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About Natural Instinct Healing Detox Health And Wellness Retreat Centre


Natural Instinct Healing facilitate Detox, Health, Fasting, Cleansing and Yoga Retreats in Bali and Australia; from which we provide our clients with serene environments and practical tools to experience positive transformational change in their lives, focusing on a holistic model of body, mind and soul awareness.


  • To transform the lives of our clients.


Our mission is to make the world a better place. One person at a time we set out to empower, educate, inspire and support the individual so that they can do the same for others. We provide practical tools and serene environments in which our clients can have meaningful and transformational experiences. We aim to “set the light bulb off”, provide a platform for “moments of clarity”, and give you the support to make positive life changing decisions. At Natural Instinct Healing, we believe that business can inspire solutions to the social, environmental, and health issues that surround us.

This means that what we use and how we use it must cause the least harm to the environment and our local village, while delivering the best possible offering to our clients. As such we do all we can to be a leading Eco Retreat Centre in Ubud, by making conscious decisions on the products and systems we use, and the local businesses with whom we partner. Testament to our commitment to the environment, and ultimately the health of our clients and the planet, includes: buying Organic produce wherever possible, using natural organic beauty and cleaning products wherever possible, composting all our food waste into our organic garden, and recycling all other waste with a local eco-recycling business. Above all else we aim to partner only with other local businesses who share a common vision for a sustainable future — a number of which can be found below. We ask you to do the same whilst on retreat with us, and back at home in your local communities.


Natural Instinct Healing facilitate group Yoga Retreats in Bali, Australia, and Thailand. We utilise local and global networks to offer Yoga Retreats in conjunction with our Health and Detox Retreats; furthering our holistic approach to mind, body, heart and soul awareness. Please contact us below if you have a group of friends and are looking for a unique yoga retreat; we can tailor everything from your accommodation in Bali and Thailand, your preferred style of Yoga, to all your preferred additional activities to make a memorable experience – always focusing on a healthy dietary program to heighten your Yoga Retreat! And if we can’t offer you exactly what you’re looking for we will only be too happy to point you in the right direction of other local providers who may be able to assist.

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Our Bali health retreat centre in Ubud has comfortable bedrooms and bathrooms complemented by beautiful facilities including a pool, yoga pavilion, meditation bale, edible organic gardens scattered throughout the center, and free WIFI. The boutique retreat space is an eclectic mix of traditional Balinese and Javanese architecture, with all the luxuries of Western standards. Meandering streams flow around and through the retreat centre, the constant flow and sound of water adds to the ambience of the space.

How to Get There

Natural Instinct Healing’s private Detox, Health and Wellness retreat centre in Ubud, Bali is nestled away in secluded rice paddies; yet a great central location for our guests to enjoy everything the town of Ubud has to offer. Guests have only a short 10 minute walk to all the amazing restaurants, the central market, and boutique shopping of Bali’s cultural mecca, Ubud. And for guests who wish to completely unplug, the retreat centre is a true healing oasis away from the bustling streets and buzz of local Bali life. With full seclusion in a central location, the Bali retreat centre location is one of the highlights for guests!

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Abbey Barnes Theatre, Australia

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Kate and Becky for the wonderful fasting retreat in Bali. For me, it was a fantastic holiday and a great experience. The villa, the massage and the spa treatments were all so luxurious. I learned so much about nutrition and about listening to my body and honouring my emotions. I feel so much more relaxed and energised now. My skin is still glowing even after a couple of weeks after completing the fast and I have lost quite a few kilos that I’m now keeping off.

Jan McFarlane Australia

I can’t believe the way I feel………. I feel fantastic. I am sleeping well, my inflammation levels are right down, to the point where I haven’t had any pain relief help for days, & I feel I am moving much more freely. Also my enthusiasm levels are at a pitch I haven’t felt for ages. I am certainly recommending the Simply Renew program to anyone who will listen to me, & I may have to hire a bus when I come back next year.

Brette Hamilton Teacher, Canada

I met Kate and instantly felt comfortable and at ease in her presence. Her professional yet relaxed manner made it easy for me to open up and let go of my inhibitions. She was able to guide me through an emotional and spiritual cleansing that left me feeling truly transformed. As I was put into a meditative state, Kate assisted me in relaxing and letting go before diving in to begin the cleansing. She began to ask me questions based on the energy I was presenting which allowed her to enter my mind and past. Without any previous information about me she was able to name people and events that had impacted me in my past and through this intense procedure I was able to resolve these issues and experienced major healing in my body, mind and soul. I walked out of the sessions with my body humming and felt that weights had been lifted from me. Physically, emotionally and spiritually, I transformed without ever being physically touched by Kate. It is still something that I cannot fully explain but I believe in what I experienced because I felt it everywhere and was able to resolve my issues which left me feeling so renewed. She definitely has a gift and I am so blessed to have met her and experienced the benefits of her talent. I know that I will return to work with her again and truly look forward to another uplifting experience wherein I discovered something inside of me that I did not know was there. Invigorated, I knew that letting go of those issues that held me down was one step closer to becoming who I really wanted to be. I recommend a session with Kate to anyone who is ready to face the truth and move forward by clearing out the emotional clutter than can tie us down over time. I can promise it will be an amazing experience that will truly lead you on a path to a better sense of self.

Alicia Teacher, Australia

Kate has been a sincere confidence for me as I have worked through health and emotional challenges. Her understanding, her immense knowledge of herbs, vitamins, health and her positive attitude, has made each consultation a comfortable and sacred experience for me. I look forward to my consultations with Kate and I leave them feeling renewed, supported and light.

Ben Financial Advisor, Australia

Kate has provided me with a holistic approach to my health and well being, something that I could not find from a normal doctor. Her breadth of knowledge, care and intuition were evident from my first consultation. I will continue to consult with Kate on all of my health concerns.

Erica USA

Anyone desiring a retreat to renew should consider Natural Instinct Healing in beautiful Bali. The surroundings are lush and peaceful, and Kate and Becky provide the right amount of support to help individuals achieve their goals. This retreat is perfect for those who desire a practical approach to incorporating health and wholeness in daily life. I felt comfortable sharing my daily challenges and came to appropriate solutions that will allow me to stay true to my healthy path, while existing in the ‘real world’.

Anneli UK

If your healthy or unhealthy this program is a must, and really suitable for all. You will feel amazing and be amazed of just how much rubbish is stored within our organs. It is a fantastic experience to cleanse the blood, clean out the body, and have a real sense of wellbeing. Well worth the challenge! You feel beautiful inside and out.

Sahar El-Adib Naturopath, Australia

I was reaching burn out and needed to do something. I searched the internet and found NIH! The experience was amazing and I got more than I bargained for. I am now relaxed, recharged, and ready to face the world again.

Amanda Norman Ecological Restorer, Australia

I came to the retreat with some big requests – spiritually, emotionally and physically. I was met with integrity to achieve those goals and was given every support, and found the process beautiful and rewarding. I left feeling renewed and revitalised on many levels.

Matilda McLean Advertising Manager, Australia

I felt good before but nothing compares to how my mind, body and spirit feels now. I will be back so Kate, Pat, and Becky can help me continue to take my life in its best direction!

Jane Scanlon

I have found this retreat profound in what it gave me physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. I feel very inspired in what I have learnt and look forward to working with many of the key principles in my daily life.

Jacquelyn Hunt Resources Village Manager, Australia

The inner peace and self contentment I feel now is priceless. The life tools I will take home and put into practice are so exciting. Lets all get our raw and organic on!

Frida Josson Student, Sweden

This week been amazing. Before I come to the retreat I didn’t think that you could actually could change that much i just seven days, but now i know! Pat and Kate are phenomenal and I don’t think that I could do this without them.

Sally Godfrey Ceramicist, Australia

I cannot put into words just how fantastic the NIH retreat is. This is the best gift that you could give yourself and your mind, body, and soul will thank you for it. The setting is a little paradise and the perfect place to unwind and focus on your healing. Kate and Pat are two of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet and they go ‘above and beyond’.

Magdalena Von Saleski Band Manager, Germany

You guys rock and the world needs more people like you who provide a place and retreat where someone gets to heal and grow on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level. I wish you the best of luck and will certainly see you again. Much love and happiness – I can help spread it now thanks to you.

Kim Smadis Government Employee, Canada

Thank you for this life changing experience.Your warmth hospitality and respect are truly amazing. The energy you bring to the retreat, and respect you provide as people, are changing their life is more than anyone can imagine. Thank you for enhancing mine.

Peter Baker Photographer & Videographer, Australia

This felt like perfect timing for me & I feel fortunate to have landed in the perfect place. I was able to de-stress in a beautiful environment with fantastic hosts.

Jeanette Hindmarsh Psychologist, Australia

I am so pleased I have put myself into your capable hands – your integrity and passion are reflected in your comprehensive approach to covering every single possibility and need my body needed during such an extraordinary experience.

Jaye Shean Senior Operator Manufacturing, Australia

For 15 years I have been on a journey to find out who I am. I have tried everything medical and alternative to heal myself emotionally and to lose weight. This retreat is not like a fad diet or a temporary fix; it has literally transformed my life forever. The idea of going back to living the way I used to is incomprehensible. Kate and Pat, I really feel like you saved my life. Thank you!

Amber Pescud Financial Accountant, Australia

The detox program is an amazing insight into body, mind, and soul. The hosts were incredibly supportive and very knowledgeable on the interaction of the above three. The tools they equip you with during the program will be implemented most enthusiastically when in the ‘real world’. It was a loving and insightful experience.

David Meldrum Mining CEO & Engineer, Australia

I was a little skeptical at first as I was encouraged into the retreat by my partner, but boy-oh-boy no skepticism now! This has been a total reset for me. I have lost weight, changed my view of food and the importance of healthy eating, cleared my mind and healed so many wounds. Almost certainly the best investment I have ever made in me!

Lindy Ellis Social Worker, Australia

This program was recommended by a dear friend who attended last year, and I came purely on her recommendation. It has been way, way beyond my expectation. I was feeling emotionally drained, tired, bloated, and basically exhausted when I came. I have now lost 5.3 kilos but far more importantly I feel spiritually and mentally wonderful and so happy within myself. My skin is so clear and I look forward to an emotionally and physically healthy life ahead, filled with love and passion for life. Thank you Pat and Kate you are both so awesome.

Jennifer Knight Contracts Advisor, Australia

Thanks to NIH for opening my eyes. The experience has been life changing and I can’t wait to start my new journey with a healthy lifestyle ~ mind, body and soul!

Madonna Bertini Hairdresser, Australia

How would I describe Natural Instinct Healing..? Life changing, amazing, and fabulous! All you need in order to do a retreat is an open mind and the desire to change!

Brad Walker Mining Team Leader, Australia

There is so much more in the program than meets the eye. If you are after a holistic detox, and continued better life afterwards, this is the journey you need to take.

Penny Jenner Executive Manager, Australia

Having successfully completed the 10 day detox I now feel a more grounded and complete person. The connection between mind, body and soul is reinforced and supported throughout the program. The retreat hosts are fully supportive and provide guidance to individuals and at group level, making the journey an incredible learning experience. The staff are fantastic!

Gabrielle Bibby Management Consultant, Australia

I came with no expectations, but with a need to rest, recoup, and revive. Every aspect of my experience was fabulous – from the airport pickup in the dead of night, to the accom, the staff, the surrounds, the program. I felt supported in a gentle way. On leaving I have some insights and ideas on how to easily incorporate this into my day-to-day life. Don’t over think it… Just do it!

John Harding Australia

I am still overjoyed with my time with your business in Ubud, it was just what I needed, the one on one counselling was completely unexpected and had the most positive impact on me, this is after consulting with professionals in Melbourne and other wellness centres in Australia. Lola took me to places that I have never talked about or discussed with anyone, they were locked up and hidden in the back of my mind. I am no longer haunted by these thoughts I feel free without guilt or fear and am bound to benefit from your fantastic program into the future and beyond.

Patrick Herde Grazier, Australia

I haven’t been very kind to my body over the years. My time at Natural Instinct Healing I feel I corrected a lot of my wrong doings to my body and has given me some habits to improve my health into the future.

Jennifer Knight Contracts Advisor Manager, Australia

This is the second time back and it was a good as the first! The biggest thing for me was the tools I received during my stay and then being able to implement them into my life which has resulted in an overall 10kg weight loss without even being overweight. It’s a good example of that fresh start you get with the program which leaves you with a much happier, healthy lifestyle. Thanks NIH.

Leisha Somers Finance/Administration, Australia

I completed a 7 day program with NIH. The results were amazing, weight loss 4.7kg, glowing skin, no fluid retention or bloating. The detox program is thorough and the team provides lots of support. The tools + information that I have to take away with me will give me a long healthy life. I will return!

Jacqui Barnsley

Disability Services Coordinator, Australia Becky and Lola are such supportive, loving and knowledgeable souls. This program, with their guidance, has been just what my body, and mind, needed right now! I feel amazing and grateful.

Nicholle Chandler Self Employed, USA

My entire life I have had digestive issues. I came to this retreat with no expectations, hopes, etc, because nothing I’ve tried in the past had helped. However, this retreat was the best medicine I have ever gifted myself. My body feels 110 % better than when I first arrived. I lost 16 lbs 7.2 kilo all from my gut. I learnt that what I thought was healthy eating, was actually not nutritious at all. I’m leaving the retreat with new tools, food knowledge and the confidence that I’ll succeed back home with the best lifestyle change I’ve ever done. Thank you NIH, Becky & Lola!

Ashlee Cremasco Mine Worker, Australia

Coming here I was really looking forward to physical benefits of what I thought a fasting detox was. Well I am so elated to say that it was so so much more than that. A credit to fabulous staff at NIH, my experience here has been a detox and lesson of my body on all levels; physical, mental, spiritually and mostly emotionally. I have learned so much about myself and have been able to make the connection between physical and emotional body and why I feel the way I do weather is good or bad. Coming to the retreat I wasn’t in a great place. Leaving the retreat I feel in touch with my body and mind, spiritually and emotionally. This has been the most positively life changing experience and I’m so glad I came. I am so grateful and now heading down the road to happiness and health following my heart the whole journey. Thank you NIH from my heart.

Justin Petrak Operations Manager, Australia

A truly mind, body and soul experience like I never expected. I’m eternally grateful to Kate & the whole team at Natural Instinct Healing.

Judy Powell Manager, Australia

The 10 days Fasting Detox program in Bali was absolutely awesome for me and I’ve never done a detox before. It is clear that NIH put a lot of time and energy into the planning of the program and it is executed brilliantly. It is also clear that they put their heart and soul into this retreat. The Balinese support staff are all beautiful. The environment is serene and peaceful. I feel absolutely amazing on all levels!

Jemma Allman Receptionist & Barista, Australia

The 10 Day Fasting program in Bali has changed my life and has got me exited about my future… I can’t thank the loving and enthusiastic staff for guiding me through my special journey.

Juliana Souza Store Manager, New Zealand

You guys rock (star, star, star). Awesome staff, great facilities, great communication, and beautiful people with lots of love to give. Thank you very much for changing my life. The program was good that even fasting for 3 days I had energy to climb the volcano. Love!

Tricia Jensen Retired, Bali & Australia

I was a bit of a reluctant starter in the process as it was my husband who really wanted to come. However, I knew my eating was out of control and I was interested how the Detox Superfood would work. Well, what an enthusiastic convert I am! Whilst 7kg weight loss is great, I am more excited about the mental and spiritual changes I have experienced in a very safe environment. Thanks NIH. We will be back!

Kath Gardiner Teacher Aide / Learning support, Australia

I came here feeling angry, sad and alone and through the amazing healing sessions with Kate and Becky, I feel my heart has grown and I am now feeling happy to be who I am and know that that is enough. I thank you.

Sandy Gallagher CEO & Speaker, USA

This is the place to go you want to do a serious results driven detox/fast. They thought of everything and had the skill and compassion to address everything this has been a huge turning point and awareness and I am so grateful Becky and Karin. You are A++.

Cory Kelly Private Contractor – Social Media, USA

I came here without expectation and I’m leaving with a greater appreciation of self-care and nutrition. The entire staffs are available, friendly and supportive. You will find all your needs met as you go on this journey. Once you gain awareness you don’t lose it – you can only choose to ignore it!

Samantha Barridge Pilates Instructor and Makeup Artist, Australia

The healing I have experienced on the T.T retreat in the last 2 weeks is beyond words. The team here at N.I.H are truly incredible and I could not think of anyone else I would want to support me during this amazing time. It has absolutely changed my life. I cannot thank them enough.

Paula Rance Farmer, Australia

I honestly believe I would not be where I am at today with the love that I feel if I had not come to NIH in Bali. I have not only worked on myself physically, but I have worked on the emotional and spiritual. The peace I feel within is amazing. I cannot give enough thanks to all the staff at NIH, you have made my stay unbelievable and worth every moment I have been here. Love you all.

Brook Valentine Teacher Assistant, Australia

The one week I invested with NIH will give me a lifelong change to my attitude towards my health and wellbeing. Just the kick start I needed, amongst a genuine, supportive, loving team.

Mary Traikovski Hampson Accountant, Canada

This retreat centre is an amazing place. The support was exceptional. The RAW food was incredible and inspiring. Thank you to Dayu! You truly get transformed and you feel lighter, engaged, healthier and loved!

Kim Smadis Holistic Health Coach, Canada

Thank you for the support, encouragement, love and knowledge you provide. All of you are amazing people who God gave a special purpose in life, that you are truly living! I love my Bali family! (Returning Guest)

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