Top 12 Affordable Wellness Retreats in India

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India is a country where diversity can be seen in every corner. It charms the tourists and locals alike. Here modernity meets ancient traditions in complete harmony. Yoga, Ayurveda and massage treatments are also a part of India’s fitness heritage. Today, all of these are broadly covered under the umbrella of wellness. The wellness retreats here are a smooth amalgamation of ancient and modern practices. So with Yoga and Ayurveda, you will also find modern pilates and spa treatments. The holistic approach of these retreats is focused on promoting physical health, mental clarity, and emotional balance. Above all, India is the only place where you will find the best wellness options for every budget type. In this article, we will take you through the Top 12 Affordable Wellness Retreats in India and give you a fair idea of what to expect.

Before we begin, allow us to state a basic fact. There are a total of 96 affordable wellness retreats organized in India at any given time. Reading this article will straight up take you to the 12 best. So you don’t have to go through all 96 of them and get frustrated with information overload. Our list is prepared based on reviews of the people who have attended these retreats. For your convenience sake, we have even sorted the list in Descending order of online popularity (highest to lowest).


1. Om Yoga Ashram

Location - McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India

Wellness Retreat Name - 6 Days Yoga, Meditation and Wellness Retreat in Dharamsala India

Om Yoga Ashram is a Yoga Alliance-certified school. Here people come from near and far to participate in retreats and undergo Yoga Teacher Training. The ashram is a non-profit organization situated near Dal Lake. It is just 2 km from H.H. the Dalai Lama’s main temple. All around the Om Yoga Ashram are green hills and lush trees. With a trickling stream nearby the setting is ideal for Yoga and meditation. The ashram itself has very peaceful and soothing vibes. The family who runs it and all the other people working here are loving and have much to teach. 

Om Yoga Ashram was founded by Dr. Rashpal Yogi. From a very young age, he was attracted to Yoga and meditation and incorporated it into his lifestyle. After completing his studies in the same he set out to teach others as well. Since 2001 Swami Rashpal has been practicing Yoga and meditation regularly. Gurus who have influenced Swami Rashpal are Swami Ramdev, Yoga Guru Sri Pattabhi Jois, Yogi Adi Shankaracharya, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji, Yogi Swami Vivekananda, Yogi Swami Sivananda Saraswati and Yogi Swami Rama. 

During the 6-day yoga and meditation Retreat, you will be residing in a boutique accommodation. This place is surrounded by lots of greenery, mountains and even a small waterfall. Peaceful and charming, the accommodation is basic and consists of double rooms with beautiful natural views. With the room, you will also get an attached bathroom and balcony. The rooms are nice and clean. Room cleaning service is provided but the laundry you have to tackle yourself. The food that you will be eating is Sattvic vegetarian. The meals are balanced and are made from locally grown fruits and vegetables. In the case of special dietary requirements, it is best to let them know beforehand. The maximum number of participants in the retreat is limited to 10.

Your 6 Days Yoga, Meditation and Wellness Retreat in Dharamsala India will make you fall in love with the ashram life. This package deal consists of - 

  • 6 nights of comfortable accommodation with 3 freshly prepared meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) every day. 
  • Every day in the morning and evening you will have a variety of classes. This includes Yoga classes, meditation sessions, Yoga Philosophy and Anatomy classes, 7 Chakras and Mantra chanting sessions, the study of Indian culture and fire puja.
  • There will be lots of trekking and excursions that cover Triund, Galu & Guna Mata, Sunset Point, Dalai Lama temple, Dal Lake, Bhagsu Waterfall, a visit to a tea garden and much more.
  • Prayers and Bhajans are also organized every day.

Price per day INR 3,360

2. Aadi Yoga School

Location - Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India

Wellness Retreat Name - 3 Day Yoga & Wellness Retreat in Rishikesh India

A weekend may not seem like enough time for wellness, but that is where Aadi Yoga School holds everyone spellbound. Making each day count, the school ensures your 3 days are well spent in the pursuit of happiness and well-being. Aadi Yoga School is a prominent name in Rishikesh. Here, people come to attend YTTCs, retreats and drop-in classes. With the river Ganga flowing close by, you feel the spiritual vibe in the premises. Aadi Yoga School is located near to all shops and cafes so in case of any need, you will not have to venture out too far. The prime attraction of the school is its spacious and well-lit Yoga and meditation hall. From here you will catch some of the best and most surreal sunsets.

Swami Amarna Anand, the senior meditation teacher, will be guiding you through the 3-Day Wellness Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. Swami Amarna did his meditation course at Pune’s Osho International Meditation Resort. He has received recognition from numerous organizations for his teachings on Osho meditation and his insights into past life experiences. Now Swami ji resides in Rishikesh and imparts training to people from all over the world.

The 3 Day Wellness Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand is a powerful program that will help you attain spiritual wellness. But before we tell you what it consists let's give you a brief overview of food and accommodation. For lodging, you can choose between a private room or a shared double room. In both cases, you will get double beds, Wi-Fi and an air conditioner. The bathrooms have hot showers and towels are provided. For food, you will get a simple yet nutritious sattvic diet.

In the 3 Day Yoga & Wellness Retreat in Rishikesh India you will get - 

  • Accommodation for 2 nights with meals. However, on Sunday only breakfast is provided.
  • Daily practice of Yoga and meditation along with Pranayama and relaxation. Every day recital of mantras for spiritual upliftment.
  • In your free time explore the many delights of Rishikesh.

Per day INR 4,000

3. Krishnendu Ayurveda Kerala

Location - Chingoli, Alappuzha, Kerala, India

Wellness Retreat Name - 5 Day Rejuvenation Wellness Retreat in Kerala India

Krishnendu Ayurveda is a top-notch Ayurveda hospital as well as a Panchkarma treatment center. It is run by 4th generation family of Ayurveda Physicians and has been involved with Yoga and Ayurveda from as early as 1908. Krishnendu Ayurveda focuses on finding and treating the main cause of illnesses. Because of this, they have been chosen three times as the top Ayurveda Treatment center in Kerala. Their Ayurveda resort is located in a lush landscape. Its charming ambiance, stunning water bodies and pleasant climate with lots of fresh air are conducive to relaxation and rejuvenation. 

The pioneering hospital was founded by Late M.C.Kunjuraman Vaidyan. Later, it was expanded by the renowned Vaidya Kala Nidhi. R. Krishnan Vaidyan. All medicines used at Krishnendu are made following ancient Ayurvedic formulas and methods. The treatments are carried out by a skilled team of experienced Therapists. They specialize in Internal Medicine, Spinal disorders, Arthritis, and Rejuvenation. The Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala, has honored Krishnendu with the Green Leaf Certification which recognizes it as an authentic Ayurvedic institution.

Krishnendu Ayurveda wants as many people as possible to experience the power of Ayurveda. For this reason, they offer various retreat packages so that the budget is not a restriction. They offer a range of treatments. These include spa therapies, traditional Ayurvedic healing, rejuvenation treatments, detoxification, wellness therapies, slimming and plenty more.

The highlights of 5 Day Rejuvenation Wellness Retreat in Kerala India are - 

  • A consultation with a senior Ayurveda Physician. Dhara (Kizhi) and administering of internal medicines as directed by the physician. 
  • Head, face, foot and body massage with medicinal oils. Medicated steam bath and Sauna for 2 days.
  • Detoxification with gentle laxative for bowel cleansing.

Price per day INR 4,400

4. Preksha Yoga Ashram

Location - Mandrem, Goa, India

Wellness Retreat Name - 7 Day Blissful Meditation Yoga & Wellness Retreat in Goa India

Preksha Yoga Ashram is a live-in school that calls to the souls who want to experience the Yogic lifestyle in a natural, fresh and relaxed location. It is a 7-minute walk from the Mandrem Beach. The entire property is built to mimic the ancient Gurukul system of India. Preksha Yoga Ashram is a clean, eco-friendly and smoke-free property. Surrounded by greenery, you will find peace here. Everyone working on the property is kind and accommodating. Their service is great with proper attention to detail. You will find the Yoga intense yet refreshing. The highlight of your stay will be beach yoga which makes you feel free and at one with nature. 

Siddhesh (Sid) Naik is the Co-Founder of Preksha Yoga Ashram. He works diligently to maintain Preksha Yoga's cleanliness. Sid is known as a true Karma Yogi and he lives by the ‘Selfless service to all’ motto. He ensures that every guest room provides the perfect yogic atmosphere. In the last 3 years, he's planted over 300 trees and created a beautiful, plastic-free garden at the Ashram.

Preksha Yoga Ashram offers both single and shared accommodation options. All rooms have ensuite bathrooms with western toilets and showers. The dining hall is a nice and clean, simply kept place. The Ashram provides free RO water for drinking and the food here consists of a vegetarian diet. For laundry, there is a washing machine. However, it is chargeable per load.

The 7 Day Blissful Meditation Yoga & Wellness Retreat in Goa India is a refreshing change. The retreat price covers - 

  • Lodging and boarding for 6 nights with full-board vegetarian meals.
  • On commencement, there will be a welcome ceremony. You will also be gifted a T-shirt and a handbag that is environment-friendly.
  • Satsang, mantra chanting and meditation in the morning. Yoga asana and philosophy class. Pranayama sessions will also be there.

Price Daily INR 4,648

5. Rishikesh Yoga Teacher Training Center

Location - Upper Tapovan, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India

Wellness Retreat Name - 8 Day 'Health and Holiday' Wellness Retreat in India Rishikesh

Situated in the heart of Rishikesh, Rishikesh Yoga Teacher Training Center is yet another renowned Yoga school. They specialize in Yoga TTCs and retreats that cover all facets of the traditional and divine yoga system. With international certification with the Yoga Alliance, the school is indeed a good option to test and wet your feet in Yoga and meditation. The teachers are well-versed in both classical and modern Yoga. They teach students based on these practices. Situated in the Himalayan foothills, the school premises are a safe and heavenly place to learn from masters. The tranquil surroundings and the warm staff will make you want to stay here even longer.

Yogi Sanjeev Semwal is the founder of Rishikesh Yoga Teacher Training Centre. He is a 3rd generation Yoga guru who was initiated into the practice by his grandfather. Sanjeev has led a life of discipline from very early on with stress on consistent practice. His formal Yoga training started at 15 years of age and later he went on to do higher studies in Yoga at Ved Niketan International School of Yoga. To date, he has completed several Yoga Teacher Training Courses under the guidance of some great teachers. In addition to Yoga, Sanjeev also holds a master’s degree in Ayurvedic therapies and wellness management. 

For the retreat, you will be accommodated in the school’s Nishant Garden Resort. Your choice of accommodation includes single and double rooms with ensuite bathrooms. The rooms are neat and clean. Amenities like pillows, bed sheets, blankets, toilet paper, etc. are provided. The school has 2 yoga studios, a nice dining hall and a pleasing garden. The food that you will eat consists of a sattvic vegetarian diet. All of it is freshly prepared from organic produce available locally. It is both nutritious and appetizing.

The 8 Day 'Health and Holiday' Wellness Retreat in India Rishikesh is a rejuvenating retreat. As a part of the package you will get the - 

  • Accommodation for 7 nights with all meals and evening tea.
  • 1 meditation session and 2 Yoga classes every day. An Ayurvedic massage session lasting 60 minutes.
  • Excursions include a local market tour, a waterfall trek and a visit to witness Parthmarth Niketan Aarti.

Price per day INR 4,877

6. Aranya Yoga

Location - Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India

Wellness Retreat Name - 3 Day Yoga, Meditation, and Sound Healing Wellness Retreat in Dharamsala India

Aranya Yoga is nestled in the beautiful village of Bhagsunag in Dharamshala, just 2 km from Mcleodganj. There's a stream and river with fresh Himalayan water below the center. The village market is a 2-minute walk, and the ancient temple of Lord Shiva is only a minute away. Aranya Yoga is registered with the Yoga Alliance for its teacher training programs. This pure and sacred environment is perfect for healing and self-discovery. Anyone seeking simple living and a profound Yogic and spiritual experience will find their calling in this place. 

Aranya Yoga was started by Krishna Das Baba, who discovered yoga when he was young. He began practicing at 15 with his Guru Ji Sri Sitaram Das Baba Ji from the Ramananda Sampradaya lineage. After becoming a monk, he taught at different ashrams and yoga schools across India before founding Aranya Yoga. For the past 30 years, Baba Krishna Das has led yoga classes, the 200-hour YTTC and workshops on healing, meditation and Ayurvedic cooking in Palolem, Gokarna and Dharamshala.

During the retreat, you'll stay in large rooms with big windows and private bathrooms. There's always hot water in the bathrooms. The beds are comfortable and warm blankets are provided. All rooms have free Wi-Fi, and outdoor CCTV cameras to ensure safety. Aranya Yoga Center is a safe, and clean place where you can concentrate on changing yourself for the better. For nutrition, Aranya Yoga kitchen serves only vegetarian food, focusing on plants. They carefully select nutritious meals each day like fresh legumes, whole grains, and healthy proteins. Aranya Yoga offers a range of herbal teas, including garden-fresh mint and ginger teas.

The short yet impactful 3 Day Yoga, Meditation, and Sound Healing Retreat in The Himalayas, Dharamshala will pass in the blink of an eye. This well-curated package delivers - 

  • 2 nights of accommodation with healthy and flavorful meals.
  • Daily Yoga and meditation classes, and a group sound healing session.
  • Partake in easy hikes around the school and a visit to the temple of Dalai Lama.

Price per day INR 5,250

7. Mathatitu Yoga Ashram

Location - Varkala, Kerala, India

Wellness Retreat Name - 7 Day Ayurveda Panchakarma and Yoga Digital Detox Wellness Retreat in Varkala India

Helping guests and students attain freedom through Yoga is the aim of Mathatitu Yoga Ashram. Located on a cliff with banana trees on one side and the ocean on the other, you will feel completely at peace. This place is a mere 3-minute walk from the beach so rest assured the sound of the waves will accompany you every second. Being so close to the beach you can pop there anytime. The teachers at Mathatitu Yoga Ashram are professionals with tremendous experience. They teach from the heart and ensure your growth. The staff is humble and accommodating. Together they will give you a unique and memorable experience.

Yogaachaarya Anoop is the Founding Director of Mathatitu Yoga Ashram. His inspiration was Swami Vivekananda and he was a disciple of Sri Rama Krishna Paramahamsa. Yogaachaarya Anoop learned Raja Yoga and practiced it. In 2014 he decided to share his yoga knowledge, leading to the creation of Mathatitu Yoga Ashram. Yogaachaarya Anoop holds a master's degree and a 2-year diploma in yoga and naturopathy. He completed YTTC at Sivananda Yoga Ashram and S Vyasa University. He also underwent advanced teacher training at Sivananda Yoga Ashram. Yogaachaarya Anoop is a gem of a person and is loved by all.

Mathatitu Yoga Ashram’s 7-Day Ayurveda Panchakarma and Yoga Digital Detox Retreat in Varkala takes place at Keratheeram Beach Resort. Your choice of accommodation includes AC and non-AC shared and private rooms. All rooms are basic in looks but kept truly clean. They have an ensuite bathroom and all essentials like curtains, wardrobe, clean and fresh linen, etc. The terrace is one of the best places to spend time and take in the ocean views. Meals are a vegetarian Ayurvedic diet that aims to make you feel light and refreshed.

Slowing down in a fast-paced life is difficult. But that is exactly what you will get to do in the 7-Day Ayurveda Panchakarma and Yoga Digital Detox Retreat in Varkala. This package deal comprises - 

  • 6 nights of lodging with all meals.
  • 1 Yoga session, 1 meditation and philosophy class, a consultation with a doctor, medication and 2 hour-long massages or Ayurveda Panchakarma treatments.

Price per day INR 5,299

8. Vinyasa Yoga Academy

Location - Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India

Wellness Retreat Name - 3 Day Lifestyle Yoga, Meditation, and Wellness Retreat in Rishikesh India

Vinyasa Yoga Academy is a Yoga Alliance-approved school that aims to increase awareness about Yoga and its varied benefits amongst the masses.  It is a reputable institute well-known for its Yoga Teacher Training Courses. They primarily teach Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga techniques. Nevertheless, in addition to that, Vinyasa Yoga Academy also hosts drop-in classes and wellness retreats. The academy is located close to the river Ganga in the quiet neighborhood of Tapovan. The region is free of pollution and very peaceful.

To spread the message of wellness and spirituality Yogi Vishnu Panigrahi founded the Vinyasa Yoga Academy. From childhood, his grandfather played a big role in aiding him in his spiritual endeavors. When he was 12 he stepped out alone into the world to pursue his passion for the Yogic way of life. His first guru was Narayan Muni of the Jharsuguda Muni Samaj Yoga Ashram. Later he met Swami Niranjan Ji from whom he learned about the Vedas and the wisdom hidden in them. Swami Rama and  Swami Veda Bharti initiated Yogi Vishnu Panigrahi into the Raja Yoga system. Today, this selfless man’s whole and sole purpose in life is to serve humanity in whatever way and capacity he can.

Vinyasa Yoga Academy has a modern infrastructure that ensures smooth learning and a comfortable stay. During the retreat, you will stay in an inhouse building. Its rooms have attached bathrooms with a hot water supply and shower facility. There’s Wi-Fi and laundry service as well. Other amenities include a Yoga studio, a dining area and a big terrace. Food is always made with love and freshly prepared. Diet is mainly plant-based and no alcohol is allowed on the premises.

In the 3 Day Lifestyle Yoga, Meditation, and Wellness Retreat in Rishikesh India you will get - 

  • Accommodation for 2 nights with full-board vegetarian meals and tea and water as accompaniment.
  • Daily sessions of Yoga, Pranayama, meditation and breathing exercises.
  • Witness the world-famous Ganga Aarti and visit a local temple. The other excursion is a trek into the Himalayas to see a secret waterfall.

Daily Price INR 5,762

9. Maa Yoga Ashram

Location - Tapovan, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India

Wellness Retreat Name - 5 Days Yoga Wellness Retreat in Rishikesh India

Maa Yoga Ashram takes you on a journey of self-realization and growth through spiritual Vedic practices. This Yoga Alliance registered school is known for its YTTCs, Ayurvedic treatments, and Yoga and Ayurveda retreats. It is located close to the holy river Ganga, amidst the beautiful Himalayan mountains. This natural and pristine backdrop is ideal for relaxation and balancing the mind, body and soul. However, you are only a quick walk away from downtown Rishikesh. So in case of any requirement, the markets are closeby. The teachers and staff are all exceptional and will ensure that you learn the right thing in the right way. 

Dr. Amrit Raj, a fourth-generation Ayurvedic doctor, founded Maa Yoga Ashram. He chairs the non-profit Maa Yoga Research Foundation, while also serving as a trustee of the Arogyadham Global AIDS Research Foundation (AGARF). With RYT-200 and RYT-500 certifications recognized by Yoga Alliance, USA, Dr. Amrit has garnered multiple awards for his contributions. He conducts lectures, seminars, and classes globally and serves as a visiting Professor at the Dinacharya Ayurvedic Institute in New York. Dr. Amrit has organized workshops for prominent figures such as the President of India, the Royal Families of Europe, and the Judges of the Supreme Court. Dr. Amrit's expertise in Ayurveda and Yoga is profound and you are sure to benefit from his experience.

The accommodation for students and guests is spacious. The rooms are well-furnished and clean. All rooms have attached bathrooms. The beds are comfortable and from the room windows, you will get beautiful views of Rishikesh. The food is cooked on the premises and based on the principles of Ayurveda. Natural herbs and spices add flavor to simple and nutritious vegetarian meals.

Maa Yoga Ashram’s 5 Days Yoga Wellness Retreat in Rishikesh India is a wonderful opportunity to explore Yoga without any demands and pressure. The yoga retreat fee covers charges for -

  • Comfortable accommodation for 4 nights with 3 Sattvic meals and herbal teas on all days.
  • Daily guided Yoga and meditation practice. You will also learn Pranayama and Yoga Nidra. Yoga mats and other necessary equipment will be provided by the school.
  • There will be some exciting activities like mountain climbing and relaxing Ayurveda massages.

Price per day INR 6,000

10. Mitra Hermitage Ayurveda Hospital

Location - Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Wellness Retreat Name - 21 Days Panchakarma Detoxification Wellness Retreat in Kerala India

Mitra Hermitage, located in Kerala, is an authentic Ayurveda hospital accredited by NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers). It is built amidst nature in the backwater area of Kerala. The hospital spans half an acre of lush greenery where Ayurvedic herbs and vegetables are grown organically alongside the tranquil Karamana River. Established in 1915, Mitra Hermitage found its humble origins as an Ayurveda pharmacy. His Highness Sree Chithira Thirunal Maharaja gave consent to  Sree P.K. Narayanan Vaidyan to begin an Ayurveda pharmacy named after the Maharaja in Kollam.

Dr. Mahesh Sreedharan and Dr. Anitha Mahesh lead the team at Mitra Hermitage Ayurveda Hospital. Both are trained Ayurvedic physicians and completed their Ayurveda education from Government Ayurveda College, Trivandrum. Dr. Mahesh Sreedharan earned his postgraduate degree in Hospital Management from IHRD Trivandrum. He gained experience in Switzerland, Austria and Germany, which helped him enhance Mitra Hermitage's standards. On the other hand, Dr. Anitha, the hospital's administrator, is skilled in Ayurvedic cooking and has conducted enriching seminars in Europe. They are supported by a skilled team of therapists and staff ensuring smooth operations.

Mitra Hermitage Ayurveda Hospital has both AC and non-AC living accommodations for guests. From independent cottages to rooms, all kinds of options are available. These are spacious and well-ventilated with insect protection on the windows, doors and balconies. The other thoughtful amenities include a common dining area, a small library and a relaxation space that faces the river. There are also 6 spacious treatment rooms. Food here is always freshly cooked and made as per the instructions from the doctor.

The 21 Days Panchakarma Detoxification Wellness Retreat in Kerala India is a wholesome deal. However, bear in mind that room charges are additional. In the core retreat price, you will get - 

  • 2 consultations with an Ayurvedic doctor. After assessment, the doctor will prescribe an Ayurvedic diet plan which you will follow.
  • 8 Yoga sessions and at least 46 treatments.

Per day INR 7,140

11. Ideal Ayurvedic Resort

Location - Kovalam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

Wellness Retreat Name - 8 Days Rejuvenation Wellness Retreat in Kerala India

Ideal Ayurvedic Resort is one of the most sought-after wellness holiday destinations in Kerala. This melting pot of Yoga, meditation and Ayurveda uses a blend of traditional skills passed down the generations to deliver maximum benefits to guests. Ideal Ayurvedic Resort is located in Chowara, in the lap of quiet nature. The services at the resort are excellent. The staff is polite and warm. The doctors and therapists are experienced professionals. With lots of greenery all around in the form of green gardens, tall trees and aromatic plantations, you will truly get to breathe in fresh air.

The Ideal Ayurvedic Resorts was founded in 1997 by Vaidyar J. Christudas, a Traditional Ayurvedic Physician. Learning Ayurveda from his grandfather since childhood, he gained expertise in treating people with local herbs. His interest in natural medicine led him to learn how to make Ayurvedic medicines from these herbs. Vaidyar J. Christudas specializes in treating incurable diseases through Ayurvedic and panchakarma treatments. Utilizing his medical knowledge, he diagnoses patients and offers appropriate treatments. His deep knowledge, sincerity, humanity, and hard work have earned him the trust and affection of all.

Ideal Ayurvedic Resort is designed with an open courtyard. It includes the main guesthouse, 4 traditional cottages and a therapy or treatment center. With comfortable rooms, it can host up to 50 guests. The entire compound maintains top-notch cleanliness and hygiene standards, with daily cleaning of the grounds, communal areas and rooms. Guests receive fresh bed linen, towels, shampoo sachet and soap. Sterilized water is supplied throughout the compound. 

The 8 Days Rejuvenation Wellness Retreat in Kerala India is indeed an ideal way to feel refreshed and renewed. The package inclusions are -

  • 7 nights accommodation with full board Ayurvedic meals.
  • Daily consultation with doctors, medicines (internal & external) as advised by the doctor and Ayurveda treatments for 2.5 to 3 hours. You will also get complimentary Yoga classes.
  • Round-trip airport transfers are available to and from Trivandrum Airport.

Price per day INR 8,000

12. Elephant Pass Ayurveda And Yoga Retreat

Location - Kochi, Kerala, India

Wellness Retreat Name - 8 Days Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Wellness Retreat in Kerala India

Located in the heart of Kerala, Elephant Pass Ayurveda And Yoga Retreat provides everyone who comes here a memorable timeless experience. People visit this place to find harmony and balance in life and they go back feeling changed and refreshed. Within a forest setting and located next to a river, the resort has a serene atmosphere. The staff is very attentive and courteous. They do everything with a smile on their face. The treatments at Elephant Pass Ayurveda And Yoga Retreat are very relaxing as well as healing. The supportive team ensures that you have a great holiday.

The Elephant Pass Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat has air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned rooms with a 24/7 supply of hot and cold water. For the convenience of guests, free toiletries are provided. Free room service is also available. It is a family-friendly setup so you can come here with your near and dear ones. Mears are only vegetarian and prepared as per the Ayurvedic diet.

The 8 Days Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Wellness Retreat in Kerala India from Elephant Pass Ayurveda And Yoga Retreat includes -

  • 7 nights accommodation with full board meals. The meal on the first day starts with lunch and on the last day, only breakfast is provided.
  • You will first have a consultation with the doctor post which medicines and treatment will be prescribed.
  • Every day there will be 2 Ayurvedic massage or therapy sessions. You will also be advised on lifestyle management and diet patterns.

Price per day INR 8,571

Unbiased list of Top 12 Affordable Wellness Retreats in India

  1. 6 Days Yoga, Meditation and Wellness Retreat in Dharamsala India at Om Yoga Ashram, McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India
  2. 3 Day Yoga & Wellness Retreat in Rishikesh India at Aadi Yoga School Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India
  3. 5 Day Rejuvenation Wellness Retreat in Kerala India at Krishnendu Ayurveda Kerala Chingoli, Alappuzha, Kerala, India
  4. 7 Day Blissful Meditation Yoga & Wellness Retreat in Goa India at Preksha Yoga Ashram Mandrem, Goa, India
  5. 8 Day 'Health and Holiday' Wellness Retreat in India Rishikesh at Rishikesh Yoga Teacher Training Center Upper Tapovan, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India
  6. 3 Day Yoga, Meditation, and Sound Healing Wellness Retreat in Dharamsala India at Aranya Yoga Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India
  7. 7 Day Ayurveda Panchakarma and Yoga Digital Detox Wellness Retreat in Varkala India at Mathatitu Yoga Ashram Varkala, Kerala, India
  8. 3 Day Lifestyle Yoga, Meditation, and Wellness Retreat in Rishikesh India at Vinyasa Yoga Academy Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India
  9. 5 Days Yoga Wellness Retreat in Rishikesh India at Maa Yoga Ashram Tapovan, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India
  10. 21 Days Panchakarma Detoxification Wellness Retreat in Kerala India at Mitra Hermitage Ayurveda Hospital Trivandrum, Kerala, India
  11. 8 Days Rejuvenation Wellness Retreat in Kerala India at Ideal Ayurvedic Resort Kovalam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
  12. 8 Days Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Wellness Retreat in Kerala India at Elephant Pass Ayurveda And Yoga Retreat Kochi, Kerala, India

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