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Siddhi Yoga Center Goa

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Siddhi Yoga is the culmination of great knowledge, noble purpose, and like minded people. It brings to fore the lost art of creating balance in one’s life. Using yoga, meditation, kriyas, relaxation and healing, the practice at Siddhi Yoga brings about transformational changes in its students – making them feel invigorated, free spirited, and healthy; apart from giving them yoga teacher training.

The Philosophy
Ancientns understood the importance of equilibrium and living in harmony with nature but with advancement in technology and fast paced lifestyles, these pearls of wisdom got lost. To be in harmony with nature, bring the balance back in life, and to seek greater fulfilment in life beyond materialistic comforts towards inner peace of mind and soul is the bigger purpose and underlying philosophy of Siddhi Yoga.

About Siddhi Yoga
Currently Siddhi Yoga has retreats in Goa , Dharamshala and Rishikesh. Given the unique experience that Siddhi Yoga promises to offer, every aspect of the retreats has been chosen with care. The locations of Dharamshala, Goa and Rishikesh have a natural environment of spirituality and serenity. Nestled away in a corner, our retreats blend with the nature to offer unparalleled experience of spirituality and calm.

An international yoga retreat offering unparalleled experience to its students, Siddhi Yoga plans to soon spread the fragrance of this knowledge to other countries including Bali (Indonesia), Thailand, Singapore, Mexico and Malaysia; and later rest of the world.

Siddhi Yoga Center Goa Reviews (2)

Selena Guiot
What a wonderful experience the 200hrs SiddhiYoga tt last December in Dharamsala! 💖 I loved all about the place, the energy, the people... A magic month with great Teachers and fab new Friends! Thanks everybody, I love you all!
Julita van Zuydam
I consider myself as one of the luckiest yogis ever to have been to Goa Siddhi teacher training course. Wonderful overall experience. Gorgeous setting, quaint accommodation, good food, friendly service, extraordinary teachers and friendships made forever! Sandeep, Ritesh and Gaurav are the best teachers, and I would choose them again. Such knowledge, compassion, humor and love while teaching, is remarkable. I have loved every moment, mixed with love, tears and laughter! A fun, but also very deep way to learn about your inner self and the love of your companions joining this enriching journey! Will savior this month of 200hours yoga teacher training forever! Thank you for this life changing opportunity!! �� Namaste!

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The Whispering Lakes, Dando village, Arambol Beach, North Goa
67.80 Avg. Price / day