Top 15 Most Popular Yoga Retreats in Sri Lanka

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For individuals seeking a tranquil getaway amidst the mesmerizing landscapes of Sri Lanka, the allure of its untouched beaches and captivating sights has long been a beckoning call. However, the everyday stresses of life have often left many yearning for respite and a chance to revitalize their well-being. It was with this desire for a rejuvenating holiday that the idea of embarking on a yoga retreat became a tantalizing prospect. Yet, with an abundance of options available, the vast array of choices proved to be overwhelming, casting doubt upon one's instincts. Nevertheless, through diligent research and unwavering determination, the author successfully discovered a truly remarkable experience. Driven by the thought of assisting others in navigating through the same labyrinthine confusion, this article aims to present an unbiased selection of the top 15 budget yoga retreats in Sri Lanka, carefully sorted in ascending order of price per day.

At any given time, Sri Lanka hosts a staggering number of 90 short-term yoga retreats, each offering a unique blend of serenity and self-discovery. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive guide, this compilation endeavors to illuminate the path toward an ideal retreat that harmonizes with both mind and wallet. By meticulously considering various factors such as affordability, quality of instruction, and the ambiance of each retreat, the list showcases a diverse range of options to cater to different preferences and budgets. Whether one seeks an intimate experience nestled amidst lush greenery or a beachfront sanctuary bathed in golden sunsets, this collection ensures a panoramic view of the finest yoga retreats Sri Lanka has to offer, ultimately empowering readers to make an informed choice in their quest for rejuvenation.

After meticulous research and careful analysis of genuine user reviews, we have handpicked a unique Unbiased list of Top 15 Most Popular Yoga Retreats in Sri Lanka. Our dedicated team has gathered raw data from reputable online review platforms, applying rigorous filters and meticulously organizing the retreats based on their price per day, ascending from the most affordable to the highest. This thoughtful approach guarantees you a comprehensive and transparent array of options to explore, empowering you to make an informed decision that aligns with your preferences and budget.

1. Surf & Yoga Mirissa

Location - Mirissa, Southern Province, Sri Lanka

Yoga Retreat Name - 6-Day Balance Package with Yoga and Surf Lesson in Mirissa, Southern Province

Surf and Yoga Mirissa is a warm invitation to individuals seeking a release from the monotony of their daily routines. Nestled amidst lush palm trees, the retreat offers a serene sanctuary where one can experience both euphoria and relaxation, although with a healthy dose of wellness. The location, situated in the charming town of Mirissa on Sri Lanka's south coast, boasts a breathtaking crescent beach adorned with fine sand, cocooned by a verdant jungle of palm trees. This idyllic setting serves as the perfect getaway for all, especially surfers who can indulge in the pleasure of being mere minutes away from some of the region's prominent surf spots. Moreover, the retreat offers invigorating outdoor yoga sessions, acknowledging the intrinsic link between mind and body. Embracing a holistic approach to wellness, Surf and Yoga Mirissa promises a soul-enriching experience that will leave a lasting imprint on your holiday memories.

Fuelled by a deep passion and genuine affection for his craft, Priyal established the Surf & Yoga Retreat. As a Level 1 certified surf coach, he possesses a wealth of expertise in surfing. Priyal's interactions with guests extend beyond the boundaries of a traditional instructor-student relationship. With an amiable disposition and a penchant for engaging conversations, he fosters an atmosphere of warmth and camaraderie. While his natural stance in surfing is regular footed, Priyal harbors a particular fondness for left-hand point breaks, relishing the unique challenges they present. Priyal's dedication to his guests' well-being and his staunch commitment to his craft make him a remarkable host.

The balance package is for those who wish to learn both yoga and surfing. The 6-day balance package includes 4 surf lessons where the teacher-student ratio is 1:4. Boards are also provided. Although if you so desire, you can bring your own. The expertise level of the students is the same so there’s no need to feel conscious or sceptical. Furthermore, there will be 4 invigorating Hatha Yoga sessions and 1 massage to relax all the knots and tight muscles in the body.

The best part of Surf & Yoga is that you can tailor your package. You can choose any or all of the following - meals (breakfast & dinner), Yoga, surfing, Ayurveda massage, airport transfers, snorkeling or diving, a safari and a Galle city tour. Similarly, there is also a choice in the type of accommodation. A tailored package will give you more control and keep things within budget. The rooms are simply decorated and air-conditioned. Hot and cold water, a hair dryer and a water heater are available in the washroom. The property also has a swimming pool and is equipped with 5G internet service. One can also enjoy the movie and music nights at the bar to unwind.

Price per day USD 53

2. Polwaththa Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Location - Digana, Central Province, Sri Lanka

Yoga Retreat Name - 4-Day Yoga, Trekking, Cooking, and Reforestation Retreat in Kandy, Central Province

For an immersive "Living-in-the-Jungle" experience, Polwaththa Yoga & Meditation Retreat beckons you to its embrace. This enchanting property boasts 15 lodges scattered across a pristine environment. At Polwaththa, a harmonious coexistence thrives as it welcomes not only guests but also a delightful community of seven dogs and five cats. Here, they live in symbiotic unity with the diverse wildlife, including wild boars, deer, porcupines, giant squirrels, monkeys, butterflies, bats, fireflies, insects, and over 60 bird species, 15 of which are endemic—an absolute haven for avid birdwatchers. Embracing the ethos of responsible tourism, the community at Polwaththa actively promotes the three R's—Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Amidst this idyllic backdrop, visitors can immerse themselves in yoga, learn the art of cooking, and embark on stimulating treks, making it an ideal destination to nurture mind, body, and soul.

Located approximately 15 kilometers away from Kandy, a scenic 50-minute drive through the countryside, lies Polwaththa Yoga and Meditation Retreat. This retreat holds a special place within the Polwaththa Eco-Lodges, a family-owned business formed by Nihal, a native of Sri Lanka, Nel, hailing from Holland, and their son Remon. The inception of this project was inspired by the collective vision of the family, particularly Nihal, who brings with him extensive expertise in the tourism industry. From the very beginning, Nihal harbored a deep-rooted desire to establish a sustainable tourism venture, and his commitment to this goal is evident in the close collaboration with local villagers. Through mutual education and learning, Polwaththa has cultivated a genuine ecotourism business, where respect for the environment and community lies at the core of its ethos.

The 4-day retreat promises an abundance of joy and adventure, forming an extraordinary journey in its own right. Throughout this immersive experience, participants will find themselves deeply connected to nature, engaging with the local community, and embracing a simpler life. These four captivating days are brimming with excitement, featuring five invigorating yoga classes. Each day begins with a revitalizing session of Hatha or Vinyasa in the morning, followed by a serene Yin yoga practice complemented by meditation in the evening. The retreat also includes a thrilling jungle trek and an exploration of the nearby local village, culminating in a refreshing swim beneath the cascading waters of a picturesque waterfall. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to learn the secrets of local cuisine through an enticing cooking lesson, adding a flavorful touch to this transformative journey.

As part of the package, you will be provided with comfortable boarding and lodging, ensuring a seamless stay throughout the retreat. You have the option to choose from various accommodation types for the 3 nights, including private lodges, double-sharing lodges, or triple-sharing lodges. Additionally, the package includes daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner (with dinner served upon arrival), ensuring that you are nourished with delicious meals throughout your stay. To enhance convenience, a pickup service from Digana town is also arranged for your ease of transportation. Furthermore, unlimited water, tea, and coffee will be readily available, ensuring that you stay hydrated and energized throughout your retreat experience.

Price per day USD 62

3. The Surfer Surf Camps Sri Lanka

Location - Weligama, Southern Province, Sri Lanka

Yoga Retreat Name - 8-Day The Surfer Beach Camp - Yoga and Surf Camp in Weligama, Southern Province

Located a stone's throw away from Weligama's premier surf spots, The Surfer Surf Camp stands as an ideal choice to start your exhilarating surf and yoga journey in Sri Lanka. With specially tailored packages for beginner, intermediate, and advanced surfers, this camp caters to surfers of all levels, ensuring a memorable holiday experience. From daily surf lessons that encompass surf theory to vitalizing yoga sessions, The Surfer provides a wide range of offerings to curate a unique surf trip tailored to your needs. Renowned as one of the finest surf schools in Weligama Bay, this camp offers an exceptional retreat for groups, couples, and solo travelers alike, promising an extraordinary setting to forge lasting memories.

Lahiru, a proud native of Weligama, Sri Lanka, serves as the owner and manager of the hotel, bringing a wealth of local knowledge and insights to the forefront. Having grown up in Weligama, Lahiru possesses an intimate understanding of the local scene, enabling him to provide invaluable recommendations and create an authentic experience for guests. As a licensed and qualified ISA/ISL surf instructor, Lahiru's passion for surfing is evident, and he skillfully shares his expertise with visitors. Beyond his professional qualifications, Lahiru's endearing personality shines through as he exudes a delightful sense of humor and kindness, making him a gracious host committed to ensuring that each guest's experience is nothing short of remarkable. Through his unwavering dedication, Lahiru has crafted a beautiful setup on the equally stunning coast, offering guests an exceptional retreat.

The 8-day Surfer Beach Camp holiday package includes 7 nights of comfortable accommodation. Each day begins with a nourishing breakfast, providing the perfect fuel for the adventures that lie ahead. Additionally, 6 dinners are included, including 3 special buffet dinners, offering a delectable variety of culinary delights. The retreat also incorporates daily yoga sessions, ensuring moments of tranquility and connection with the body and mind. For surf enthusiasts, the package includes a daily surf lesson in a small group setting, with a maximum of 6 participants, allowing for personalized attention and guidance. In addition to the lessons, surf theory sessions further enhance your understanding of the sport. The convenience continues with complimentary transportation to various surf spots, granting easy access to the best breaks in the area. To further facilitate your surfing experience, the package includes free use of surfboards during the sessions. Beyond the surf and yoga activities, the retreat provides daily social fun activities, fostering a sense of camaraderie and creating lasting memories.

For accommodation, you can choose between a dorm bed, a private single room, a private double room and a private triple room. The rooms are adequate for solo travelers, couples, families and even groups. They are spacious, fully air-conditioned and every room has its own bathroom and private balcony. The property has a swimming pool and rooftop restaurant where you can chill in your free time.

Price per day USD 62

4. Solid Surf House Sri Lanka

Location - Weligama Bay, Southern Province, Sri Lanka

Yoga Retreat Name - 8-Day One Package Fits All Yoga and Surf Camp for All Levels in Weligama Bay

Solid Surf House in Sri Lanka offers an authentic tropical experience, immersing guests in the pure essence of island living. Positioned strategically in a central location between the bustling surfing hotspots of the south coast, this surf house provides easy access to the area's waves, as well as the vibrant café, bar, and restaurant scene. The proximity to stunning beaches such as Jungle Beach and Turtle Beach ensures that you are never far from the breathtaking coastal beauty. Whether you desire to catch waves in Madiha or Ahangama, explore the renowned Doctor's House in Polhena, or simply soak up the charm of Weligama, everything is within reach without any hassle. At Solid Surf House, a wide range of activities awaits, including surf guiding, surf lessons, surf skate sessions, and yoga classes. Whatever your preferences, this surf house caters to all, offering a memorable and exhilarating experience amidst the tropical paradise of Sri Lanka.

Jordy Robers and Ary Heim are the co-owners of Solid Surf House. The story of Solid Surf & Yoga House traces back to the serene beach town of Zandvoort in the Netherlands, where Jordy Robers took his first step by establishing a surf shop and surf school called Dfrost in the summer of 2006. Fueled by his passion for surfing, Jordy embarked on a new adventure 2 years later, co-founding the Dfrost surf camp in Taghazout, Morocco, alongside a local business partner. After 5 years filled with memorable moments, valuable challenges, and extensive experience, Jordy decided to carve his own path as the sole proprietor of a fresh Surf Camp company known as Solid Surf House. In 2022, Ary, a co-owner from Germany, joined the Solid Surf House family and became a significant part of their newest location in Sri Lanka, as well as their Bali location. Ary, a certified ISA surfing instructor, not only contributes to the excellence of surf guiding but also brings his seven years of professional experience in management consulting, infusing a touch of meticulous "German Thoroughness" into the operations. Together, they form a dynamic team committed to providing exceptional surf and yoga experiences at Solid Surf & Yoga House.

The 8 days One Package Fits All Yoga and Surf Camp includes accommodation for 7 nights, breakfast and dinner for the retreat duration, daily surf lessons or surf guiding depending on your level, transport to schedule surf locations, board rental (soft and hard boards), surf and wave theory, weekly surf video analysis and daily Vinyasa Yoga practice. Apart from this, you will have access to Wi-Fi, a pool table, outdoor cinema, and a large swimming pool. Photo package, BBQ on Saturday, airport transfers, and surf insurance will all cost extra.

Your choice of rooms for accommodation includes a Shared room, Standard room, Deluxe room and Superior room. All rooms have an ensuite bathroom, towel & linen, and closet & storage. The rooms are cleaned every day and are Wi-Fi enabled. Only the Deluxe and Superior rooms have a mini fridge and TV with Netflix. To satisfy the nourishment requirement of the body vegetarian, gluten-free and lactose-free food options are available. The food is prepared fresh every day by the in-house chef in an open-style kitchen where you can easily see what they make. Usually, the menu is a mix of Sri Lankan dishes and European cuisine.

Price per day USD 70

5. Gota Dagua Surf Camp

Location - Ahangama, Southern Province, Sri Lanka

Yoga Retreat Name - 8-Day Fun Surf and Yoga Retreat for All Levels With Gota Dagua in Ahangama, Southern Province

If you want to surf, sand and sun in abundance, Gota Dagua Surf Camp beckons. Nestled amidst tall palm trees, picturesque beaches, and warm waters, this camp promises an exceptional surfing experience while immersing visitors in the captivating local Sri Lankan culture and fostering a welcoming ambiance. Regardless of whether one is a novice or an experienced surfer, one will meet like-minded individuals from all corners of the globe who share a passion for exploration, new cultural experiences, and the thrill of riding waves. Situated a mere 200 meters away from Kabalana Beach, renowned as one of Sri Lanka's most illustrious surf spots, the camp offers unrivaled convenience. Kabalana Beach's enchanting landscape features glistening white sand beaches, crystal-clear azure waters, and majestic palm trees. Amidst this tropical foliage lie an array of charming restaurants, beach bars, and local surf shops, all imbued with a deep love for the surf lifestyle and a desire to spread positive vibes.

Gota Dagua Surf School & Surf Camp was established by a group of 4 friends united by a shared passion - to lead fulfilling lives and introduce the world to the vibrant Portuguese surf lifestyle. At the helm of this venture is Ricardo, a Lisbon native who discovered his love for surfing during his high school years. With credentials as a Certified Surf Instructor, Certified SUP Instructor, and Certified Swimming Instructor, Ricardo serves as the visionary behind the brand. In tandem, Gonçalo, known for his action-oriented nature, embarked on his surfing journey alongside his brother Miguel at the tender age of 12. He holds a Degree in Leisure Management and Tourism Entertainment, a Post Graduation in Surf and Performance, and is a Certified Surf Instructor with Level 2 certification from the Portuguese Surfing Federation. Meanwhile, Miguel, revered for his organizational skills, boasts a Certified Surf Instructor qualification and a Degree in Graphic Design. Lastly, Pedro, the adept shaper and handyman, crossed paths with Miguel and Gonçalo during their teenage years, forging an unbreakable bond. As the chief responsible for maintaining the surfboards' impeccable quality, Pedro, who possesses a Degree in Mechanics and a Certified Surf Instructor certification, ensures that all students receive top-notch equipment during their surfing experience.

The 8-Day Fun Surf and Yoga Retreat package offers an array of enticing inclusions. On arrival, guests indulge in a refreshing welcome drink and relish a comfortable 7-night stay. Each morning, they can savor healthy breakfast options, followed by 5 delightful dinners that consist of a starter, main dish, and dessert. Furthermore, the package includes a memorable BBQ experience, along with a theory lesson and video analysis for enhanced learning. Throughout the retreat, participants have the freedom to utilize surf equipment (including boards and wetsuits) for 7 days, while enjoying the convenience of towel, linen, and room cleaning services. The itinerary also features complimentary activities such as Karaoke, games night, and Sunset sessions. As an upgrade, guests can avail themselves of a 10-hour Surf course comprising six surf lessons, as well as five invigorating Yoga lessons to further enrich their experience.

Conveniently situated close to Kabalana Beach, the surf house boasts 6 private rooms (ideal for solo travelers) and 2 shared rooms. Each room is equipped with a private bathroom and air conditioning for optimal comfort. The ground floor of the house features a refreshing pool, conveniently located near the camp activities. Adjacent to the pool, guests can enjoy delicious and flavorful surf camp breakfasts and dinners at the nearby tables. With the beach a mere two-minute walk away, the surf house provides easy access to the sun, sand, and waves for an unforgettable experience.

Price per day USD 93