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The benefits of Panchakarma run manifold. An intense detoxification of body, mind and soul, Panchkarma is a five-step procedure or a set of five actions performed on the body to make it free from the stockpile of toxins. A human body, at any time, stores a minimum of 700 toxicants. What Panchkarma does is that it clears the energy meridians of the body, thus enabling the energy to flow freely within an individual.

Speaking of energy, Bali is an energy vortex that connects some of the highest vibrational places, including Stonehenge, Machu Picchu and the Great Pyramid of Giza via ley lines, a supernatural alignment technique that joins the highest energy places together. The rich Balinese Hindu culture represents the inherent spirituality that can be felt in the thousands of temples spread across the island. These features make Bali a perfect destination for Panchakarma in Bali.

However, one should not just settle for any The best Panchakarma in Bali. A Panchkarma treatment should be done by a certified Ayurvedic practitioner in an Ayurvedic centre to make it effective. As every human is unique in terms of composition, an understanding of an ailment requires a concrete understanding of prakriti (the body’s constitution.) Often, such a nuanced understanding demands that a practitioner have years of theoretical and hands-on knowledge behind them. To make the process easier for you, we have curated top 3 The best Panchakarma in Bali that promise bang for every buck you spend. Read on…

1. The Sukhavati Estate Badung, Bali

Panchakarma Retreat Name : 15 Days The best Panchakarma in Bali by The Sukhavati Estate Bali

The Sukhavati Estate, Bali is a destination Ayurvedic getaway that uses age-old Panchkarma techniques to help you heal from the inside. The estate is surrounded by the Penit River and verdant tropical jungle on the sides. All the Panchkarma treatments at the Sukhavati estate Bali are administered by Dr Mithun Raju, who has more than a decade of experience of working with the foreign nationals, under his belt. Hailing from India, Dr Raju has been practicing Ayurveda since 2018 after completing his Ayurveda education from SDM College of Ayurveda and SJG Ayurvedic Medical College. Further, Dr. Raju belongs from a family of traditional Ayurveda practitioners, who have been associated with the field of Ayurveda for more than four hundred years. Dr. Raju’s great-grandfather, Vaidyu Sada Siva Raju, received the wisdom of Ayurveda from his parents, before passing it on to the next generation of his family.

Every guest at The Sukhavati Estate Bali is handed down a personal health questionnaire upon their arrival. This health questionnaire is then analyzed by the estate’s Ayurvedic doctor, to loosely formulate and structure the line of treatment for an individual. The consultations at The Sukhavati Estate follow a detailed approach; and involve probing about the guest’s physical and emotional health by the estate’s doctor. This, in turn, is followed by (nadi pariksha) pulse diagnosis. Nadi Pariksha, in Ayurveda, is said to help the practitioner diagnose the imbalance in an individual’s system. The practitioner, after studying the frequency of pulse, can predict the root cause of health issues besides detecting emotional variances if any. A treatment plan is then mapped on the basis of that including the restrictions on diet.

While dietary instructions differ from guests to guests; all the guests at The Sukhavati Estate Bali are expected to adhere to the blanket ban on tea, coffee and meat to render the Panchkarma in Bali treatment effective. Nearly all the Ayurvedic treatments are carried out in a private, open air pavilion setting amidst the lush foliage in Bali. The guests can also go for the treatments, other than the ones prescribed to them, at an additional cost. The Sukhavati Estate’s journey began over thirty five years ago when its founder Steve Griffith decided to build a wellness centre centered on Ayurveda. An Ayurveda enthusiast himself, Steve, decided to take his love for Ayurveda to the next level by opening the doors of Sukhavati to fellow wellness enthusiasts. Today, Sukhavati has a staff size of more than forty to cater to their guest’s needs and demands. All of their luxury Ayurveda and Panchakarma Treatments in Bali are based upon ancient cleansing practices. Regardless of their length of stay, every guest at The Sukhavati Estate undergoes a version of these three stages of Panchkarma namely, Purvakarma (the preparation stage), Panchkarma (the main cleansing process) and Paschatkarma (the rejuvenation stage post the process). Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat & Spa envisions creating boutique health retreats that deliver wellness through traditional Vedic knowledge, teaching and healing in offbeat and scenic locations. The Ayurvedic wellness resort also places an emphasis on the food, which primarily is Ayurvedic Sattvic cuisine, prepared onsite by their team of expert chefs.

The 15 Days The best Panchakarma in Bali by The Sukhavati Estate Bali, Indonesia includes

  • 14 Nights Private Villa Accommodation (includes a free arrival night so you can settle in)
  • Ayurvedic consultation and outline of your personal rejuvenation program along with a follow up consultation and seminar90 minutes of comprehensive daily prescribed
  • Ayurvedic treatments tailored by our Ayurvedic Doctor
  • Twice daily yoga sessions7 x
  • Ayurvedic Facials & Foot Massages
  • Freshly prepared Ayurvedic dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Fresh Juices and Herbal TeasFruit basket upon arrival
  • Return airport or hotel transfers
  • Complimentary bike hire
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi internet connection

Per day USD 605.4

2. Amrta Siddhi Gianyar, Bali

Panchakarma Retreat Name : 21 Days Panchakarma in Bali by Amrta Siddhi Gianyar, Bali

All the Panchakarma treatments at Amrta Siddhi Ayurveda Retreat Bali are helmed by Dr Sujatha Kekada. Dr Kekada is also the co-founder of Amrta Siddhi Bali. She is a certified Ayurvedic doctor with a BAMS degree from Rajiv Gandhi University, India. Amrta Siddhi, at any given time, has two Ayurvedic doctors on site to help their guests deal with all their pressing concerns and queries. It, besides Panchakarma, provides a gamut of Ayurvedic treatments, detoxification and replenishment programs to help one attain the zenith of wellness. Further, Amrta Siddhi believes in keeping retreat size small at a time. The Amrta Siddhi Bali has eighteen rooms at present keeping in line with their personalized approach.

The Amrta Siddhi Bali is known for looking at Ayurvedic medicine from a contemporary lens. Amrta Siddhi, which translates to gaining immortality, was founded by Sujatha along with her life partner Frank Paepcke. The duo got married in 2003 moving to London post their nuptials. A year later, they moved to Bali for professional reasons. It was during this time, the seed of the idea of Amrta Siddhi was born in Sujatha’s mind (Fact: They are Bali’s first Panchkarma centre.). Prior to establishing her wellness venture, Kekada worked in various nations such as India (MANASA, Poonthottam Ayurveda Ashrama) and Europe in different capacities. She, therefore, comes with a sea of experience when it comes to understanding the specific issues and mindset of foreign nationals. Belonging to an army family, Kekada, since her childhood, has been travelling to places. These extensive travels have broadened her understanding of myriad cultures; and expanded her outlook towards life, in general.

Amrta Siddhi only serves Ayurvedic meals during the stay to harness the sublime power of Ayurveda. All their treatments (including Panchakarma) begin by figuring out what needs to be focused upon. The information and findings are then shared with an individual so that they can direct their efforts on what needs to be done. Amrta Siddhi Ayurvedic Retreat was founded in 2007. It was the first Ayurvedic Centre to provide Panchkarma in Bali, and thus has a rich legacy to boast of. Amrita Siddhi also believes in keeping the client and therapist ratio to 1:1 for a personalized healing. The centre is hundred percent dedicated to Ayurveda and also offers weight loss, and unique executive programs as a part of their wellness programs. It also has an ozone pool to enjoy post your The best Panchakarma in Bali.

Over the last few years, many dubious Panchakarma retreats have cropped up in the nook and corner of Bali. A lot of these Ayurveda centres offer Panchakarma either in a diluted form or in a spa-like setting. Therefore, it is wise to study about the centre and its team before investing your hard-earned cash and risking your health. The centres mentioned above fulfil the research checklist for a Panchakarma centre. A research checklist for a Panchkarma centre normally consists of points such as ages of experience, credentials of doctor and centre, food, environment, access to the doctors and high-quality ayurvedic medicines, oils and concoctions and yes cleanliness. And, as you can gather, all the three centres mentioned score pretty high on each parameter. That makes your job easier – as you can now narrow down your search further to pick one among the three centres mentioned above. 

The 21 Days Panchakarma in Bali by Amrta Siddhi Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia includes

  • Complimentary Airport Transfers
  • 20 nights Accommodation (Price quoted above includes a mandatory number of nights in one of our Standard Rooms)
  • Ayurvedic Consultations (Full initial Consultation + Follow-up Consultation)
  • Daily Ayurvedic Treatments
  • Supervisions from our Physicians
  • Medicines (for the entire length of the Program)
  • 1 Personal One-to-One Yoga Class with our Yoga Teacher
  • Daily Group Yoga Classes
  • Meditation Classes (Monday/Wednesday/Friday)
  • Yoga Nidra Classes (Tuesday/Thursday)
  • Meals and Drinks
  • Herbal Teas
  • Weekly Cooking Class
  • Lectures
  • Weekly Q&A Sessions with our Experts
  • Garden Herbs Tour
  • Free WiFi (at designated areas)

Per day USD 218.5

3. One World Ayurveda Retreat Ubud, Bali

Panchakarma Retreat Name : 15 Days Panchakarma in Bali by One World Ayurveda Retreat Bali

One World Ayurveda Retreat Bali offers a week to month long Panchakarma program in Bali. Founded in 2019, by Claude Chouinard, the retreat currently has a total of a hundred and twenty three rooms. All its rooms come without a television; as the centre places as much importance on the digital detox as it does on the Panchakarma and various Ayurvedic treatments. The retreat encourages one to put on their creative hats, by stocking up the rooms with multiple art supplies such as canvas, paint, paint-brushes, incense sticks and flowers of various kinds. One World Ayurveda retreat is located beside Tegalalang, which is considered to be Bali’s one of the famous rice terraces. Each day of the program at the One World Ayurveda retreat is dedicated to one particular element of the human body namely earth, water, air, fire and space. During the day/ days of the detoxification program, every guest is monitored by the retreat’s Ayurvedic doctor on an hourly basis, which goes on to establish the retreat’s guests-first ideology.

One World Ayurveda Retreat believes in a customized approach. Hence you would be having a tough time finding a pre-designed Ayurvedic package on their website if you try to look for one. The retreat has hired qualified Ayurvedic doctors from Kerala, who will help you reduce your toxic overload through Panchakarma and Ayurvedic treatments – in the beautiful destination of Bali. The centre has Dr Aparna K too on its team. Dr Aparna is one of the few doctors to hold a PhD in the field of Ayurveda. She’s daughter of award winning Ayurveda practitioner Dr Padmanabhan. Dr Aparana, also, has been bestowed with prestigious awards such as Jivika Awards, and is a regular face at various conferences all around the world. One World Ayurveda’s accommodation comes surrounded with tall trees, flowering plants and shrubs, and herbs.

The retreat imports 170 herbal medicines from India, besides growing over eighty medicinal plants in its soil. All its bungalows come with a private balcony or terrace to help you enjoy the unfettered views of nature. The retreat’s kitchen boasts of 125 healthy and tasty food items on the menu, and is as expansive as it can be. Every detox based programme at One World Ayurveda Retreat is based on the ancient science of Ayurveda. Though these treatments vary from person to person depending on their body types and ailments. The Ayurvedic doctors of the centre work closely with the guests to arrive at their bespoke treatments. The retreat also believes in creating the entire experience with sincerity and an open heart as they live by the philosophy that one can awaken their sixth senses only when all the five senses are pleased to perfection. 

The 15 Days Panchakarma in Bali by One World Ayurveda Retreat Bali, Indonesia includes

  • 14 Nights Accommodation
  • Twice daily Treatment
  • Medicines
  • initial diagnosis
  • Daily Doctore consultations
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Cooking Demonstration
  • Lectures
  • Guided walk
  • Purification Ritual
  • Letting go Ritual
  • Tunika, pants and flip-flop to wear

Per day USD 215.8

If you want to read more about Panchakarma and its entire process read Panchakarma Procedure | How is Panchakarma Done?.

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