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Our resort is located in a tranquil residential location just a short walk from a bustling high street, and three beautiful beaches – Yanui, Kata and Naiharn Beaches. Naiharn Beach is located in one of the most beautiful bays in Phuket, south of Kata Noi Beach and north of Phromthep Cape – Phuket’s most famous viewpoint overlooking the Andaman Sea. Where we are? We are a 45-minute drive south of the Phuket International Airport. From our resort location, our gym is a three minute ride from us, with some of the best beaches Phuket has to offer a further two minutes away.  

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Reviews Of Phuket Cleanse Yoga And Detox Holiday Resort

Jean Zammit

It was one of an experience. I miss everyone and ofcourse i am going back.

2016-09-24 12:24:51

Iris Zion

Challenging, spiritual, great people, best food, definitely want to go back again

2016-09-24 12:24:36

Ciarán Buckley

You really don't get any better than PC - super trainers, gorgeous food and has an incredibly chilled and positive vibe! ❤️❤️❤️

2016-09-24 12:24:20

Samanta Lea Castro Nash

Awesome place! you will have a great time here with the great trainers and delicious food!

2016-09-24 12:24:02

Bree Amba Wolany

I learnt so much about raw food and nutrition benefits as well as losing 3-4cms off every part of my body in only 12 days. Loved the people and experience. Already planning my next trip there.

2016-09-24 12:23:44

Anna Hrynko

Thank you to Mel, Stanton, Dave, Phil and all the staff @ Phuket Cleanse. Had the best week Cleansing, Juicing, Working Out Loads, Learning so much and meeting many interesting and inspiring people! I will be back!

2016-09-24 12:23:03

Philip Myr

Phuket Cleanse is an amazing place with very knowledgable and heartwarming people. If you are looking for a sports/wellness retreat, Phuket Cleanse is the perfect choice!

2016-09-24 12:22:30

Natalie Aboughanem

Thankyou to Phuket cleanse and all the staff for making my experience a memorable one. Your support has been amazing. Individually you're all fantastic, as a team...words can't describe. I can't wait to visit again in the near future

2016-09-24 12:22:12

Tracy Beswetherick

An amazing 12 days spent with Stanton, Mel, Dave, Phil, Morgan and all the fantastic trainers and staff at the found friends and unbelievable results....what more could I ask for!!! Thank you to you all!

2016-09-24 12:21:47

Samantha Kuo

Amazing place, amazing program. These folks are so organized and think of everything, so you don't have to focus on anything but working out, eating well, and enjoying your stay. Workouts are fun! Food tastes amazing. The people here are great. Had such a positive experience I'll definitely be back for round two! Thank you guys so much!

2016-09-24 12:21:22

Roxy Alamouti

Amazing 5 days. Amazing people. Great team. Felt like a big family. So sad to be leaving! But feeling great and taking all the awesome tips and experiences home with me

2016-09-24 12:20:53

Andrea Kissane

Amazing!!.. Learnt so much in such a short time.. All the staff and owners were amazing, not to mention the new people I met. Was sad to leave but I am inspired to continue to live as close and best to this as possible! 10 out of 10!!

2016-09-24 12:20:37

Stefanie Jung

Going to Phuket Cleanse is the best thing you can do for your body, mind & spirit! After just short 5 days I feel like I'm at my physical and mental peak. I'll definitely be back for more! And thank you to everyone who made our stay so amazing, you guys ROCK <3

2016-09-24 12:20:19

Martine Mikhail

Best place for a detox...I could have never lost 10lbs in 10 days at home...without their fab raw vegan meals, their fantastic workout program and luxury setting. The best thing is I havent put it back on and I'm still loosing at home with the knowledge you walk away with...

2016-09-24 12:19:44

Nicki Hurst

This place is your one stop shop for fitness and nutrition. And it's also relaxing and fun. I cannot recommend it enough. Do your body and mind a favor and go. Thank you to everyone there for helping me on the road to recovery. Love you Stanton !

2016-09-24 12:19:17

Samaha Sam Shaka Ponk

A piece of paradise......Un morceau de paradis .... UNIQUE ....UNFORGETTABLE.....wonderful team ......I left this place stronger, richer .....I learned a lot about nutrition, about the relationship between body and soul.... And I didn't know I would love yoga one day^^ ....Yoga Bikram best ever !!!!.I stayed 3 secondes in the icebath time maybe 7 seconds?? .... I'll be back !! Thank u so much @PhuketCleanse <3 #uniqueexperience #merci

2016-09-24 12:18:50

Chery Keswani

Everyone at Phuket Cleanse were beyond awesome! The support and kindness was incredible as was the journey to healthy living. I loved all the activities and instructors and I highly recommend anyone to go here to learn about delicious vegan meals and awesome exercises ! Mel was beyond knowledgable in so many fields of healthy living and was so helpful in helping me understand more about my metabolism and Stanton has a great sense of humour and made getting pumped up to get fit so much fun! All the staff really were amazing, looking forward to going back :)

2016-09-24 12:18:33

Tina Ignacio Wang

The fact that most of the other cleansers were repeat visitor says a lot about this amazing place. I loved the experience and Sarah, Stanton, Laura, Nemo, Mam, Katya, St as, Darren, and the rest of the staff make this place incredible. We hadn't even left and we're already discussing our next visit. Thanks so much!

2016-09-24 12:18:07

Deborah Wu

This place is amazing - the workouts, delicious food and AWESOME staff and guests create the most wonderful environment for a cleanse that is supportive, challenging, inspiring and always fun. It's no wonder so many guests come back again and again - and some come back to stay as staff! I can't wait to go back!

2016-09-24 12:17:50

Phil Matthews

One of the best holidays i've ever had was in Phuket Raw Cleanse. I've learned so much about nutrition, diet, exercise as well as losing 2% of my body fats in such a short period of time. The owners, and the like-minded people i was doing detox with made the whole detoxing experience so much fun! Not only did i gain wellness, i also gained a lot of new friends! Plus when i got back to my home town, everyone noticed the big difference. I would definitely recommend Phuket Raw cleanse to my friends and family, and i'm definitely coming back. Thumbs up to Phuket Raw Cleanse! Cheers!

2016-09-24 12:17:28

Nicola Dudhill

I can honestly say that I have never experienced such a wonderful place as this. In every way possible the program helped to rebuild me and find myself again. Being able to meet new people with similar stories from all around the world where you're pulled together to share wonderful food, fantastic workouts, trips and activities that are so carefully thought out, is a true blessing. Each and every person who works at Phuket Cleanse is dedicated to ensuring that everyone who stays has a memorable trip. I came for a number of reasons and can honestly say I have never felt so supported in my life than by this fantastic group of people. With help from the brilliant trainers to advice in the evening talks, there are so many wise words that I've taken home with me and will treasure forever. You have changed my life and given me hope again, all in the beautiful surroundings of Thailand. I couldn't rate Phuket Cleanse any higher and I hope I can make it back one day. I know I will, it's a sanctuary for the mind, body and soul and I loved each and every second of it.

2016-09-24 12:17:05

Michelle Farina

I came to Phuket Cleanse exhausted and unhealthy both physically and mentally and I can honestly say that my stay has transformed me body, mind and soul! I am leaving feeling revived, energised and positive about the changes I have made to my lifestyle but also a bit sad to leave the place that made me feel comfortable and like family from the moment I arrived and all the friends I've made that shared this journey with me. To all at Phuket Cleanse, including all you lovely people behind the scenes I didn't meet personally, thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking such great care for me and I hope to see you all again soon

2016-09-24 12:16:37

Marlon Carpet Fitting

Best holiday I've had in my life amazing people food and great fitness plus great benefits for my mind/soul , months Later I'm still on the super foods and health is the best it's ever been money well spent i will be back end of year.

2016-09-24 12:16:13

Giancarlo Acciavatti

One stay was not enough so i went back and am already craving for a third visit , no frills but plenty of good things for your body , your mind and for your all self .

2016-09-24 12:15:55

Abdulsalam Qassim

Nice place for people who really look for intense training and diet. Liked the muai Thai sessions it was amazing.

2016-09-24 12:15:38

Susanna Kenyon-Muir

Love love this place!! 3rd time back here and always feel amazing even after a few days. People here make it an even more pleasant stay. Great work and it keeps getting better!

2016-09-24 12:15:14

Alexandra Pettersson

This place is amazing! I can really recommend it!! Has change my life big time and I really understand the benefits of taking care of your body now! The staff is unbelievable :):)

2016-09-24 12:14:53

Ashley Barr

Phuket Cleanse is an extraordinary place staffed by an amazingly talented and caring team of nutrition, fitness and wellness experts. It's easy to understand why clients come back again and again. Four days was terrific, but four weeks would be even better. Thank you, everyone at Phuket Cleanse!

2016-09-24 12:14:38

Julia Lerner

This place is amazing, the best thing I've ever done for myself. The staff are fantastic, the food is wonderful, the trainers are the best I've ever seen! Can't wait to come back- thank you Phuket cleanse.

2016-09-24 12:14:15

Abby Dowel

Phuket cleanse is indescribable. The staff are the friendliest, kindest people, the wellness coaches are top of their league, other guests are now like family... I will be returning as soon as possible! A true home away from home where your health and wellness is number 1, and you can't help but smile and feel great each and every day!

2016-09-24 12:14:00

Kelvin Koo

Thank you Phuket Cleanse for an amazing 7-8 days. The food is so amazing that I didn't suffer from coffee or meat withdrawal. Your chefs are all artists. Thank you Lou for the wonderful cooking classes. I am gonna make myself some organic raw chocolate when I am back. The magic of Phuket cleanse really is the staff. Everyone is so cheerful and supportive and always looking out for your needs. I won't name names as I will leave out some. But everyone of you have been 5 star. Loved the training and ice baths too and thank you Charlie for the great physio sessions. I will be back next year. Take care and thank you again. Stanton. Hope to see your "6pack" when I am back :)

2016-09-24 12:13:40

Camilla Kraj-Kraj

Phuket Cleanse attracts the most amazing people (staff and guests). I stayed for 10 days and didn't want to leave. Best people, food, activities and energy! Love love love this place. They really make you feel like part of the family here. You're pretty much guaranteed to leave feeling fit, healthy, inspired, with a big smile, a brighter spark within and more than a few forever friends from around the world. Miss you guys! Will definitely be back. ❤️❤️❤️

2016-09-24 12:13:19

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