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Pyramid Valley, home for the World’s Largest Meditational Pyramid, is an International Meditation Center serving individuals, societies and organizations in their quest for self realization and spiritual wisdom and helps them unlock their hidden potential.

Inspired by the vision of our Founder Brahmarshi Patriji’s that “Masters of the World… Unite”, Pyramid Valley is setup with a core objective of providing a COMMON PLATFORM for all world spiritual masters, to collaborate for a peaceful and love filled planet Earth in the shortest possible time. Objectives of the Center To spread the role of Science of Meditation, Vegetarianism and Pyramid Power to one and all To serve as an International Meditation Center providing a common platform to all World Spiritual Masters To serve as the central nucleus for all activities of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement Key Activities Conduct regular classes, workshops and seminars on Science of Meditation and New Age Spirituality Organize annual “Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists” conference with several New Age Spiritual Masters and Researchers across the world Publish meditational experiences and spiritual transformations of all spiritual seekers in several world languages Carry out spiritual research activities and publish research findings Celebrate Buddha-Poornima with “Akhanda-Dhyana” by thousands of spiritual masters and seekers The Pyramid Spiritual Trust (India) This center is setup and run by The Pyramid Spiritual Trust (India), a core organization of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement.

The Trust, a not-for-profit spiritual organization, was founded by Brahmarshi Patriji in the year 2003, to setup an International Meditational University near Bangalore,. This center, named “Maitreya-Buddha Vishwalayam” and also fondly called “Pyramid Valley”, is expected to become the central nucleus for all the activities of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement. The Trust regularly conducts several programs in this sprawling campus, including the annual Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists Event with participation from several international and national new age spiritual masters.

About 5,000 people can comfortably meditate inside the mega pyramid at any single time. Hundreds of people visit Valley regularly to meditate in this high energy Pyramid. Board Of TrusteesPyramid Valley Campus.

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Pyramid Valley’s beautiful serene campus offers excellent opportunities to relax, meditate, go on treks, or just spend some time by the lake. It offers safe, clean and comfortable living accommodation too meet all budgets and nutritiousn vegetarian food. Our simple yet comfortable lodging is a perfect complement to your campus experience.

Reviews Of Pyramid Valley Meditation Center International

Swathi Swathu

Dis is d place of energy ... a place wer everyone should frequently come n meditate der. And gain knowledge n b with d energy. Expand n grow urself.

Suresh Chowhan

Best place for meditation. After practice and doing it will be peaceful happy and heaven will come near you.

Singh Anup Pallathery

Pyramid valley ......the most modern simplest way into our " SELF" joined with world wide knowledges.☆☆☆☆☆

Dee PAk

best place to feel spiritual..must visit for al.. wonderful place to meditate :D

Kumar Deepak

It is one of the 7 wonders of Bangalore and one of the highest energy spots on earth! Experience it in your meditation. A must visit for everyone.

AK Anilkumar

Usually I visited to Pyramid valley on 15.8.2015 through VASAVI club Bangalore, after visit I feel very nice its so wonderful experience to me, I will yet to start meditation as teached to me, I never seen anywhere the system in this place, I would like to visit again & again.

Remo John

Nice place for Relax and Rejuvenate in Serene Nature, surrounded by hills & water bodies .

Jaswanth Venkata LakshmiNarayana

Mediators enjoy the shower of Energy, Non-Meditators can enjoy the beauty of the place and nature. I <3 the place so much.

Shruthi UR

Wonderful place near Bangalore with calm cool, lake greenery forgot all your worries just enjoy the nature.

Sanjeev Brar Ambedkar

The valley of peace, where you feel and taste your single breath and fragrance of fresh air..

D R Sudhendra Kumar

The best course is to pray: "Lord, make me happy with awareness of Thee. Give me freedom from all earthly desires, and above all give me Thy joy that outlasts all the happy in Pyramid valley international

DrSanjeev Naik

Grate place for meditation and spiritual activities! Pyramid meditation hall gives amazing experience of divine energy flow .

Akshata Sanjay Asrani

I liked the place very much It's soo good We really feel spiritual power n strength there It's good to go there for ur peace of mind :)

Rakshith S Kumar

Loved it. A peaceful place. Mind was relaxed since I entered. Didn't know about it being so close to it. Unplanned visit but was amazing.��

Anuj Srivastava

It is worth it go that far to visit this place. You feel so comfort & relax when surroundings is peace.

Deepak Chaddha

Heaven on earth. Loved the valley entirely. Maitreya Buddha Pyramid leads many more small pyramids hidden in the forest where we trek for maximum of half a kilometre. This valley is the place where Peace, Happiness, Spirituality & Enlightenment lies. Ones you visit, you can't resist visiting again.

Sourav Goel

Best place for meditation, felt tremendous positive energy inside the pyramid. To get rid of hectic life,best place to have visit

Krishnakumar Sivasubramanian

Location is 35 km away from city.Hence the atmosphere is quite.Lot of greenery due to trees. Basic facilities like parking, toilet are available free. Canteen provides tea,coffee, tiffin at economical cost. Lunch & dinner are free. Accommodation cost is also economical. Most importantly the mediation & it's guidance is free.

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