300 hour Certified Live Online Yoga Teacher Training -AYM

300 hour Certified Live Online Yoga Teacher Training -AYM

A 300 hrs Certified Live Online Yoga Teacher Training Course conducted by AYM Rishikesh. This course makes you eligible to register with Yoga Alliance USA and Yoga TTC course content is the same as 200-hour yoga teacher training course according to Yoga Alliance guidelines.

A live online yoga teacher training with AYM will complete yoga training at your pace and schedule with our resource, and you do not need to come so far away from your city to learn yoga in Rishikesh India. Through the use of simple and effective techniques provided by AYM, you will able to learn how to practice at your home and will able to share a quality yoga class with others including the foundation of yoga.

Yoga is a way of lifestyle which can transform you whole as a person. It is like a burning passion for one that wishes to chase. It is a link that connects your body to your soul and leads you to spirituality. If one has decided to incorporate this art in his life, then it is the best source to open an entirely new horizon of success and transformation in front of him.

It is never too late to learn yoga as a practitioner and decided to make a career out of it. If you have opted to yoga teacher training, then you should search for places where you can get the quality yoga teachers training. Though there are many yoga teacher training institutes in India when it comes to competent practice, then AYM Rishikesh is the best place for learning yoga. Their highly qualified staff are the best in sharing their knowledge with you.

Why Online Yoga Teacher Training?

Though there are a variety of training options that may vary in terms of finance, location, teachers, and many more, but there is the newest YTT that has taken this field as a storm that is online yoga teacher training.

Sounds strange?? Well, but AYM Rishikesh says that you can do yoga TTC online. They have come up with this fantastic training module for those aspirants who want to get certified in yoga but unable to join due to some issues.

Recorded Online Yoga Program includes:

  • Yoga Manual for practice as well as theory.
  • DVDs/CD containing training tools for sequencing class.
  • Recorded lectures on philosophy, teaching skills, meditation.
  • Unlimited email support for students.
  • Yoga TTC Certificate on Completion.
  • Sample Business Forms & Class Plans

Let's Dive little deep in AYM online yoga teacher training Module

AYM Rishikesh offers an online training module that is equal to 200hr YTTC as the content will be the same. It is the, and self-paced training module.

The training module is different Asanas, pranayama, meditation, and various techniques of yoga. And, you will also gain knowledge about teaching methodology. Once you are registered with this program, then you will get access to their unlimited recorded lectures on yogic philosophy, teaching skills. DVD’s or training tools for tuning in your class and a yoga training manual for practice.

At the end of the training module, a set of the questionnaire will be sent to the candidate and online practical exam, after that certificate will be mail to the candidate by AYM Yoga School.

Details One should know about this Online YTTC

  • This online teacher training is in compliance with Yoga Alliance, as yoga alliance does online credit training through this course is equal to 200 hr YTTC.
  • This course is self-paced according to candidate guidelines, students will be provided unlimited email support throughout their course.
  • If you are interested in learning more about this course, you can check out their website.



Who is this course for?

Two ways to Join online teacher training

  1. Live online yoga course - 1250 USD - for anyone
  2. Recorded online course- 599 USD - for existing teachers only

In the live online course, you will have classroom experience. You will able to see and ask questions live to your teacher and teacher will see all students on their big screen and able to implement adjustments and alignment to the online student through word of mouth.

Eligibility:Anyone self-motivated who is willing to learn and teach yoga. This is very affordable yoga TTC program will provide you with all of the tools and resources needed to become a good yoga practitioner and teach yoga class perfectly.

Course curriculum

1 Ashtanga Yoga 06:00 AM ( IST ) 01:30 hrs
2 Pranayama/Meditation 09:30 AM ( IST ) 01:00 hrs
3 Teaching Methodology 11:00 AM ( IST ) 01:30 hrs
4 Anatomy 12:45 PM ( IST ) 01:00 hrs
5 Philosophy 02:00 PM ( IST ) 01:00 hrs
6 Hatha Yoga 04:00 PM ( IST ) 01:30 hrs
7 Self-Study/questionnaire 06:00 PM ( IST ) 01:00 hrs