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Yoga and Tantra in Chiang Mai, Thailand: Mahasiddha Yoga School Our spiritual school offers an oasis of tranquillity and is home to classes in Yoga and Tantra, along with inspiring workshops, lectures and intensive retreats. Here the old spiritual secrets are coming to life, through simple yet deep and authentic spiritual techniques, which bring a large variety of positive transformations.

Through the practice of Tantric Yoga we gain awareness of who we truly are and what we can become. We invite you to try a class, and discover the amazing transformations that are possible for you. Whether you are a complete novice or a well-travelled practitioner, we have classes, courses and events that will help you attain your happiest, most fulfilled and sincere self. What is tantra yoga? Tantra is the path of unveiling the divine in the profane. Tantra is not just a path of sacred eroticism but a true art of living; saying YES to life.

Tantra teaches us how to live life in every moment with vivid intensity and crystal clear awareness. It is the path of ecstatic love, of totally vertical and harmonious freedom and of complete surrender to the divine flow of life. Why choose Tantra Yoga Chiang Mai? Teachers with many years of experience, training and extensive personal knowledge of Yoga and Tantra. The training we offer can give you a profound and stable state of inner peace, great enthusiasm and perfect health. The teachings are loyal to the authentic ancient traditions of the Tantric lineage, yet it is made applicable to our modern times. A wide range of courses and workshops, which are suitable for the beginners and for the more experienced.

The theory and practice go hand in hand. There is no theory without a practical application and no practice without a solid theoretical base. Warm, friendly and welcoming environment with regular social spiritual events. Support and guidance in your practice, which can be used to help you overcome life challenges. The knowledge offered here gives you tools to transform every aspect of your life. We offer different elements of many spiritual traditions, including Yoga, Tantra, Buddhism and Taoism, correlated with modern science and modern psychology in a coherent and tangible synthesis. The school is conveniently located in the Old City of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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Sim Suen

Very decent and proper way to learn this amazing knowledge to bring life to next level. This place is a gem. Dont miss it.

Sam Bloxton

Can not say enough wonderful things about my experience here. The Tantra Immersion was the most powerful healing gift- truly transformational.

Rahul Kalra

My first experience was with Uriel at a tantra yoga class. I found his insight to be quite deep and knowledgeable. During the couples relationship course, Uriel together with Blandine made my experience even more deeply life-changing and profound. Their support through the course was genuine and loving. I highly recommend a workshop or course with them.

Muai Muai Nantar

I attended several workshop and tantra yoga at Mahasiddha. There is many participants from different countries. I had a great experiences and beautiful moment from the workshop. It likes together with a big warm family. Everyone is kind and lovely. Especially the trainers are very kind and always have good recommendation for me.

Rina Chan

The best yoga in Chiang Mai! The teachers are really friendly and inspiring! The lessons were wonderful! Learnt a lot! Enjoyed a lot! You will definitely love this place!

Lexi Sara

I attended the tantra immersion in May, and just finished the polarity retreat. Both of these were eye opening, informative, spiritually uplifting and full of love! Uriel, Blandine and Radu are amazing teachers combining authentic practice, wisdom, science and humor into the classes and lectures. I love everything I learn and do at this school and feel inspired from each class and personal interaction. I highly recommend this school if you are searching for a genuine practice with some beautiful people!

Daniil Iakovlev

The teachers are very understanding and kind, with wisdom to share from both tradition and science; curious minds tend to get a proper answer to challenging questions. Some teaching methods can be hard to grasp, while others work very well. The immersion we attended as well as the weekly classes are a great source of inspiration and ideas to explore.

Michael Murphy

Powerful knowledge combined with pure loving practice. Mahasiddha and it’s staff are a perfect family to follow your own path’s unfolding.

Mia Renner

I attended a few tantra workshops at Mahasiddha with Uriel, shared some lovely magical moments with beautiful people, met new friends & learnt new things to apply into my own teachings... Highly recommend this place, Uriel is very knowledgable, practical, & down to earth, & I loved our special day out at the waterfall... I hope to come back to do a retreat at the beautiful mountain top ashram one day.. Thanks Uriel, & all that shared their love....Namaste ....Mia

Silvia Gee

Mahasiddha Yoga is a place to open your heart, connect with others and yourself. The teachers Blandine and Uriel are amazing and have so much knowledge and passion for what they are doing.

Julie Liu

Mahasiddha Yoga have amazing retreats that have inspired me to live a healthy, more attentive life. Uriel & Blandine are some of the most wonderful, knowledgeable, and inspiring teachers that I have ever met. I’m so grateful to have them in my life. I highly recommend anyone seeking to stop the noise, start hearing yourself, and forging your own path to go, learn, practice with them.

Muhammed Mizan

Tantra is an art of thriving and ecstatic love. It is self love, love for others, love for anything and everything in the Universe. Tantra is a code of love in expansion. You are only to decode it - this is my realization after 6 days (in July 2017) Yoga Immersion at Mahasiddha Yoga along with 21-day Challenge, follow up program. Teachers at Mahasiddha Yoga are competent, loving, playful and very much helpful in individual growth.

Carolina Barchuk

Best place in CM for yoga and tantra sessions. The teachers are extremely knowledgeable, dedicated and loving. All the workshops have a practical approach that you can use on your daily life.

Charlie Wilson

This school has had, and continues to have, a deeply transformative effect on my life. If you want yoga practice that is more than just gymnastics, but that looks deeply into how we can attain natural ecstasy, bliss and great states of benediction, then come to Mahisiddha. To continue the practices takes willpower, steadfastness, and devotion, but will excavate trauma and bring you to spiritual grace and purity.

Sarah Fantasia

I cannot say enough good things about this school! This is the place to come if you are interested in powerful traditional teachings that allow us to use both yogic practices and every day experiences to expand our consciousness and grow into our truest and highest selves. It is also the place to come for fun and high vibe (sometimes free!) events with warm and wonderful people. The teachers are incredibly experienced, wise, dedicated, supportive, loving, and humble. They are so clearly and beautifully living their purpose by sharing such profound knowledge and practices with the world. I having been attending the yoga course, workshops, and free events for many months and they have helped me to heal and grow in so many ways. My spiritual practice is stronger than ever and I am so grateful for the teachings, guidance, and support of Tantra Yoga Chiang Mai.

Daein Kang

They are the reason why I keep coming back.. An integral, nurturing, supportive, down to earth family who keep nourishing my soul and gently pushing my heart to open even more expansively. Quality of the teachings and the skill of the teachers are unparallel in a non sleazy way when you hear the word tantra.

Meredith Aphieme

If you are in Chiang Mai and you like Yoga but you miss meeting these folks, you have truly missed Yoga in Chiang Mai. Practical, unpretentious, heartfelt, scientific teaching. Give them a hug from me.

Thomas Stämpfli

Uriel und Blandine führen die Kurse mit viel Liebe, Authentizität und Kenntnisse durch. Ein guter Mix zwischen Theorie und praktischer Anwendung. Eine Teilnahme kann ich allen offenen und neugierigen Menschen wärmstens empfehlen.

Maria Blandine Wegener

My spiritual family in chiang mai! Practice that gets results, authentic spiritual knowledge and a loving community for true friendship and sharing the path

Federico Nicolás Long

My home in Chiang Mai, extremely happy to be here and feel the grace raining upon all. I feel overwhelmed by enthusiasm and heart inspired. Happy to meet you all!.

Peter Kok

Mahasiddha is an awesome school with excellent teachers, I'm so glad I have found it. If you want to learn true yoga - which includes not only asana practice but also in depth teachings on yoga philosophy - and be part of a warm community, then there is really only one place to go to in Chiang Mai!

Chloe Hünefeld

I am so much looking forward to go and visit our sister school in Chaing Mai. Be sure you find highest quality teachings. If I should mention 5 pearls, this would be their names: 1) authentic experience of the teachers in everything they teach 2) true Shaktipad channeled by the teachers coming from a living master 3) a wonderful soul community that longs to know and communicate with other souls 4) teachings designed to really become more free, to become better and more constant in actively loving others and your self and .... to realize your self 5) 1000 positive side effects that come along with all this! Try it :-)

Micheal Teal

life is love and the more we learn to love ourself and others the better our lives will be.

Thomas William Nicholas Wright

I came to a 5 day spiritual retreat in Chiang Mai with the Tantra Yoga School. The retreat was focused on searching for the divine, and though I am not religious, it has given me a huge amount to think about on a personal, philosophical, social and spiritual level. Each day involved a number of hours of meditation and yoga, and as a complete beginner it was perfect. The people who organised the retreat were exceptional, as well as the other people who attended the retreat, and the setting was breathtaking. The food was superb, incredibly healthy vegetarian food - though I am not a vegetarian, it wasn't difficult to eat this food as it was so diverse, flavoursome and lovingly prepared. 10/10 guys! Fully recommend this for anyone looking to improve their yoga practice (or even start from the beginning) and wanting to contemplate something bigger than themselves!

Django Freeman

I went with my partner on this retreat and had the experience of a life time. I would recommend this to anyone anywhere. If you feel like you are open and full of love or if you feel like you need to escape your busy life or if you feel riddled with doubt and needing that something to make you remember why you are here in the first place. Even if it's just for the food and the amazing views - it is worth it. The leaders' wisdom and nurture will be an amazing bonus for you. You'll make friends to last a lifetime. Aaaaaand maybe - just maybe - you'll feel something incredible. We've been back a while now and I'm still smiling. I was a total beginner to yoga, my partner has been practising for years. This is yoga for all levels. Don't think about it - just go!!! :) much love

Lina Gottschlag

I've visited a fair few yoga studios and ashrams over the past 12 months and Mahasiddha Yoga in Chiang Mai would have to be my favourite. I found Uriel, Blandine and Angela to be the warmest teachers I'd ever met, welcoming students to the school with open arms. Just being in their presence taught me many things about the heart. While their teachings are that of Tantra Yoga, they acknowledge other paths and are very much focussed on helping people live better lives. What I learnt from attending their yoga classes, workshops and 6-day immersion really helped me to synthesise what I had learnt from other courses and retreats, and make sense of what I was going through in my life. If you want to learn more about yourself in a warm and welcoming environment, you have to visit Mahasiddha Yoga the next time that you're in Chiang Mai!

Sophie Delcroix

Did a 1 week tantra immersion and it was really life changing. Everything they teach is so right, yet easy to understand because they are so good at explaining: the right example, a humouristic approach, eye opening exercices. It was really well organised and the teachers had so much knowledge. They can probably answer any question in the world :) Because they had such wonderful personalities full of love, patience and dedication, we all felt like one big family. I stayed to weeks longer in Chiang Mai to be able to go to their regular classes.

Jean-Pierre Godelle

Every time,I've been there,people have been welcoming,easy going,and...professional!ACCURATE.ENCOURAGING.GENEROUS.

Cassie DeFillipo

Every time I go to a yoga class or attend a retreat with the Tantra Yoga School, I grow by leaps and bounds. The events inspire me, challenge me, and guide me. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and truly live out their practice. I am so grateful to have found this school and this group of people to learn with!

Victoria Farley

I am lucky enough to of experienced the Silent Retreat & Detox Retreat, and WOW...what can i say...The instructors were so nourishing, patient, kind and loving...they honestly treated you like their young. They are so full of knowledge and passion for what they do and it is beyond inspiring to be a part of. My mind is blown, i cannot believe how much they have changed my life. This is coming from a girl with very little yoga experience and no meditation experience! I left the retreat a completely different person...with so much spiritual existence and so much gratitude for the world. My soul is alive, and i feel incredible. So clean, so energized and so joyful! I cannot recommend them highly enough, they are AMAZING!

Federico Nicolás Long

My home in Chiang Mai, extremely happy to be here and feel the grace raining upon all. I feel overwhelmed by enthusiasm and heart inspired. Happy to meet you all!.

Ione Klaren

I have recently returned from attending the 5 day yoga/meditation retreat and had the most wonderful time. The location was beautiful and comfortable, the vegetarian food delicious and nutritious. The instructors knowledgeable and caring and the participants just lovable people. The yoga practice was not difficult. However, the conceptual content was more of a challenge, both for the depth and the volume, considering the short duration of the retreat. I believe it would have facilitated the learning process if we had been given printed material supporting the course content. I returned feeling inspired to continue in my spiritual journey. I would not hesitate to recommend this experience. If you have a chance, go do it! Much love

Angela Shivani

If you are searching for genuine spirituality, a loving, friendly community, mind expanding and heart opening classes workshops and events - then Tantra Yoga Chiang Mai (The Mahasiddha Yoga school) is definitely the best place to visit, most likely you won't want to leave again... :) <3

Chloe Hünefel

I am so much looking forward to go and visit our sister school in Chaing Mai. Be sure you find highest quality teachings. If I should mention 5 pearls, this would be their names: 1) authentic experience of the teachers in everything they teach 2) true Shaktipad channeled by the teachers coming from a living master 3) a wonderful soul community that longs to know and communicate with other souls 4) teachings designed to really become more free, to become better and more constant in actively loving others and your self and .... to realize your self 5) 1000 positive side effects that come along with all this! Try it

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