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A unique blend of physio and pilates to improve your body’s core strength and bring out the muscle balance, flexibility, and stability of your body.Whether you come to us for Physiotherapy or Pilates, we will carry out a comprehensive assessment, which will help us to determine the source of your pain or any postural dysfunction. We will then work with you to achieve your own personal goals, ensuring your needs are always at the core of our treatment.Here at Cardea, we will help you to Live a Life of Wellness.
PILATES is a system based on 6 key principles to actively train the body through controlled & correct patterns of movement, as well as working towards full range of motion & resistance training. The method has tremendous carryover into all your physical activities because it trains you to perform ALL movements such as pulling, pushing, stepping, bending and lifting with greater ease, from a stronger centre and with correct alignment And posture.
The greatest benefits are achieved with the use of the Pilates apparatuses whereby levers, suspension resistance or assisted springs build strength at the same time lengthening the body. If you are new to fitness, you will learn to move your body more efficiently while applying specific breathing technique, which is the first and foremost principle in Pilates.
When you choose to do Pilates, the goal is not only about how much resistance you can push around (strength), or how many repetitions of a movement you can do (endurance), but also about how effortless and smooth you can make the movements look as you perform them. Nestled in Bangkung row, located in the quieter yet cosier side of the ever popular Bangsar, our studio will woo you the second you step through the glass door. It can be a bit of a challenge to not be lured by its warmth.

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Lucy Chang
When you have a slight pain & unsure why it’s worth a visit to Cardea as the personal touch & care is one of the best I have received. Along with regular Pilates sessions to strengthen the body & core. To ensure you have a well maintained body throughout your life!
Chitra Lestari
Everyone in this place is friendly, the facilities are great, and the instructors are professional. I have been Wulan for a month now, on my 9th session but I can really feel the change in my body structure. I'm loosing weight and building muscle without putting burden on my knee, just as the doctor prescribed.

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One Wolter Place, 2nd floor Jl Wolter Monginsidi 63B Jakart
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