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Rejuvenate and Revive

As long as we are alive, we expend energy continuously. To idle and be immersed in our thoughts also require energy, albeit at a lesser degree. It is our responsibility to ensure we reclaim this energy without delay. Eating more food may be the easiest way out. But that happens to be something we all want to avoid having to maintain good health. Sacred Lotus has the ideal solution for you. Spend a few days to a week with us to revitalize yourself with Ayurvedic treatments and Yoga to help de-stress the body and mind.

Detox and Cleanse

The amount of toxins in the water we use, the food we eat, the air we breathe as we go fast forward to achieve our goals are such they can be too much for our body’s own cleansing mechanism to handle as they accumulate. Ayurveda advises a periodical detox and cleansing process for each individual using the time-tested methods of Panchakarma. Come to The Sacred Lotus and allow our expert physicians to decide the best cleansing procedures for your body and mind. Immerse in customized detox therapies for 14 to 28 days to be born again with renewed energy and vigour

Therapeutic Yoga

Ayurvedic yoga therapy is a mind-body-spirit approach that can aid in getting in touch with, rather than suppressing, your emotions. Ayurveda offers a path to a happier, healthier, and more physically fit life. We provide personalized yoga programme to manage and treat health conditions involving instruction in yogic practices and teachings to prevent, reduce or alleviate structural, physiological, emotional and spiritual pain, suffering or limitations

Realign Your Core

Are you tired of trying one diet after another without attaining your ideal weight? Perhaps you’re just ready for a more holistic approach to weight loss, or you’re just looking to reset after a brief period of feeling out of sync with your diet or lifestyle. Ayurveda provides a simple, doable, effective approach to weight loss. At The Sacred Lotus we have customized treatment programmes that provides a simple, doable, effective approach to weight loss. Along the way, you’ll also be reclaiming a vibrant sense of health and well-being.

Inner Peace and Spiritual Wellness

Sometimes we wish we could have reacted differently to a situation. But it might be too late. We understand that our physical and emotional limitations are shaped by our past experiences. We also know that there is a better way to view life. And that comes from being more aware of our spiritual selves. Join us at The Sacred Lotus where our experts will assess your needs and decide how Ayurveda and Yoga can help you. They will give you the inner strength and calmness that you need to achieve your goals with peace and happiness.

Hormonal Harmony

Blame it on the hormones! This is an oft repeated excuse for everything we don’t want to posses or be responsible for. It is bit dicey here. Do we have a control over our hormones? Yes and No. A semblance of control may be achieved with synthetic drugs. But more is there to be gained for the longer run with appropriate changes in the habits we got used to along with the help of an infusion of prescribed herbs. The Sacred Lotus helps you achieve optimal endocrine functions with an Ayurvedic regimen combined with therapeutic Yoga. Discover a different you who is more vibrant and rational to the challenges life offers you

Enhanced Wellbeing

Pain is a powerful symptom that affects both the body and the mind. It can signal a problem even when nothing seems wrong. Sometimes, pain and a weak immune system can persist despite our efforts to stay fit and eat well. This means there is an imbalance within our body that needs to be corrected. Sacred Lotus offers you a perfect solution to relieve pain and boost your immunity with the healing benefits of clinical Ayurveda and Yoga.

The Sacred Lotus


Experience a rejuvenating stay at The Sacred Lotus with our thoughtfully curated packages. Indulge in our serene atmosphere at the following rates (in INR):


  •  1 Day:
    • Classic Single: ₹16,000
    • Classic Double: ₹25,000
    • Suite Single: ₹20,000
    • Suite Double: ₹30,000

3 Days:

    • Classic Single: ₹48,000
    • Classic Double: ₹75,000
    • Suite Single: ₹60,000
    • Suite Double: ₹90,000

7 Days:

    • Classic Single: ₹112,000
    • Classic Double: ₹175,000
    • Suite Single: ₹140,000
    • Suite Double: ₹210,000

14 Days:

    • Classic Single: ₹224,000
    • Classic Double: ₹350,000
    • Suite Single: ₹280,000
    • Suite Double: ₹420,000

21 Days:

    • Classic Single: ₹336,000
    • Classic Double: ₹525,000
    • Suite Single: ₹420,000
    • Suite Double: ₹630,000

Inclusions in the Rates:

  • Consultation with Our Doctor and Yoga instructor and Daily checks.
  • One Major Therapy & One Minor Therapy per day.
  • Daily Group Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation sessions.
  • All meals including Doctor-prescribed diets and tea/coffee/juice.
  • All Ayurveda medications prescribed during the stay.
  • One Heritage Walk Tour for guests staying beyond 10 days.
  • Airport Transfers from Cochin Airport.
  • Free Wifi.

General Information:

  • 24 Hours Check-in & Check-out.
  • Optional extras include laundry, personal hotspot, laboratory, discharge medicines, and transport.
  • Strictly vegetarian facility.
  • No alcohol & No Smoking permitted.
  • No outside food or drink items can be brought in.
  • Rooms will only be hard blocked (a confirmed booking) on payment of a 50% advance.

For stays beyond 21 days or for reservations from November to March, inquire about our adjusted rates and experience a holistic retreat at The Sacred Lotus. Please note that the tariffs are valid until 31st March 2024.



Embark on a nourishing journey at The Sacred Lotus, where we are dedicated to your well-being through a mindful culinary experience. We want to inform our guests that we strictly adhere to a vegetarian diet, precisely tailored to your individual needs as prescribed by our expert doctors. Every meal, snack, and beverage provided during your stay is thoughtfully curated and aligned with the dietary recommendations from our healthcare professionals. At The Sacred Lotus, your health is paramount, and we take pride in crafting a dining experience that not only tantalizes your taste buds but also contributes to your overall wellness. Rest assured that your dietary requirements will be meticulously observed, ensuring that each element served is in harmony with the doctor-prescribed regimen. Discover the fusion of health and flavor during your stay with us.

How to reach The Sacred Lotus

Welcome to The Sacred Lotus, your haven for tranquility nestled in the heart of Kochi, Kerala. To embark on a transformative journey to our retreat center, follow the scenic Beach Rd until you reach Rave Hospitality. Located at the enchanting address of Beach Rd, Fort Kochi, Kochi, Kerala 682001, our serene oasis awaits you. As you step into The Sacred Lotus, you'll discover a sanctuary designed to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. For inquiries and reservations, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. Embrace the serenity and embark on a profound experience at The Sacred Lotus – where bliss meets purpose

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