Introduction to Ayurveda Free Online Course

Introduction to Ayurveda Free Online Course


Introduction to Ayurveda

We are pleased to offer the Introduction to Ayurveda course for free (a US $35 value), to celebrate the launch of our new online courses.

The Introduction to Ayurveda course is an idea primer on the basic principles of Ayurveda. It provides a foundation for understanding essential Ayurvedic concepts, and provides a requisite base for further studies in topics related to Ayurveda.

This interactive course unravels the secrets of Ayurveda and presents them in a practical and comprehensible fashion. It also introduces you to the core theories of Ayurveda such as: the biological energies (doshas), physical constitution (prakriti), and the mind types. You can sharpen your knowledge further by trying out the activities provided in each module.


Who is this course for?

Whether you are a housewife, office executive, student or a retired person, anyone who wants to lead a healthier, balanced and more productive life can be benefited from Ayurveda. These programs have been designed keeping the above facts in mind. They include lucid courseware and instructions to cater to beginners and as well as learners with a little Ayurvedic background.