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About Natural Instinct Healing Detox Health And Wellness Retreat Centre


Natural Instinct Healing facilitate Detox, Health, Fasting, Cleansing and Yoga Retreats in Bali and Australia; from which we provide our clients with serene environments and practical tools to experience positive transformational change in their lives, focusing on a holistic model of body, mind and soul awareness.


  • To transform the lives of our clients.


Our mission is to make the world a better place. One person at a time we set out to empower, educate, inspire and support the individual so that they can do the same for others. We provide practical tools and serene environments in which our clients can have meaningful and transformational experiences. We aim to “set the light bulb off”, provide a platform for “moments of clarity”, and give you the support to make positive life changing decisions. At Natural Instinct Healing, we believe that business can inspire solutions to the social, environmental, and health issues that surround us.

This means that what we use and how we use it must cause the least harm to the environment and our local village, while delivering the best possible offering to our clients. As such we do all we can to be a leading Eco Retreat Centre in Ubud, by making conscious decisions on the products and systems we use, and the local businesses with whom we partner. Testament to our commitment to the environment, and ultimately the health of our clients and the planet, includes: buying Organic produce wherever possible, using natural organic beauty and cleaning products wherever possible, composting all our food waste into our organic garden, and recycling all other waste with a local eco-recycling business. Above all else we aim to partner only with other local businesses who share a common vision for a sustainable future — a number of which can be found below. We ask you to do the same whilst on retreat with us, and back at home in your local communities.


Natural Instinct Healing facilitate group Yoga Retreats in Bali, Australia, and Thailand. We utilise local and global networks to offer Yoga Retreats in conjunction with our Health and Detox Retreats; furthering our holistic approach to mind, body, heart and soul awareness. Please contact us below if you have a group of friends and are looking for a unique yoga retreat; we can tailor everything from your accommodation in Bali and Thailand, your preferred style of Yoga, to all your preferred additional activities to make a memorable experience – always focusing on a healthy dietary program to heighten your Yoga Retreat! And if we can’t offer you exactly what you’re looking for we will only be too happy to point you in the right direction of other local providers who may be able to assist.

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How to Get There

Natural Instinct Healing’s private Detox, Health and Wellness retreat centre in Ubud, Bali is nestled away in secluded rice paddies; yet a great central location for our guests to enjoy everything the town of Ubud has to offer. Guests have only a short 10 minute walk to all the amazing restaurants, the central market, and boutique shopping of Bali’s cultural mecca, Ubud. And for guests who wish to completely unplug, the retreat centre is a true healing oasis away from the bustling streets and buzz of local Bali life. With full seclusion in a central location, the Bali retreat centre location is one of the highlights for guests!


Our Bali health retreat centre in Ubud has comfortable bedrooms and bathrooms complemented by beautiful facilities including a pool, yoga pavilion, meditation bale, edible organic gardens scattered throughout the center, and free WIFI. The boutique retreat space is an eclectic mix of traditional Balinese and Javanese architecture, with all the luxuries of Western standards. Meandering streams flow around and through the retreat centre, the constant flow and sound of water adds to the ambience of the space.

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Natural Instinct Healing Detox Health And Wellness Retreat Centre Reviews

4.5(5 reviews)

Kim Smadis Holistic Health Coach, Canada

Thank you for the support, encouragement, love and knowledge you provide. All of you are amazing people who God gave a special purpose in life, that you are truly living! I love my Bali family! (Returning Guest)

Mary Traikovski Hampson Accountant, Canada

This retreat centre is an amazing place. The support was exceptional. The RAW food was incredible and inspiring. Thank you to Dayu! You truly get transformed and you feel lighter, engaged, healthier and loved!

Brook Valentine Teacher Assistant, Australia

The one week I invested with NIH will give me a lifelong change to my attitude towards my health and wellbeing. Just the kick start I needed, amongst a genuine, supportive, loving team.

Paula Rance Farmer, Australia

I honestly believe I would not be where I am at today with the love that I feel if I had not come to NIH in Bali. I have not only worked on myself physically, but I have worked on the emotional and spiritual. The peace I feel within is amazing. I cannot give enough thanks to all the staff at NIH, you have made my stay unbelievable and worth every moment I have been here. Love you all.

Samantha Barridge Pilates Instructor and Makeup Artist, Australia

The healing I have experienced on the T.T retreat in the last 2 weeks is beyond words. The team here at N.I.H are truly incredible and I could not think of anyone else I would want to support me during this amazing time. It has absolutely changed my life. I cannot thank them enough.

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