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By Air to San Francisco: Public Transit - We recommend that you book train (Amtrak) or bus service from San Francisco to Auburn station and we will have one of our staff pick you up there to transport you to the Yoga Farm. BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) departs from San Francisco Airport; look for the "BART" signs or ask at any information booth for directions. Travel on BART to Richmond Station and transfer there to Amtrak Station (a short one minute indoor walk). From there continue on Amtrak to Auburn Station. Please contact us at least one day ahead of your travel to advise your plans so that we may arrange to meet you upon arrival in Auburn. PLEASE NOTE that Amtrak offers bus service from Sacramento to Auburn. Although the schedule is shown at it is not possible to purchase tickets online for bus travel. For this you will simply need to arrive at the Sacramento Amtrak station with a few extra minutes and purchase the ticket there. By Air to Sacramento airport: Public Transit - We recommend that you book train or bus service from Sacramento to Auburn station and we will have one of our staff pick you up there to transport you to the Yoga Farm. You may take the airport shuttle to the Amtrak station in Sacramento and transfer there. Please contact us at least one day ahead of your travel and advise your plans so that we may arrange to meet you when you arrive in Auburn. PLEASE NOTE that Amtrak offers bus service from Sacramento to Auburn. Although the schedule is shown at it is not possible to purchase tickets online for bus travel. For this you will simply need to arrive at the Sacramento Amtrak station with a few extra minutes and purchase the ticket there. Supershuttle - is also available if you would like a direct ride to the ashram or to Auburn. By Car: From I-80 exit in Auburn and onto Hwy. 49 North towards Grass Valley. Go 11 miles to Wolf Road (traffic signal light) and turn Left. (note that right side of the intersection is Combie Rd.) Go 1.8 miles and turn right onto Duggans Rd. Go 2 miles to the end of the road and turn left on Lime Kiln Rd. Go 2.4 miles - (the road becomes McCourtney Rd.) (continue straight). Continue 1.2 miles and turn left on Ballantree Lane. (You will note an Adopt-a-Highway sign 1 mile ahead of the turn that the "Yoga Farm removes litter") Go 0.9 miles to the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm driveway and turn left (It is marked by a big sign.) Please drive 10 MPH ONLY on Ballantree Lane.

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Tenting Guests may bring their own tent and gear and camp on the land. Sleep closer to nature in the fresh, open air. There are deck platforms designated for tenting. - $50/night per person Om Cabins Pleasant, simple lodging can be booked as single, double or dormitory-style for four (with 2 bunkbeds). Our Om Cabins are placed in a peaceful and tranquil setting, on a gentle hillside overlooking the pond and surrounded by the natural beauty of the Ashram. Each cabin is named for a different virtue, such as happiness or contentment. Each cabin is furnished with a dresser, desk, night stand, ceiling fan and propane heater. Om Cabin guests share a nearby bath house. - Dorm: $65/night per person - Double: $85/night per person - Single: $130/night Siva Cabins Nestled at the base of Siva Temple Hill and offering a beautiful view of the valley these five cabins are our newest accommodations. They feature an outdoor porch, bamboo wood flooring and are built with high grade materials and can be booked for either single or double occupancy. Furnished with a side table, dresser and propane heater, each cabin has a private bathroom, including shower. - Double: $120/night per person - Single: $170/night Deluxe Shanti Cabins 50% larger than the Siva Cabins and located close to the central yoga halls, these extremely comfortable, spacious cabins are tastefully furnished and decorated. Watch the deer wander by from the front porch with sun shade. For your comfort, an air conditioner, propane heater and ceiling fan are provided; furnishings include a desk/table and chairs, dresser/wardrobe and a sitting area. A small refrigerator, dishes and cutlery are provided. Options for single, double, or triple occupancy are available. The Shanti cabins include private bathrooms with showers. - Triple: $120/night per person - Double: $160/night per person - Single: $240/night - Family of 2: $280/night per family - Family of 3: $320/night per family Non-Overnight Rates If you will not be spending the night at the ashram, rates are as follows: - Meal Only: $10 - Yoga Asana/Pranayama Class Only: $15 - Meal and Class: $20 - Day Rate: $35 (include 2 meals and 2 yoga class) Meals Two buffet-style vegetarian meals (prepared according to Yogic and Ayurvedic dietary principles) are served daily. Absent from the menu are meat, fish, fowl, eggs, garlic, onions, and caffeinated beverages. No smoking, alcohol, or drugs allowed on the premises. - Meals are served in the dining hall/sunroom which has just recently been enclosed.

Reviews Of Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm

Sivani Xihua Chen

Great place to find peace within. The site is beautiful by itself, despite the wonderful yoga practices and beautiful people here.

Annabelle Anavadyangi Dasi Younger

Very beautiful setting and such friendly folk. I would love to see a calendar of events on your Facebook page. Thanks Namaste

Valerie Lorimer

My visit here was a profound spiritual experience. During my meditations much was revealed to me; I was at peace. I will return every year. Namaste

Matt Hernandez-Green

Thank you for addressing the concerns I had. I'm glad the person in question is no longer a part of your practice.

Matt Hernandez-Green

Have met and interacted with several of the staff and they are wonderful, welcoming, loving, kind people who practice and teach a message of peace and global acceptance and unity.

Sherene Vismaya Schostak

Heaven on earth! The staff is wonderful and the accommodations are lovely.

Daria Baum

A beautiful and peaceful place reflecting true yogic teachings. The energy at the farm is incredible!??

Bárbara Hgracia

I am part of Sivananda Yoga Farm family . All we have here is Love, Peace and a lot of Compassion maybe that's why things like this can happen. We are humans , we are GOD we are One

Beth Morgan

Revising my review from 1-star to 5-star as the management seems to have successfully addressed the Friedel Kushman problem. Thank you, Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm Grass Valley, CA! :]

David Telfer McConaghay

My spiritual home. A glorious retreat for self-study, nourishing food, nature and profound teachings on authentic integral yoga, Ayurveda, Vedic astrology and more. Joyful immersion in the Vedic lifestyle. Life changing.

Tyler Baron Hayman

I appreciate that you have responded to the incident. Changing my review to reflect the clear and concise response.

Stephanie DiSalvo

I have so much love for the Sivananda Yoga Farm, especially it's compassionate and caring staff and volunteers. I had a wonderful experience the month I stayed for TTC and I look forward to coming back. Om santis.

Chitra Sukhu

The Sivananda Organization has many amazing ashrams and centers around the world. I grew up in many of them. This one in particular is beautiful and profoundly peaceful. I would highly recommend this ashram for all yoga studies.

Jessica Crain

Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm is a place that will forever remain close to my heart. I took the TTC program back in May 2013. I met some of the most amazing people, both teachers and fellow students. The experience changed my life. I have recommended the Ashram to many people since my experience there. I am forever grateful for the teachings and lessons that were so graciously taught there. Om shanti!

Mah Sa Peaceful

The Ashram is a great retreat away from the world, the staff is helpful, the food is delicious, and the satsangs are full of wisdom. I reccommend the ashram to anyone who is looking for a good learning and relaxing experience.

Tim Eiko Neunzig

The Yoga Farm is a very special place run by a torrent of volunteers. One should keep an open mind when coming to the farm and one will be rewarded with spiritual bliss.

Wende Goodman

Sivananda Ashram is such a beautiful place !! A well kept secret of spirituality, good food, and yoga. Many choices for lodging.. I've always been very comfortable. The gardens and on site animals (Lamas / Alpaca not sure) make this a special place to visit. The staff are warm are welcoming too.

Sam Sadasiva Geppi

I have been going here for close to 15 years. There is really no place like this Ashram for spiritual rejuvenation and learning real Yoga. Do yourself a favor and go to this Ashram, or better yet get trained to be a Yoga teacher, like I did.

Jelena Jill Mijanovic

The Sivananda Yoga Farm has been my second home since 2000 and there, I learned so much about yoga, Vedic Sciences, interpersonal relationships, love, unity, music, myself... I highly recommend the Yoga Farm for vacations, short term stays, extended stays, karma yoga, teachers training programs and all sorts of celebrations. It's a wonderful, diverse school and retreat center where one can evolve and grow at their own pace. The staff is friendly and the teachers/swamis/priests divine.

Lily Rose

This is a wonderful place full of yogis that work very hard (as volunteers) to create an oasis of health and peace to give many visitors reprieve from city life and a taste of the deep teachings of classical yoga. Delicious vegetarian organic food, beautiful hiking, wonderful yoga classes, guests from all over the world, and an environment of positivity and love make this place a hidden jewel in Northern California. The evening meditations are wonderful. You will leave feeling recharged and relaxed, with a peaceful mind ready to return to your life with a little more balance and joy.

Deviyani Yogini

The yoga farm was my home for 4 years, where I was a volunteer staff and teacher, and in my heart it still is my home! It is both multicultural and joins many of us from different faith traditions. I was so honored to be living there with a bunch of other volunteer staff, dedicating their lives to learning about themselves and willing to have the courage to allow the ego to be broken down. No other place can give you the taste of true monastic yogi life and training without the lifetime commitment. Often people have the preconceived idea that we are perfect saints to be living and working there. I believe some of us choose to be there long-term because we have the humility and awareness to see that we need the yogic teachings to become a lifestyle, not just 1 hour a week in a studio. We all have our hidden dark secrets that we need to work through, or even heal through, no one excluded. The yoga life and practices at the Yoga Farm help bring those to the light, bringing us to wholeness and healing. This can take years or even lifetimes. I have lots of love and compassion for that former staff member. Jesus says, "I have not come to call the righteous, but the sinners" and "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." I highly recommend that those who suffered great offense and persistently repeated condemning comments spend some time at the yoga farm. Through knowledge and practice of yoga one will discover that there is "neither Gentile or Jew, neither servant nor free, woman or man" race or color, but we are all ONE.

Bharat Javier Lopez

For many decades, the Sivananda Yoga Farm in California, along with the Sivananda Organizations around the world, has highly served people from all walks of life in achieving peace, health and mental balance through the practice of Classical Yoga, Vedanta Philosophy and Meditation. It is one of those rare places around where a truly, integral development of the personality- in the physical, mental and spiritual levels- is fostered. As a staff and long-time practitioner, I fully support this world- ranked organization and invite everyone who has been part of it in any way to do so as well!

Darcy Nicole Rogers

The Ashram Yoga Farm is a home away from home. A safe haven that encourages health, sobriety, proper diet and exercise, meditation, mindfulness, and much more. Truly blessed that I got to spend so much time there, with beautiful scenes and sounds of nature, and meet so many wonderful friends and teachers that have given me so much inspiration. A very special place!

Yubi Tulasi Noyes

I absolutely love this ashram. This is my home away from home. The teachings are pure. I feel cared for and loved when I am there. We all share true love and respect. Swami Sita is totally dedicated to continue the work of her guru Swami Vishnudevananda. The karma yogis are very dedicated. The food is delicious. It is so peaceful. It is a great place for spiritual grown.

Tara Jade

Classical yoga instruction, including daily discipline of meditation, kirtan, asana, scripture study, and ayurvedic vegetarian meals...all encompassed in the beauty and reverence of nature and devoted swamis, teachers, students, volonteers, and bodyworkers... Yes it cost money.. a fair price for a strong foundational education--that is how they keep up with costs of land, growing the organic gardens, meditation hallls and classrooms, paying taxes.... I really appreciate the incredibly difficult space they hold in a most beautiful way.. holding the container for the great teacher Sivananda and his disciple Visnudevananda who passed on the message, of love, unity, non-violence, and TOLERANCE... Namaste... Tara Jade (AKA Sakthi)

Debbie Radha Desrochers

The Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm in Grass Valley is an amazing place for spiritual growth. The Swamis live what they teach and share their knowledge to all that come, no matter what your level of understanding is. It is accepting of all races and religions. I love going there to meet people from all over the world sharing community and peace. Thank you!!

June Tunberg Scales

My mom and I took the Yoga Teacher Training course in 1985 and we loved the experience! I am so thankful to have had that experience. It certainly changed my life a good way! I am a neonatal intensive care nurse in South Texas.....nearing retirement......and I have been able to meet the demands of the job ........and stay very healthy and full of energy, thanks to the wonderful yoga instruction I received at the Yoga Farm in Grass Valley!

Amita Cris

The yoga farm is like a second home to me, it is a blessed land with beautiful beings who are devoted to serve and to live honouring Swami Sivananda's teachings. This environment fully supports your health in all dimensions of your being. Come visit and experience the true medicine that comes from a peaceful mind, a pure heart + clean air and water, healthy soil, and delicious ayurvedic foods. OM Shanti :)

Alana Richards

Time at the Yoga Farm spent in study and service has been the single most important and rewarding experience of my life. It has transformed me inside and out and I would recommend the TTC and any courses offered there to all. Swami Sitaramananda is extraordinary, passing on the knowledge from the gurus in a deep, insightful and loving manner. The volunteer staff are amazing in their service and devotion to their sadhanna.

Lynn Bonelli

I spent a truly transformative 30 days at the Yoga Farm to deepen my yoga practice. What I received was more than a re-commitment to asana practice...I learned about selfless service, meditation, cooperation, unity, karma and so much more. I learned that it was my own thoughts, fears and expectations that were getting in the way of my contentment and peace. Those lessons will stay with me forever. I will be forever grateful for the teachings I received not only from the Swamis but also from the staff, fellow students and guests. I call Yoga Farm my true home.

Sankara Clement Lam

I am Chinese and have been visiting and serving at the Yoga Farm since 2010. I and my family have always felt very welcomed there. People of different race, gender, religion, political viewpoint get on very well there. If anything, because it is a monastery, a place of unity and high human values, our differences dissolve, people treat one and other like long lost brothers and sisters. It is unfortunate that some people chose to behave the way they do, it is karma, but people do eventually wake up and change for the better. We all do. We are all at different milestones, but on the same path. The storm will always pass, and the sun will always come out.

Melissa Revelez

In many ways the Yoga Farm changed my life! I graduated from TTC May 2015. I learned so many wonderful life lessons and had a warm, loving, fun time. I returned home with a greater sense of myself, my purpose, and what I hold to be sacred. My time there heavily illuminated my path. I have been teaching yoga ever since and feel each day I am opening my heart to living my best life. Thank you, SYF!

Yamah Goodman

I was not there to know about this incident, tho two summers ago i spent almost a week studying jyotish with many valuable teachers. i very much enjoyed the ease of being there, camping out, the facilities were very satisfying, found the staff friendly and personable, enjoyed the puja and helping out in the kitchen. they were very accomodating to my need for refrigerator space. Individual inappropriateness is not a reason for condemning. we are here making mistakes daily, each of us, this is how we learn. let's focus on what is learned and not react verbally to create misgivings that are out of proportion, as this is often the tendency of the part of us that does not know how to harmonize and understand on a deep level the possibilities we humans tend to create in our learning process. i had a very positive experience and would recommend Sivananda Ashram to others wanting to experience a yoga focused lifestyle and school~

Sparkly Tornado

This place changed my life. Before I came to the yoga farm, I was such an anxious person; stressed, frazzled, irritable, unfocused. I loved practicing asanas, but I wasn't living my best life. After spending a month in the teacher training program, life has slowed down. I am able to see beauty and calm in everything. I breathe. I have tools to help me deal with the things life throws at me. The program helped me to cultivate so many wonderful habits that have made my daily life more enjoyable and more sattvic. The staff are so warm and loving, the setting is beautiful, the food is nourishing, and most importantly, the teachings are authentic. This place transformed me. I feel so blessed to now be able to share the amazing gift of yoga with others and I look forward to my next visit to the farm. om shanti. ✨

Veena Achar

I visited this ashram first in 2013 for just one day as we were looking for a place to stay overnight in the area. We ended up camping there in our own tent and it was a great experience. The grounds are beautiful and there are a couple of very friendly goats, llamas and alpacas too! All the staff are volunteers and very friendly and helpful to visitors and go out of their way to help you if you need something. And the food (served twice daily) was plentiful. mostly organic and 99.9% vegan! We also got to participate in their daily yoga, meditation and chanting and lecture schedule. I have since then gone back a few times here, once for a 10 day 'Vedanta in Silence' retreat and then most recently in May 2015 where I was part of the volunteer staff for a whole month. We were all aware that we have to treat ashram guests /visitors with the utmost respect. I am sorry to see that one volunteer's activities outside the ashram has caused some negative reviews here and I hope people will visit the farm and make up their own minds.

Loraine Madueño

I am a graduate Yoga teacher from Sivananda Yoga Farm, this is a wonderful institution that serves the greater good in harmony with the believe that people that comes to the Ashram, are people that will learn and respect all types of ethnicities and all religions, one of the first things you can see and read everywhere there is: "The paths are many but true is one", God is one! They are by far the less expensive organization that offers TTC and while there you can either volunteer as a Karma Yogi or be a student, in both cases you are there to learn and to serve others, that's what Karma Yoga is. As I see awful comments about the Yoga Farm and as they are related to one person and her actions, not to the organization, I stand for the teachings of Sivananda Yoga Organization. I wish the best for this person and for her to find peace without offending other people. I thanks for the teachings and for all the kindness that for sure change the way I used to see the world.

Michael Texeira

I spent almost two years of life in service at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm, and I can assure anyone looking into this that the teachings are solid, the land is beautiful, and the staff are all merely human beings on their own spiritual journey. I see a lot of reviews talking about employees. I lived there a fairly long time and met no employees. We volunteered our time. In some cases, people come in as work studies to do part time work and take part in the courses as well. These are not employees, and holding a charity responsible for the behavior of what is tantamount to a student is an overreaction at best. Would you fault a university if you found out that a student who worked part-time for the university did questionable things in their free time? I learned a lot about myself during my time at the Yoga Farm, I met wonderful people who are still in my life years later, including my wife (who was also a volunteer). I have nothing but love and respect for the long-term staff, and ask that people take a reasoned approach to how they judge an organization on the basis of those who might choose to volunteer their time in support of it.

Kara Luke

I will always be grateful to the farm for the life-changing TTC experience I had in 2002. Having been in and around the yoga world for sometime I can always count on the Sivananda Centers (I have been to several both in the USA and India) to hold traditional values and share authentic teachings. It was also a place I learned the importance of non-judgement and compassion, as those who have the karma to be there are working on themselves and are not perfect. We are all students, trying to learn to walk lighter and more awakened in these very difficult bodies and human lives. It makes me sad to hear of the recent negative publicity due to one persons lesson and karma unfolding. It should not obscure the beauty of the farm, the yogic teachings, the brilliant vedic stories shared there, the many vaidyas who come to share and teach, the staff and volunteers trying to surrender their worldy desires to inspire others, the kick-ass food that made me want to cry with joy the first time I tasted it, the temples that have held thousands of pujas and prayers and the natural beauty that is enough to shift someones reality all by itself. But I know they will survive this. The farm has grown substantially since I last visited in 2006/2007, and when I find myself on the west coast I will certainly make time to go back.

David Lorig

I have been connected with the Sivananda yoga organization and primarily the Yoga Farm for 25 years. It is a great rarity in our society to find a place where people from all walks of life join together in joyful service and devotion without any material compensation except for good food and pleasant surroundings. The attacks on the ashram appear to have been orchestrated by people who have not been there, otherwise they would be aware that there are no hired employees, but rather only volunteers serving out of love for the teachings that they have themselves received and out of a desire to help spread those teachings to others. It appears that, outside of the ashram, one of those volunteers engaged in behavior that could be viewed as insensitive, and thus inappropriate for someone in the role of a teacher. This person is an artist and actress and from my knowledge of her was simply exercising her imagination without thinking too much about how people might react to it. She was not intending or attempting to disparage black people. Never, in my time at the ashram, have I ever seen anyone belittled because of race. Indeed, one would have difficulty finding such an ethnically diverse group as the people of this organization anywhere else in the world.

Jeffrey Olmos

An Oasis, of Joy, Brilliance...A lovely place to re introduce yourself, to that lovely being that is you...........

Jeffrey Olmos

Great teachers, Great environment, Amazing Yoga, Easy to make friends that can last a lifetime. The belief of "unity through diversity" is not only an idea here but practiced daily through karma yoga. It truly is a wonderful place to learn about love, life, and most importantly oneself.

Lawrence Larry Padilla

I lived at the farm in the mid to late 70's, it has always been an important period in my life. I'm forever grateful to swamiji & everyone who was a part of the Sivananda organization at the time..........& everyone who has kept up the work over the years for others.............

Stephanie Alison

I love it here. The people are so friendly and caring. It's like coming home to family whenever I return. It's a wonderful place to fill your spiritual cup, rejuvenate, and feed your soul.

Mark Isaacs

Back in 1974 I had the extraordinary experience of meeting Swami Vishnudevananda while he was teaching a free yoga class to inpatients at San Francisco General Hospital's drug and alcohol detox ward. It's taken me 42 years to reconnect to this memorable experience via the Yoga Farm and Swami Sita. For anyone who has never been exposed to classical yoga and the overwhelmingly positive spirit of Sivananda I'd high recommend a visit to the Yoga Farm. It's a beautiful experience you won't regret.

Jan Willis Jones

My first time at a yoga retreat. I came alone but got a shared cabin with bathroom. My roommate was very pleasant and we really didn't see much of each other. The lodgings were comfortable. The food was vegetarian (almost vegan) and very delicious. We had a late breakfast and supper each day. Our day was more structured than I expected beginning at 5:30 a.m. I went to all the activities the first evening and morning but after that I was more selective. The downside was it was a huge storm during my time so the designated free time for hiking, etc. was spent in my cabin. There was no communal place for the guests to hang out and get to know each other. I think it would be beautiful in the spring or fall and I understand the yoga and workshops take place outside at that time of year. All in all, I liked my visit and may go again.

Niranjan Babu Bangalore

Absolutely fabulous. We have been guests of the Yoga Farm for three times - in a row - and every visit makes me and my wife Umarani feel that we are in the most eco-friendly place that has a natural air of divinity. Vastuwise we have found the 80-acre land fairly well balanced and certain of the suggestions that we give every them have been sincerely implemented and the powerful metaphysical energies have grown manifold. In our last visit, we created a special energy space for Swami Sita Mataji. We have been invited for the Astro Conference in 2017 July where we will be conducting a workshop on the science of Vastu incorporating astrological ideas too. Those of you traveling for a holiday should not miss this beautiful sacred ashram premises where excellent accommodation with delicious vegetarian food is provided. A week here strengthens you physically and metaphysically with the different options of participation provided.

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