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The root chakra (muladhara) is the grounding force that allows us to connect to the earth energies and empower our beings. We derive survival, self esteem, security, place, loyalty and instincts from this chakra. Roots Yoga hopes to offer this sense of grounding to its students. Providing an escape from their busy days and hectic lives, a place to find a sense of calm in our peaceful space. A kind, friendly, inviting studio with a lively community of yoga teachers and students. When you enter our doors you will feel welcomed, relaxed, and supported. We invite all ages and levels to participate.

At Roots, you will feel safe, inspired and challenged as you build a stronger body and calmer mind. Through a strong grounding practice at Roots you will come to know that we must root to grow and through this philosophy our hope is that you will find that undeniable shift which brings a sense of over all well being and lift to your life.

Whether you are just beginning your journey or have been practicing for years, Root’s mission is to introduce and assist people in their pursuit of health, wellness, and overall fitness through yoga.

Our classes build on dynamic flows and sequences. Focusing on flexibility, coordination, balance, core strength, focus, and clarity. Our instructors guide class with positive affirmations, through intention, creating space and openess and allowing you to feel fully supported.

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Ka Shawna Stebbins Bell

Ginger, I absolutely LOVE you and Nari! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

2016-09-24 09:46:49

Shannon Kerr

Love this place!!!! Amazing instructors and a very welcoming yoga community!

2016-09-24 09:46:34

Sheri McDonough McGondel

The Beginners Workshop is perfect for anyone whose not sure what to expect from yoga and Ginger and AnnBeth were Amazing!!!! I'm hooked!

2016-09-24 09:46:17

Danielle Dunn Prentiss

Love this studio!! Just took my first class here and LOVED IT!! They really know how to mix it up!! Can't wait to go back ;)

2016-09-24 09:45:58

Sharon Lagasse

Linda's class tonight was fantastic! Lots of breath work which allowed me to really relax and stay present. Very grateful for your sincere heart

2016-09-24 09:45:41

Melanie Gangi

I got it on groupon and couldn't even get a response back from the place to start! I requested my money back from groupon.

2016-09-24 09:45:20

Alyson Quinn Karakouzian

The classes at Roots are always outstanding and the benefits of a solid yoga practice are priceless. As an oncology nurse, I count on my class time at Roots to keep me grounded, clam and connected to all of the positive energy out there, if we just open our hearts and minds to accept it. Thanks Ginger and crew for being so amazing.

2016-09-24 09:45:00

Phil Holberton

I was pleasantly surprised of how well I was welcomed to the studio and the detailed description of each move/pose. This is my first bonafide effort with Yoga and I am coming to realize that it can be very therapeutic.

2016-09-24 09:44:21

Julie Planera

I'm pretty obsessed with Mondays heated flow! I was welcomed pleasantly and appreciated the kindness of the community. I keep coming back every week or so, depending on my availability :) Thanks!

2016-09-24 09:44:03

Daniel Guerrero

I came without knowing what I was looking for. And found more than what I could have imagined. Every piece that makes class has an intention and objective.

2016-09-24 09:43:24

Brenda Rappaport

I absolutely love Roots' yoga classes; especially for beginners as you learn all the postures at a pleasant rythm. The teachers are great! They check your postures, are helpful in modifying positions, and truly deepen your practice. It's an amazing studio!

2016-09-24 09:43:04

Kate Doan

This place showed me how yoga can bring together the mind and body. I try to go here at least once a week for a class with Ginger or Monique. It's a great studio.

2016-09-24 09:42:43

Jenna Greenleaf

Roots is amazing! All the instructors are wonderful and they genuinely care about your well being (especially Monique!). The space is cozy, comfortable and relaxing which makes it a perfect place to practice yoga.

2016-09-24 09:42:23

Nina Barack Levine

I have been coming to Roots for almost 2 years now , and I totally love it here! I usually take the beginners class with Julie who is so welcoming and makes everyone feel comfortable whatever level they are at!! I can't wait to get on the mat each week!!!!

2016-09-24 09:42:01

Kelley Hwang

I moved to Massachusetts about a year and a half ago and as an avid yogi I was desperate to find a studio. Since I work in Burlington and drove past Roots one day, I just had to try it out and absolutely fell in love. I love love love Monique and Ginger's heated flow classes. The classes are a great work out and perfect for mind and body rejuvenation. All of the teachers really read the students well and tailor each class to how the students are feeling. One day I rushed into class late from work, telling my friend about a car accident I almost just got into and Monique overheard and sensed my stress level and created such a perfect calming class to match my needs and all the other students. 10/10 would recommend! Classes for all levels!

2016-09-24 09:41:38


ROOTS yoga is an amazing new studio! I love the warmth and the positive energy I feel when entering. I leave rejuvenated & ready to embrace my day!

2016-09-24 09:41:21


Roots yoga has a great atmosphere, very welcoming for all levels of experience. Always wanted to try, too intimidated, this is the place to check out your first yoga class, or get hooked again if you have a strong practice.

2016-09-24 09:41:01

Suzanne Borgioli

ROOTS is a beautiful yoga studio located in the center of Burlington. Having much to offer, especially in terms of multilevel class availability & spirited teachers present for each students individual needs. Check it out! You won’t be disappointed*

2016-09-24 09:40:39


Roots Yoga has a terrific ambiance, and wonderful people. A very positive experience on all levels!

2016-09-24 09:40:20

Courtney Little

Roots Yoga is by far the best around! Take the plunge and try it out for yourself – you will feel the difference and professionalism!

2016-09-24 09:39:58


Enjoyed a great class at Roots Yoga last week with Jori. The class was great and the studio is truly a gem… Can’t wait to return. Burlington really needed a great Power Yoga studio.

2016-09-24 09:39:41


Roots Yoga has a warm, inviting, grounding and intimate feel to it. And the floors just make you feel like you are grounded to mother earth!! A great place to get your yoga on!

2016-09-24 09:39:11

Antoinette Turkal

Thank you Ginger for opening your studio right near my house! Took my first class with Adam on Thursday and left class feeling refreshed and relaxed! A true Gem and just what Burlington needed! I can’t wait to return this week!

2016-09-24 09:38:56


What a great addition to Burlington. Gingers’ classes are uplifting and fun. She gives her students individual instruction, and whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner there will be a place for you to grow at Roots.

2016-09-24 09:38:29


Seems as if the studio somehow fills a needed void in the area. the instructors walk around and correct which is sooo important and the studio itself is a breath of fresh air!

2016-09-24 09:38:07

Kristin Quinn

It’s rare to find a business owner who truly loves what they do. At Roots Yoga, Ginger is that person. It shows through her classes and beautiful studio. If you’re looking for that perfect studio, look no further.

2016-09-24 09:37:52

Tina Tricomi

What a wonderful yoga class I enjoyed at Roots Yoga! Ginger and her staff of great instructors were so nice and very inviting, as was the atmosphere. I can’t wait for my next class and will go as much as possible!

2016-09-24 09:37:35


Roots Yoga is a breath of fresh air. From friendly, knowledgeable instructors, to a beautiful practice space and classes that fit in my busy work schedule, I know I will be practicing there as much as possible!

2016-09-24 09:37:15


Love Roots Yoga. As a beginner the instructors are helping me a lot with stretches and they guide you so well through the entire class. By the end of the class I really do feel relaxed and calm.

2016-09-24 09:36:52

Megan Chiango

Roots yoga is amazing. After a few years of trying a class here and there, I’m finally hooked. I’m so excited to start a mom and baby class there this summer – and couldn’t have found a better place to bring my little one!

2016-09-24 09:36:35

Amy Sierman

Roots Yoga is incredible. The instructors are fantastic and extremely personable. Everyone that attends the classes are also extremely nice. From the owner down to the studio itself, this place is very warm and inviting, especially for beginning yogi’s like myself. Go in and say hello to the owner Ginger, she’s a sweetheart! Highly recommended.

2016-09-24 09:36:17

Charlie B

I can’t say enough good things about Roots. I had back pain 24 hours a day, and the pain management doctor said I should have cortisone shots, or try yoga. I opted for yoga. I attended a class led by MaryAlice, and the next day, I woke up without pain for the first time in a long while. Over time, the pain has completely disappeared. Ginger, MaryAlice, Deb and Emily all have a high level of expertise, and empathy for individual situations – like my artificial hip. They have each helped me adapt poses so that I can benefit, but without risk of dislocating the hip. Each has a can-do attitude that is infectious, and complements their instructional skills.

2016-09-24 09:35:58

Gail Hagopian

Roots Yoga is what has been missing in Burlington for years. Ginger is wonderful and inspiring. The ambience of the studio is so soothing and the classes are fabulous, offering a variety of practice levels. I have been traveling 30 – 40 minutes per day for 4 years for my practice. Now, I am just 5 minutes away. I am thrilled!!

2016-09-24 09:35:42

Laurie Tallent

Love Roots Yoga! The minute you walk in to the studio you’ll feel completely connected to your inner being, and leave all the stress of the outside world behind. Really calm, beautiful, and soulful place.

2016-09-24 09:35:26


I have just come back from your class and I am completely hooked. I loved it! I found you sensitive but rigorous and with a unique blend of seriousness and humor, it just had a lovely profound affect on me. Thank you.

2016-09-24 09:35:10

Susan Slack

My new passion is is so good for your mind body and soul. I have been practicing at Roots since Labor day and have noticed a big change in my body and level of stress.

2016-09-24 09:34:53

Deepest regards, Mary

Just took my first class ever with Lawrence and am a completely satisfied customer! I have practiced yoga on my own but was able to finally reach out for classes. It was exactly what I needed, I left with a sense of peace/relaxation and for the first time in years the tension in my shoulders was gone! As a nurse, I have deep respect for the mind/body connection and only hope that others will allow this form of healing into their lives (along with what is medically indicated). And, thank you to Ginger for welcoming and encouraging me- you have a gift as well and how wonderful you are now able to share it!

2016-09-24 09:30:04

Rich Langan

I have been practicing yoga at Roots for about 1 month. I have lower back disc issues and was diagnosed with COPD 2 years ago. I am experiencing much more flexibility & my lung doctor has taken me off my medication. He stated that the combination of weight loss, exercise and yoga breathing techniques are the reasons.

2016-09-24 09:29:43

Niccole Larson

It was great meeting you last night – thank you for a wonderful class! I really loved the energy of your studio. As I mentioned, the class was really challenging, but totally in a good way. Feels good to get back into paying attention to my overall fitness after everything being on pause for 3 years. I am definitely ready to continue with my journey!

2016-09-24 09:29:22

Dan Landry

I’m a 47 year old man and I couldn’t feel more comfortable practicing yoga, especially at Roots Yoga. The studio is amazing, and I look forward to attending every class. I recently lost 30 pounds by simply practicing my yoga & eating well…my body & mind are refreshed and I feel I’ve only scratched the surface of where this new (good) habit can take me.

2016-09-24 09:29:05


I have been taking the prenatal yoga class at Roots throughout my pregnancy. I LOVE IT! The studio is adorable. It’s cozy and clean and I instantly feel relaxed when I step inside. I have taken yoga classes before becoming pregnant but this prenatal class was my first experience at Roots. I couldn’t have felt more comfortable at my first class. The instructor is friendly, patient, and has a wonderful sense of humor. I have gotten to know other expecting moms in the class, too. Regardless of your previous yoga experience, you will enjoy the class and benefit from the gentle workout. You do not need to have any previous yoga background to participate in this class but it’s fine if you do. The instructor always checks in before we start to see how we are feeling and what we want to work on. She encourages us to listen to our bodies. As I have gotten further along in my pregnancy, she will show me ways to modify certain poses. When I leave class I feel refreshed, relaxed, and connected to my growing belly! I also sleep great on Wednesdays after my class because my body feels good! Ginger and Valerie have been wonderful to work with. They genuinely care about everyone they meet at Roots. I will continue to be in touch with the other expecting moms in my class and instructors and I hope to sign up for more classes once I deliver. There is a great little coffee shop (True North) in the same plaza so you should take advantage of a treat before or after your yoga class. I hope you enjoy Roots as much as I do!

2016-09-24 09:28:42

Julie Raymond

After practicing yoga here and there a few times in the past, I finally fell in love with this particular studio! Not only has it toned my body from head to toe, but it has lowered my stress level immensely. On the mat and out in the world I’m more relaxed. I feel less anxiety while driving in traffic and I’m not rushing around the way I used to. It has literally slowed my life down and I’m enjoying each day more and more thanks to yoga.

2016-09-24 09:28:25


The first studio I visited was not a very welcoming place. Yogi’s didn’t chat before or after class, and the teachers didn’t take the time to get to know any of their patrons. Roots is NOT that place. The first time I visited I felt right at home, and all of the instructors are incredible, kind, and sincere. I love this studio and it’s atmosphere, and truly recommend it to anyone who is hesitant to start/get back into their yoga practice. The teacher discounts are also generous and greatly appreciated!!!

2016-09-24 09:28:04

Amanda M

I found out about Roots through a friend and being not flexible at all was terrified walking in the first time. I am SO HAPPY I chose to try Roots! I started with the Intro to Yoga workshop because I had no foundation in yoga and I fell in love from day one. It is warm and inviting. Ginger and her staff make every effort to make everyone feel welcome. I have been lucky enough to take several classes with different instructors, and all of them have been amazing. I am still a beginner and no one has made me feel like I don’t belong. I always leave feeling confident and ready to face my day. The staff are so approachable and always willing to show you how to do something different to help you grow in your practice. They are also great about pushing you when you need it. Recently I was going through a difficult time and I can truly say that going to my class at Roots got me through it. Do not be afraid like I was, if you are new to yoga sign up for the Intro Workshop, you will not regret it. If you are already practicing, try a class at Roots. I know you will fall in love with it like I did!!

2016-09-24 09:27:31


Love love love this place. Just started here since Soni yoga closed last weekend. Ginger was very accommodating. The class I took with her was awesome, I sweat, moved and flexed more than I ever have in a class. She was awesome and the space is quaint. Can’t wait to go back.

2016-09-24 09:27:12


I have been practicing Yoga at Roots for about 10 months. Love it! Not only the practice, but Ginger, and her instructors are wonderful. I knew it would help improve my overall well being, however, other aspects of my health, often not addressed, changed as well. Particularly, women more often than men, face the dreaded possibility of Osteoporosis (or the initial stage, Osteopenia). Well, Since my last bone density screening, to the most current, there has been interval improvement. One reaching NORMAL range. My doctor agreed, that Yoga was a contributing factor. Thank You,

2016-09-24 09:26:49


What an amazing place. I attended Julie’s beginners class and it was the best experience ever. She was so fun, kind, and so helpful!! The studio itself is super nice and signing up online for classes is a piece of cake. Can’t wait to go back!!

2016-09-24 09:26:28


Looking back on the past year of practicing at Roots, I am amazed at the transformation of the studio, the culture within, the evolution of the style of the instructors, and the confidence of the students. Many speak about the community that has been built within Roots, which I agree is truly amazing, but I would like to thank Roots for making me feel more connected with the community of Burlington. There are many factors that have made me feel like an ‘outsider’ – I am not from Burlington, I don’t have kids, I have a tough commute and work long hours, and I miss living in the city. For a while, I would have been willing to pack up and head back into the city, but Roots has changed that. It is a great feeling when other students recognize me when I walk in the studio and greet me. It is even better when I run into Roots students outside the studio; it just makes me feel that I belong. I have received great recommendations for restaurants, shopping, and even doctors. Roots is just a truly special place and every time I step onto the mat, I just feel so fortunate to have found my home here. Thank you to Ginger, all the instructors, and my fellow students. I am thankful for you.

2016-09-24 09:26:11


My practice had started at Roots 1 year ago. It was a very long and difficult decision for me to be able to trust my own body. I had a spinal fusion done in 2008 for adult onset of idiopathic scoliosis. I now adorn 2 rods fusing T1-L3 with about 30 screws. I was once living on heavy pain medication and had done numerous physical and aquatic therapy as well as acupuncture on a routine basis for years. After so many years of this, it became expensive even with co-pays (acupuncture was NOT covered!). After getting an OK from my orthopedist to give yoga a try I got up the courage to just go in and chat with an instructor to see if there were others like me.. There’s no machine, no weights, and NO judgement! I chatted with Ginger, and she had eased my mind that this was totally up to what my body could do and what I was comfortable doing without pain. I tried a beginners class with Linda, she was fantastic! Super calming and great about explaining everything. I am now HOOKED! I have learned to modify certain poses and the instructors are great about explaining how to do them even without me having to ask. They also tell you that not everyone can do all the poses and that it’s ok! Some people have tight hips or in my case a fused spine. I know I’ll never probably get into crow or scorpion and that my full bow looks funny but that’s fine with me. I’m improving and learning and succeeding is many other poses, particularly with balance, which is great! Since starting at Roots, I’ve decreased my pain meds by 2/3, have great energy, and have much more self confidence in knowing I’m doing something great for myself and I’m getting better with every class. My once atrophied shoulders are appearing like they’re back to normal! I am loving heated flow with Karen on Monday mornings and Thursday nights with Ginger… My next challenge will be yoga Pilates on Friday nights which I am excited to try this week. Don’t tell yourself you can’t… Just try it!

2016-09-24 09:25:51


As an older man I feel your classes perfectly complement other “gym” related exercises I do. The stretching, flexibility, and opening up of the joints, etc… greatly increase mobility and help with running, weights, etc… less tight after the other exercises, and it seems less likely to incur injuries, back spasms, etc…. a more youthful feeling. Personally I have been more than pleased with your instructors and the classes we have taken, and I know my daughter feels the same.

2016-09-24 09:25:33

Jenn N.

I can’t say enough good things about this yoga studio! Ginger is an amazing instructor and always in touch with the class and her students. She begins and ends the class very spiritually, which helps tremendously after a long day at work. The crux of the 75 minute class is a great workout while maintaining that spiritual expression. The other instructors are amazing also, but I have a soft spot for Ginger! Each instructor has their own style but all are very fitting with the Roots yoga theme and are very talented. They offer a variety of classes depending on what you’re in the mood for and you can sign in online, making it incredibly easy to make a plan and stick to it (which sometimes I find hard to do otherwise when working a long day… which is exactly when you NEED yoga!). I’m so thankful that Roots Yoga brought back my inner yogi!!

2016-09-24 09:25:18

Alexandra G.

After going through an extremely difficult time post partum, at 22 I developed severe anxiety on top of sudden onset type 1 diabetes. I started taking yoga classes at my local gym and decided to try Roots yoga after getting my toes wet. I got the one week pass for new students and have been there 3 times this week. It is truly an incredible place. The studio has benefited me more in the past week than any doctor has even come close to. It brings me a feeling I haven’t felt in years. I highly recommend this studio to anyone who wants to try yoga for any reason. The instructors and owner are just as wonderful!

2016-09-24 09:24:58

Karen T.

I’m an RYT myself, so want to be sure that where I practice has sound teaching technique– Ginger has selected excellent people who are vigilant about safety and working within the limitations. It’s a very personal experience and you always feel welcomed, encouraged and supported; the time here just flies. There’s a nice balance of class choices geared to different needs, plus special workshops. Scheduling and sign-up is easy even at the last minute. You only have to look at the smiling faces of people leaving class to know it’s a special, happy place.

2016-09-24 09:24:37

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