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Hai this is Dr.N.Ravivarma B.A.M.S.I have been practicing Sidha Ayurveda medicine for the past 20 years.I acquired well experience in treating chronic diseases like PSORIASIS, ARTHRITIES, PCOD, TUMOURS, INFERTILITY, ALLERGIES, THYROID, BLOOD CLOTS, PILES, KIDNEY STONES, DIABETIC and CHRONIC ULCERS etc. My Guruji Dr.P.Sivaramaiah practiced Sidha Ayurveda medicine for 50 years.His father Dr.P.Pitchaiah also practiced Ayurveda for 50 years. My Guriji taught his whole experience to me and gave some valuable formulas.

I am using medicines of my own preparation,putting Putas and Vanta Aushadas(medicines,kupipakva rasayana).I am not using pharmacy prepared medicines. So these medicines works well and success rate will be high.


There is well defined chronic disease theory in Ayurveda. All diseases (Dis-ease,there is no ease is disease) occur due to Vaata (air) , Pitha (fire) and Kapha (water and earth) disorders. These three are called Tridoshas. In human being Vaata should be 1, Pitha ½ , and Kapha should be ¼ . These tri doshas should be hormonised and restored to normal by using Sidha Ayurveda medicines.

There is no chronic disease theory in Allopathy (English medicine) . It is not known to Allopathy system. If you ask Allopathy doctor why Psoriasis occurs. He says that cause is not known and simply replies that it is auto immune disease.

Same is the case with Arthrities, skin diseases, Asthma, Allergies etc. If cause is not known how one can cure disease. SO in Allopathy system it is management of the disease only and not cure. But in Sidha-Ayurveda cur occurs and the disease cured permanently.

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