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Raxa Collective is a lodging company. Like our colleagues in other hospitality businesses we focus on the basics of choosing great locations, offering comfortable accommodations, and offering exceptional local cuisine. We also do our best to remain true to our distinctive roots: we are the creation of a company that has been innovating since the mid-1990s and we continue La Paz Group’s efforts to craft experiences with sense and sensibility.

Our business is lodging but our mission is conservation. The business side of our lodging activities is a means to an end that is of deep interest to the communities and ecosystems where we operate. We believe this separates us from most lodging companies.

We develop and manage hospitality businesses around the world that channel resources into the conservation of unique natural and cultural patrimony. Raxa is derived from the Sanskrit word Raksha, which means guardian or protector; Collective alludes to the innovative, collaborative efforts across properties, across diverse business models, and across regions of the world in the interest of entrepreneurial conservation.

We invite you to read about our initiatives on a blog that we have been maintaining since mid-2011. Since establishing that communication platform we have had more than 327,000 views to the daily posts, which tells us that our readers, many of whom are the travelers who visit the properties on this website, care.
We invite you to join in that caring, and to enjoy a visit at any of our properties.

Ayura is our Green Leaf certified wellness center, where we offer an introduction to Ayurveda, an ancient way of life that promotes healthy living. Ayura provides stress-relieving therapies, but not the same as you might find in a spa in resorts in other parts of the world.

Ayura’s mission is educational as much as it is therapeutic. As good as you will feel upon completion of a session with our staff, you will feel even better when you are back home with a new way of thinking about health and simple daily routines. Routines that will improve the overall quality of your life and which include yoga, meditation and occasional massages with Ayurvedic essential oils and scrubs.

Start with a multi-day introductory package if you have never had the opportunity to experience Ayurveda before. We also offer more advanced packages during the monsoon season when Ayurveda is considered most effective from late May to early September.

Ahead of your visit, if you know which type of package you would like to know more about, we will be happy to provide preliminary consultation at your convenience. Our doctor does not make house calls (at least not outside Kerala) but we will be happy to arrange for him to call you to discuss your needs and interests related to Ayurveda.

Together with our physician, masseurs/masseuses, and pleasant ambience we work towards offering lifestyle counselling, dietary prescriptions, and lasting ways to achieve enhanced self-awareness.

We view Ayurveda as a traditional means of achieving holistic wellness, but with modern applications that ensure you leave Ayura happier and healthier than when you entered.

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