfasts and lunches, and 6 dinners. Lunches will be packed so that you can have them on the beach.
  • Lodging for 7 nights in the surf camp.

Price per day USD 97

9. Dfrost Almugar Surf House & Yoga Morocco

Location - Taghazout, Morocco

Surf & Yoga Retreat Name - 8-Day Surf And Yoga Holiday In Morocco Taghazout

Situated in multiple tiers, the Dfrost Almugar Surf House & Yoga villa presents captivating ocean vistas from every angle. Whether it's your private balcony, inviting terrace, rooftop yoga session, or leisurely soak in the Jacuzzi, there's an experience for everyone. Along the water's edge lies the bohemian Berber bar, a quiet place for sipping refreshing drinks and soaking in social energy. Dfrost Almugar Surf House & Yoga Morocco welcomes solo travelers, friends, couples and families alike. In fact, it is a retreat tailored for anyone in pursuit of a surf and yoga escape immersed in a vibrant atmosphere and offering exceptional value. As of May 14th, 2021, the Taghazout Villa and Seaside Boutique Hotel have merged, uniting two exceptional locations seamlessly positioned side by side.

Affectionately referred to as 'Mo', Mohammed is a native of Taghazout who spent more than a decade living in Spain. Beyond being the co-founder and co-owner of the DFrost Almugar Surf & Yoga House, he also holds the ownership of the Almugar Surf Shop Taghazout. With fluency in English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Tamazight, and some German, Mo is a multilingual communicator who delights in connecting with diverse individuals. Yet, his ultimate joy is derived from the search for the perfect wave, embodying his spirit for challenge and passion for the ocean in its thrilling waves.

Dfrost Almugar Surf House & Yoga has taken it upon itself that guests have a memorable time. Making this feat possible are several facilities like - 

  • Bar, cafe, barbeque facilities, restaurant and dining area.
  • Garden, lounge, beautiful terraces, Yoga deck and Yoga Shala.
  • Surf equipment rental and concierge.
  • Outdoor swimming pool, jacuzzi and poolside bar.

During the retreat, you will feel as if the time is running too fast. Every guest wants to slow down the clock so that they can spend more time and relax even more. Good company compels you to try and get to know others. But alas the time is limited and the clock is ticking. So here’s all you can fit in the 8-Day Surf And Yoga Holiday In Morocco Taghazout

  • 6 Yoga classes of 1 hour each.
  • 5 surf lessons in a small group of 2 hours each.
  • 5 fun-filled days of surf safari where you will be driven to the destination.
  • Complete access to the amenities in the Seaside Hotel and Dfrost villa.
  • Roundtrip transfers from Agadir airport or bus station.
  • Accommodation for 7 nights in well-equipped rooms that range from shared to private standard, standard plus and premium.
  • Delicious meals, where twice a week the menu is completely vegetarian. Breakfast and dinner are served in Seaside Hotel’s Kitchen Club Restaurant.

Price per day USD 97