Boho Beautiful Transform

Boho Beautiful Transform

$53.99 One Time Fees


18 Videos, 10+ Hrs Total, Guaranteed Results
Loss Weight - Body Shape - Build Strength

Through a 14 day schedule of challenging 30-40 minute mat based workouts, Transform will take you to your next level.
6 Cardio Weight-loss Classes
6 Targeted Body Toning Classes
2 Day Off Sore Muscle Releasing Yoga Classes (1+ hour each)
PLUS a digital guide book, 5 introduction and guidance videos, and two 14 & 21 practice workout schedules.

18 Videos
16 Page Program EBook
Transform Healthy Eating Guide
10 Hours of easy to follow Classes
Modification For All Levels
Download & Streamable
Tons of Tips, Advise, & Support
Guaranteed Results


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Course curriculum

Total Body Cardio Sweat
A full body cardio HIIT class that will “wake up” every muscle of your body and get you primed for the next two weeks of the program!
Lower Body Laser
This class laser focusses on the entire lower body by sculpting and strengthening the glutes, quads, hamstrings, and inner thighs
HIIT The Flow
A fusion of fat burning and metabolism boosting cardio exercises, this class melds yoga flows and postures into a perfect balance of HIIT techniques.
Beach Core Meltdown
This intense core workout class will help you trim your waistline, gain incredible midsection definition, and find a stronger balance in all that you do.
Resist And Burn
Through bursts of cardio combined with resistance training, this class builds your stamina, endurance, and puts you into your high level fat burning zone.
The 360º Sculpt
A complete sculpting and strengthening class for your entire upper body that leans and defines muscle through different toning exercises and more.
So Hum
This relaxing and rejuvenating Yin yoga class will target all your sore muscles to provide a relaxing break and prepare you for the next week to come.
Divine Power Energy
A unique cardio workout that shows you a deeper connection to your inner strength by engaging your mind through coordination, focus, and determination.
The Beach Bum
This workout focuses strictly on toning, sculpting, and lifting your backside through a creative combination of lower body strengthening exercises.
DAY 10
Power House of Fire
An ultimate core cardio class that boosts your metabolism, increases fat loss, and develops stamina, while firing up your entire core… your power house.
DAY 11
Core Inferno
Tone and strengthen every part of your mid section with this class as it hits your lower/upper abs, obliques, and your transverse abdominis muscle.
DAY 12
Sunset Burnout
This final cardio workout class combines exercises from all the past cardio classes giving you a full body sweaty workout from head to toe.
DAY 13
Boho Body Workout
This highly effective combination of all toning & strengthening exercises from the program create a perfect finale to end the exercise portion of Transform.
DAY 14
Rejuvenating Recovery
The final class of the entire program is a muscle releasing recovery yoga class that will be an incredible treat for the body after a challenging two weeks!