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Traditional Ashtanga Yoga Shala

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THB 500.00 Avg. Price / day

Traditional Ashtanga Yoga Shala Phuket (TAYSP) is a unique center of wellness where the ancient yoga techniques meet modern researches on health and well being. Weather you wish to attend daily Ashtanga yoga classes or take a weight loss course you find here the right environment where professional specialists take care of you with personal support and training. Creating and hosting affordable programmes is an important aspect of our mission at TAYSP. The variations of different techniques selected individually for ones benefits allow us to open up and turn on ones own resources without using expensive products of pharmacies. The list of techniques and methods we use includes yoga therapy, breathing techniques, cleansing procedures, ayurvedic herbs, massage, cold water treatment, Su Jok, meditation and of course strict vegetarian diet. We use all these tools to wake up your vital energy, teach you to use your potential for your own happiness and health without using harmful chemical stimulants, we teach you to bring your body in balance without damaging and stressing yourself. Weather you come for a daily yoga practice or you come for a short time you can get unique knowledge and skills to support yourself and take care of your health back home. TAYSP is not a commercial project and we do not take more than 10 people for the course which allows us to provide maximum support and attention. The result of our collaboration is guaranteed in a case if one strictly follows the schedule and diet. We all enjoy comfort and our cozy routine but sometimes our lifestyle brings us to lethargic state of mind, weight gain, chronic diseases, depression etc. Cross the line of your comfort zone, challenge yourself, open your mind, discover new perspectives and be the winner, be the master of your life, be the master of your body and mind. Being a strong and beautiful person requires some work and dedication and we do not promise magic pills for a quick change but if you are ready for hard work you will be rewarded with a beautiful result of the life change.


Traditional Ashtanga Yoga Shala offers accommodation as follows

We accommodate our guests in the private fully equipped houses at Land and House Park close to the Yoga Shala. Its a big private and quite area in a serene lush tropical setting near the lake. For the convenience of the guests we provide bicycles to move around the park, going to the shops and to the beach. Guests have an access to the swimming pool either private swimming pool at the house or public at the Clubhouse. The allocation of the houses depends on availability on the moment of booking.



One of the most important factors effecting on successful course result is food.A well-planned vegetarian diet can meet the needs of people of all ages, including children, teenagers, and pregnant or breast-feeding women. We offer a wide range of meals based on knowledge of the qualities of ingredients and we provide mostly alkaline, sattvic food. We advise you to pay special attention to this area as following the healthy diet is a big step forward and failing to keep the diet following the weakness of the moment is big jump back! The food plan is created individually for each person according to recommendation of our ayurveda nutrition expert and other specialists. We guarantee all food offered is pure and has no GMO products, pesticides, carcinogens etc.

How to reach Traditional Ashtanga Yoga Shala

Traditional Ashtanga Yoga Shala Phuket is located in Land & House Park at Clubhouse bфuilding. Following Chaofa road just turn right before Wat Tai (Temple) and go toward security check post at the entrance of Land & House Park. Sign your name at the security post and drive straight towards Clubhouse.

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Traditional Ashtanga Yoga Shala Phuket (TAYSP), Clubhouse at Land & House Park, 26/8, พัฒนา ซอย 8 ตำบล ฉลอง Mueang Phuket, ภูเก็ต 83130, Thailand
THB 500.00 Avg. Price / day