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Santhigram Kerala Ayurvedic Company Ltd., established in 1998, is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organisation.We are in the mission, “To propagate the goodness of Ayurveda worldwide“.For over Fifteen Years, we have offered genuine “Kerala specific Ayurvedic Therapies” for the well-being of mankind. Kerala ayurveda and Yoga are the time tested ancient systems of medicine which help to maintain healthy body and mind. It is a science that not only addresses to bodily infirmity but encourages social, spiritual, emotional and psychological well being.

The Kerala specific Ayurvedic rejuvenation and “Panchakarma” treatment and therapies have a unique history of evolution and offer many exceptional methods for total body rejuvenation and could cure many chronic ailments.The failure of modern medicine in offering side-effect-free treatments for certain ailments like Arthritis, Spondylitis, Lumbago, Slip Disc, Frozen Shoulder, Stress and Strain, Sciatica, Sinusitis, Depression etc. has increased the demand for these time tested, side-effect-free therapies not only in but also in the Western world.

krishana Understanding the needs of the millions seeking help to counter these ailments, Santhigram has ventured into UK and USA with their established branded services. About Ayurveda > Ayurveda Dosha TheoryvathaTridosha Theory forms the heart of the Ayurveda Treatment. The word “Dosha” comes from a Sanskrit root “Dush” meaning the “Pollutant”. Doshas have the ability to pollute the in–vivo when their balance in the human body gets disturbed. In normal state, Doshas maintain our body health but cause diseases when the Doshas get imbalanced.According to Ayurveda, a human being constitutes of the five maha bhutas plus jivatman (individual consciousness). The five maha bhutas form doshas (psycho-physical tendencies) that are derived by the union of different pairs of the five elements. These five elements – Prithvi (Earth)‚ Ap (water), Tejas (Fire)‚ Vayu(Air)‚ and Akash (Ether) — act as the building block of all matter while the doshas define the elements for their function inside the human body.

Doshas somewhat behave like gradients, which characterize the various stages and conditions of the body functions. Doshas are like the bubbles that appear to be associated with each other but actually work differently from each other. That’s why, Doshas are referred as three different gradients of the same working of the body.

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The “Dosha” theory (Three Doshas) is one of the basic theories of Ayurveda. The word “Dosha” is a Sanskrit word whose expansion is “Dooshayati Dosha” i.e. That which gets easily vitiated is “Dosha.” The five Maha bhootas are: Prithvi (Earth) Ap (Water) Tejas (Fire) Vayu (Air) Akash (Ether)

A treatment designed to refresh and rejuvenate the body, strengthen all tissues and help achieve optimum health and longevity.

A treatment to help relieve and reduce eye strain.

For reliving pain and releasing stress

This treatment is designed to reduce premature graying or balding, hair loss, thinning of hair and itchy scalp.

A treatment that clears toxins in the body.

Designed to reduce problems associated with Illnesses that cause weakness, weight loss, fatigue and many other symptoms of poor health.

Designed to rejuvenate the body, post Pregnancy, reduce extra flab and improve overall health.

A treatment designed to reduce anxiety and, Stress to promote restful sleep and a healthy pregnancy

A treatment to help calm the mind, sooth the nervous system and induce a feeling of profound peace and happiness.

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