Top 11 Yoga Retreats in South Goa

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Beautiful beaches, enveloped in nature, delicious cuisine, and plenty of nightlife are just a few things one can use to describe India’s multicultural hotpot - Goa. When one thinks about Goa, the question always remains - North Goa or South Goa; because both parts of the state have completely different vibes and cater to every kind of traveller. While North Goa boasts of tourist hubs and happening beaches; South Goa on the other hand is full of pristine, peaceful beaches and is ideal for those looking for a serene, calm holiday. From luxurious properties that can indulge your senses to immersive retreats that can help you awaken your senses; Yoga Retreats in South Goa have much to offer for the seeking souls. 

 To help you pick the best yoga retreat in goa this nature’s paradise, we’ve compiled a list of the top 11 yoga retreats in South Goa sorted in descending order of price per day (highest to lowest).

 1. Bamboo Yoga Retreat Patnem, South Goa

Cost per day USD 141 | INR 10466

 Situated at one end of the pristine Patnem beach, Bamboo Yoga Retreat was featured as one of the best yoga retreats in India by Conde Nast Traveller in 2017. Run by Nii and an experienced and delightful team of instructors and staff, this luxury retreat helps guests stay one with nature harmoniously. The property is built on the white sandy beach with locally sourced natural materials for an ecological experience and ambience. 

Bamboo Yoga Retreats offers yoga holidays, yoga retreats, teacher training, ayurvedic spa treatments and a holistic rejuvenation for the body, mind and soul. One of the key intentions of the retreat’s programs is to help those dealing with or going through major life-changing periods to ease their transition with expert instructors and help create a harmony within the self. Their programs include accommodation, long yoga sessions and workshops, super juices, vegetarian breakfast, set dinners, group dinner on the beach and more experiential inclusions. 

 The retreat’s spa has a host of treatments one can choose from to help the one heal and transform by expert practitioners with Ayurvedic ethos to create oneness of the senses and bring change into one’s daily life. 

 The eco-friendly cottages at the retreat are built for comfort, privacy and simplicity with style inclusive of european style mattresses, private bathrooms and other amenities with beautiful panoramic or sea views overlooking Patnem. Delicious meals ranging vegan, vegetarian, yogic, organic to pescetarian, seafood, whole food and yogic diets are provided at the retreat for guests to enrich the stay experience. 

 With access to a wildlife sanctuary and boat trips for dolphin spotting or kayaking, guests can enjoy various activities along with a yoga retreat as one can choose to tailor their experience at this retreat completely to spend as much time practising yoga as they wish and fill in other time in locale.

 The 7 Days Relaxing Yoga holiday in Canacona, South Goa by Bamboo Yoga Retreats includes

  • Afternoon sunset yoga class (1.5 hours)
  • Morning meditation and yoga class (2 hours)
  • Private accommodation in your own en-suite bamboo beach bungalow
  • Fresh wake-up power juice, tropical fruit salad, and teas
  • Delicious substantial fresh vegetarian buffet brunch
  • Treatment and spa special offers
  • Taxi airport pick-up and drop-off

 USD 845 | INR 63,265

2. Kranti Yoga Patnem, South Goa

Cost per day USD 140.5 | INR 10428

Established in 2007 by Tarun Kranti Agarwal, who adopted the yogic life at an early age of 9 years, is a bustling community of yogis and positivity all around. Grounded on the tranquil Patnem beach, Kranti Yoga school has been designed and built for an all immersive experience and is divided into four campuses namely, Moksha, Sattva, Shakti, and Samadhi to reflect the various states involved in yoga. 

 The shala offers programs for those interested in yoga teacher training and various yoga holiday options and has 6 yoga spaces. The holiday packages cover morning and evening yoga classes in Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Slow Hatha Flow and meditation forms and are open to all levels of experience. Guests can also treat themselves to ayurvedic spa services while one session per week is included in the package.

 With a wide variety of accommodation options available at the shala from luxury to budget, beach views to garden enveloped comfort is a top priority at Kranti Yoga. All meals are prepared with vegan or vegetarian philosophies, and ensure a holistic balance of the senses during one’s stay. The shala also organises evening activities for the residential community creating opportunities for students and guests to meet like minded people and bring about a sense of belonging.

 The 8 Days Yin Yoga Retreat in Goa organized by Kranti Yoga Patnem, South Goa includes

  • Bedtime Yin Yoga, Candlelight Meditation, Yoga Movies, Ecstatic Dance and Beach Bonfire
  • 3 Meals daily
  • 1 Ayurvedic massage
  • Private Accommodation
  • All shala facilities including laundry and wifi
  • School bag with a manual and school stationery
  • Participation Certificate after completion of your course

 USD 984 | INR 73,624

3. Prana Veda Bali @ Bhakti Kutir Palolem, South Goa

Cost per day USD 137 | INR 10177

Hosted at Bhakti Kutir, an eco resort near the popular and serene Palolem beach by one of Bali’s luxurious yoga retreat Prana Veda Bali, this retreat is a true delight for the senses.  Enveloped in nature, the retreat helps one bring balance with the inner and outer self and is open for all levels of expertise.

The yoga retreat focuses on Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin yoga styles with sessions held at the open yoga space amidst nature, and includes aquatic therapy, meditation on beach at sunrise and sunset, dance and music workshops and more. All programs are tailored to the individual needs and personal ayurvedic doshas and instructions are provided in English and German. Guests can also avail various ayurvedic spa treatments during the yoga retreat in Goa.

Comfortable and luxurious stay is provided in jungle huts that create a perfect vibe for a relaxing yoga holiday. The program includes healthy breakfast for all and can be catered to specific dietary requirements. 

Guests can enjoy various excursions to nearby beaches, the famous night market, and beautiful restaurants to delight the taste buds to local cuisines as part of the yoga retreat for a wholesome experience.

 The 8 Days Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat in Goa organized by Prana Veda Bali at Eco resort Bhakti Kutir includes

  • Daily yoga classes
  • Aquatic bodywork afternoon
  • Ayurveda, dance, and music sessions
  • Excursion to the famous night market, beautiful restaurants, and the beach
  • Daily meditation and pranayama classes
  • Private Accommodation
  • Daily breakfast

 USD 955 | INR 71,455

4. Palm Trees Ayurvedic Heritage Rajbagh, South Goa

Cost per day USD 122.2  | INR 9071

 Located at a walking distance from Rajbagh Beach, a clean and almost private beach filled with palm groves for peace seekers to enjoy, Palm Trees Ayurvedic Heritage Goa is a reflection of the surroundings. Founded 8 years ago by Julia Gavin, a dedicated practitioner of Vinyasa Flow, she has strong roots in Ashtanga and Rocket Yoga and spends eight months a year running this yoga retreat in Goa. For an authentic Goan experience with Keralan hospitality, nestled in the palm trees, overlooking the river providing serenity all around this retreat is a delight for the senses. 

 Among their offerings are Yoga retreats and Ayurveda retreats which span across 7 days, 14 days or more as per the guests’ preference. Daily yoga sessions conducted in the yogshala made from organic locally sourced materials to keep in line with the aesthetic and nature, for various levels include Vinyasa Flow, Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Rocket Yoga, Yin yoga, pranayama and meditation and private sessions are available at an additional cost. 

 The ayurveda retreat and treatments at the property include abhyangam, herbal body scrub, herbal facials, body massages, shirodhara, rejuvenation treatments, and the royal signature treatment focused on deep tissue massage. 

 The accommodation at the yoga retreat is also built with organic locally sourced materials in line with the Kerala aesthetic, and provides comfortable beds along with private sit-out spaces for guests to enjoy a refreshment or read a book for a relaxing vacation. They also offer breakfast at the riverside restaurant that caters to goan, kerala, vegan, vegetarian, and ayurvedic dietary requirements and can be tailored for specific needs. 

 The yoga resort is well connected to the local community and amenities for one to experience South Goa truly like a dinner at the beach shacks or fishing trips.

 The 8 Day unlimited Yoga & Meditation classes retreat in Goa organized by Palm Trees Ayurvedic Heritage includes

  • Unlimited yoga and meditation classes
  • Private Accommodation
  • Beach Access
  • Breakfast at our riverside restaurant
  • 1 Ayurvedic massage

 USD 856 | INR 64,047

 5. Ashram Ibiza @ Blue Planet Resort Agonda, South Goa

Cost per day USD 119.4  | INR 8863

 Located near the pristine and peaceful Agonda beach, Ashram Ibiza’s signature program is run under the capable leadership of Swami Prem Samdarshi who has spent years practicing and mastering the teachings of Vipassana and his disciple Ma Satvika who conducts meditation and yoga retreat in Goa India and Ibiza. 

 Their signature program in South Goa, India is an 18-days yoga & energy healing retreat which helps one drop unhealthy and unyielding lifestyle patterns for a holistic lifestyle. Their yoga styles include Hatha and Kriya along with various breathing exercises and Vipassana techniques spread across the 18 days to create a healthy harmony with the mind and body. With serene views of the valley, all sessions are held at the top shala of the resort and enrich the experience with a feeling of oneness with nature. 

 Accommodation for all guests is arranged at Blue Planet Organic Cafe & Resort with picturesque views and fully equipped rooms for comfort. Blue planet offers organic and vegan meals made from local produce for all meals and are included in the package. The yoga retreat program also features two off days for guests to enjoy the beautiful locale and spend time with themselves for a balanced vacation.

 The 18 Day Yoga, Meditation with energy breathing and vipassana retreat in goa organized by Ashram Ibiza includes

  • Yoga mats and props
  • Daily yoga and meditation sessions
  • 4 optional yoga classes with Yogi Manoj
  • Weekend Meditation Retreat with Master Samdarshi
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation from/to Goa International Airport
  • 3 meals a day, teas and water all-day
  • 1-hour massage session

 USD 1714 | INR 1,28,244

6. Peaceful Mind - The Ancient Yoga Agonda, South Goa

Cost per day USD 102.3  | INR 7594

 Founded by Yogi Satendra, with over 30 years of experience in physical and mental well being through the practice of yoga, meditation and spirituality; his goal with Peaceful Mind is to help individuals with posture, strength, flexibility, and creating compassionate spaces for one to express themselves. Deep rooted in the ancient practices of yoga, conducted in the midst of a jungle environment, they offer a 7-day meditation and yoga retreat at the beautiful Agonda beach.

 The program includes detoxification through power & hot yoga, mindfulness sessions, breathing sessions, fire rituals, dance workshops for inner happiness and is open to all ages and levels of expertise. This retreat also aims at helping with chakra restoration and bringing about a positive change in one’s lifestyle.

 The retreat provides comfortable accommodation in private, shared or double rooms with required amenities, along with a yoga manual, kit and more. Guests are offered yogic and ayurvedic homemade vegetarian meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner along with herbal drinks throughout the stay.

 The 4 Day Meditation and Relaxing Yoga Holidays in Goa at Ferns Guest House organized by Peaceful Mind - The Ancient Yoga Agonda, South Goa includes

  • Daily yoga classes
  • Spiritual Fire program
  • Spiritual dancing for inner happiness lesson
  • Daily intensive Meditation and Relaxing Yoga sessions
  • Savasana and Chanting for spiritual power sessions
  • Daily breakfast, lunch, dinner, and herbal drinks
  • Accommodation

 USD 307 | INR 22,970

7. Earth Yoga Village Palolem, South Goa

Cost per day USD 98.4  | INR 7304

 Located at the popular yet peaceful Palolem beach, Canacona; it is lined with palm trees and vibrant wooden shacks, and is known for pleasant waters and silent discos. Founded by Anand Garg, who believes in the power of self knowing and discovery, Earth Yoga Village is deeply involved with the ethos of sustainability, minimalism, and ecological issues to leave a better world for the future generations and take efforts to educate and take action towards the same. 

 Among the various yoga styles taught through the programs are ashtanga, karma, bhakti, kriya, raja and jnana and their two signature programs 2-weeks mind & emotions yoga retreat focuses on restoring the balance between the mind and body for holistic life and the 5-weeks conscious community living yoga retreat provides an immersive experience into all aspects of the yogic living and bringing back harmony between the mind, body and soul.

 All huts are fitted with amenities for comfort and include options for guests to choose from like private jungle beach huts with various bedding options and all female dorms beautifully designed with Rajasthani decor. Completely sourced from local farmers, the meals prepared at the retreat are included in the packages for a wholesome and healthy lifestyle. 

 Guests can enjoy various local delights of beaches, shopping, nightlife, Dudhsagar waterfalls and more especially on Saturdays which is the community day off for exploration and relaxation.

 The 8 Day Beginners Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Canacona, Goa organized by Earth Yoga Village Palolem, South Goa includes

  • 7 days of practice
  • 2 yoga classes per day
  • Daily guided meditation session
  • Kriya, pranayama, and mindful Satsang
  • Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Accommodation & Peaceful surroundings

 USD 685 | INR 51,253

8. Lotus Nature Cure Orlim, South Goa

Cost per day USD 92.6  | INR 6874

 Imagine being immersed in nature, with clean fresh air to breathe, white sandy beaches at a walking distance and jungle squirrels playing around on the balcony as you relax your way into tranquility at a yoga retreat in peaceful South Goa. Located near the clean, calm Varca beach and walking distance from the quiet Orlim beach; Lotus Nature care is a holistic retreat designed and built for comfort and peace. 

Lotus Nature care’s holistic retreat programs are designed to build and boost one’s natural immunity and strength to stay healthy for a wholesome lifestyle. Open to all ages and expertise levels, the sessions in the program focus on ‘Sukha’ - de-stressing and ‘Shuddhi’ - detoxification by means of massages, Hatha yoga, pranayama, naturopathy, and more. 

 Guests can also experience a variety of wellness treatments at the spa which is inclusive in the retreat package such as ayurvedic massages, and rejuvenation sessions. 

 Lotus Nature Cure provides comfortable accommodation in private or shared spaces with balconies and all rooms are fitted with amenities for a pleasant stay. This yoga retreat is vegetarian friendly and provides full board satvik homemade meals within the package with fixed menus based on vegetarian and naturopathic principles.

 The 4 Day Personalized Wellness and Yoga retreat in Orlim, South Goa organized by Lotus Nature Cure includes

  • 2 daily yoga lessons
  • Yoga Nidra and pranayama
  • 3 sessions of wellness therapies
  • Private accommodation
  • Daily vegetarian meals

 USD 278 | INR 20,800