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Harivihar Heritage Homestead and Ayurvedic Resort Kerala

Harivihar which literally means abode of the divine is a 170 year old painstakingly restored royal heritage homestead and ayurveda resort located in Calicut (Kerala), the old seaport city in Kerala through which Vasco de Gama entered the fabled Indies. Harivihar Ayurvedic and Panchakarma resort offers its guests the unparalleled experience of staying in a heritage ambience and benefit from the goodness of Ayurveda Panchakarma therapies and Yoga, two great contributions of to mankind. Harivihar ayurveda resort is a Green leaf accredited center of excellence for Ayurveda treatments and panchakarma therapies.

Harivihar – Brief History

Harivihar is a royal manor-house built around 1850 by the Kadathanad royal family, who had ruled the northern parts of Kerala. They had built the house to facilitate their children’s’ education, which was not easily accessible in those days.The house was built according to Vasthu principles in traditional padinijitta (west-facing) style, as was prevalent then. On the south-west side was the family temple with Durga as the presiding deity, and a large traditional pond on the north-west side with perennial water supply, was used for swimming and bathing. The house had a main block, southern wing (thekkini) and northern wing (vadakkini) and there was a central courtyard separating the two wings and the main block.

Harivihar_before In the late 1940s,Dr. K.P.Appu Nair, who was trying to establish his medical practice in Calicut, bought the house from the royal heirs for a sum of twenty eight thousand rupees. The house was named ‘Harivihar’ and he moved in with his forty-member-strong extended joint family. During those days, the matriarchal system was still prevalent among the Hindu Nair community and hence joint family living was in vogue. They continued to live there till the 1980s,when Dr. Nair and family moved into a more centrally located house in town, and the joint family system was on the wane.

Harivihar gradually fell into a sad state of neglect and dilapidation brought about by the ravages of time and nature; when in the year 2001,the present inheritors (Dr. Nair’s grandchildren) decided to restore the house to its former glory. The restoration was completed in two years’ time and was meticulously carried out, without in any way, altering the character or the structure of the house.

As a family-owned business, Harivihar ayurveda resort was formally opened to guests from February 2003 onwards and has ever.

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Reviews Of Harivihar Heritage Homestead And Ayurvedic Resort

-Ms.Maria Arbelaez (Doha)

“Came to kerala looking for a peace of mind and body . I not only found that in huge amounts, but every single one of you has open your heart to me. it feels like I have found a new family. Thank you so much. Hope to bring my family here very soon Blessing to all You have made my1st visit to India wonderful! The 1st of many…….I hope”

-Mr.John & Ms.Sonia Tendon (Switzerland)

“Despite high humidity, we have refilled our batteries with the following; Yoga, good food, massage, warm welcome by staff, Indian music, sightseeing. Don’t change “

-Christine Frie (Switzerland)

“A magical place out of time. The massage for body!(Tasty food as well)The garden for the mind (and the carom plays) and the Yoga for the soul. I came here as a stranger and I am leaving with a heart filled with happy memories and laughs. I feel as if leaving my family.”

-Olivia Bonjour (France)

“Like a paradise in earth a place for well being ! Thanks to all of you. It’s like a big family .See you next year”

-Antoine&AnneAchram (France)

“We are very well with you as with a new family and we discovered A lot of things of India because of you. The meals are delicious we miss you –hope to see you again.”

-Ms.Vanakere Anne (France)

“Beautiful house, delicious food, excellent ayurvedic treatments & Friendly guests. What more can I ask? Just to come back!!”

-Lut Laget (Belgium)

“Very high standard of hospitality. Concerned about the comfort for the guests. Great experiences.”

-Ms.Catherine & Francoise Rillet (Switzer land).

“We have spent few wonderful days in Harivihar and regret to leave Today. We appreciated the excellence of treatments, the kindness And hope to return here again.”

-Michael & Edda Neumann

“More places like this should exist on our planet! Thanks for all care! Specially to Mrs.Smitha Your Garden is a green paradise and thanks a lot; yours Edda”

-Monika Bolch (Germany)

“The way you walk and go The way you use your hands The way you laugh and smile The way you take your life All that lightened up in my life Brought music to my body and my soul So that I started to give my musical soul in return Thanks so much!.”

-Pierre Valentin (UK)

“A very thoughtful place from the moment you step in, loved the peace, the attention to detail, the simple sophistication….will be back.”

-Stephanie Shipper(USA)

“Astounding food and hospitality! The people have given the term friendly a new and deeper definition. Ayurveda practice truly wonderful…will come”

-Stephen Jones and Jemma (UK)

“We have been overwhelmed by the hospitality of everyone and the beauty of the building and its settings, the massage and the food were both outstanding. Thank you!”

-Karin Aubert (Swiss)

“I have found the place I have been looking for…Everything is great.I will come back.”

-Sophie &Ann Simons(Belgium)

“The best place we stayed during our two months trip to India. We really enjoyed the peace, the massages, the kindness, the food ,the yoga….We already dream of coming back soon.”

-Mr. Peter Brown (UK)

Perfect choice for 21 day stay with yoga & treatments .So relaxing. feels like a different man ….another trip here already planned. Many thanks!!

-Ms.Rina marie Hill – UK

What a truly wonderful week I have enjoyed at Harivihar. I can honestly say that this is the most relaxed holiday I have ever been. Daily yoga, massage and the best food we have ever eaten has made me a very happy guest. The warmth and charm of the staff is excellent. I will be returning

-Dr.Marion Hofer – Germany

I felt like staying in paradise for my ayurvedic package! Admiring place in a well restored historical building! Such an honor to do the yoga lessons with a classical master. excellent service and food!

-Mr Bogdan batic (Slovenia)

Warm hospitality in a beautiful and peaceful home. Thank you for the tasty food and attentive treatments.

-Mr.Bonifacio Gerard (France)

We have understood one night is not enough….!Thank you for everything.

-Mrs Hanoom & Kaja Mydin (Malaysia)

We enjoyed our stay and treatments… the food was wonderful. all the staff are helpful and friendly. Hope to meet again will recommend to all friends.

-Ms Carole Martin

The most beautiful stay i have had in India and some of the best meals! I will definitely recommend your address to my friends.

-Mr Rodari Alain

Calicut is full of interesting aspects to discover. Harivihar with its charm, peace and quiet is the perfect place to stay. I will come back.

-Mr Jack & Ms Mary George

Top quality accommodation in a beautifully renovated home. The real bonus is the quality of the staff. Thank you for allowing us to share. Sorry not to be here when orchids bloom.


A lovely place to recover from a long journey and prepare for the rest of our visit to kerala.food especially memorable

-Mr.Srini swaminnathan

Absolutely loved every minute here. there is so much positivity, history and love here. Thanks to all the staff who took good care

-Ms.Hanne Jensen

We have stayed her 9 wonderful days.yoga in the morning ,massage before lunch absolutely fantastic food .the staff is helpful and has made our stay very pleasant.

-Mr.Bart benchop & Mrs.Hilary

What a gem in a busy world out side .we had a great time lovely people, lovely service, superb food, beautiful building and garden.

-Ms.Carina & Mr.Anders Blomqvist

A big thanks for a pleasant stay. We have enjoyed it very much, very friendly and nice staff .The food was more than great! We will miss your kindness- thanks for making the stay great.

-The Melnick family

Such a peaceful , fully spiritual place. We wish we could stay longer & do a full panchakarma next time .

-Mr.Venu &Mrs.Lakshmi Devi Venugopal -USA

Beautiful well kept traditional kerala home .Entire staff was courteous and helpful. Krishnaveni’s food preparations are delicious.presented beautifully. We enjoyed our stay very much .brought back lot of child hood memories! Growing up in a tharavadu. Thank you.

-Mr. Nick Sadler

Our second stay (3 nights) and as wonderful as we remembered it. All the lovely staff, the food the garden, yoga with Gopalji, Massage. Balm to the soul Many thanks!!

-Mrs. Angela & Bill

The same warm welcome from all at harivihar. Many thanks for a fifth visit.

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